Astrological Google Searches II


In keeping with yesterdays blog post, here are some answers to specific google searches that lead to this site:

1) Mars in the first house in synastry means that the Mars person brings energy to the other person, either by challenging them as a person or challenging their ego. There may be playful competition. However, I dont see this as a really sexy aspect per se. This also depends on the nature of that Mars. Is the Mars in the same sign as the other persons ascendant, or is it a different sign? Is it in an intercepted sign? Also, what is the nature of Mars in the other persons astrological chart? For example, if Mars is in Virgo, then the other person may encourage your peevishness.

2) moon synastry houses: I am currently finishing a book about this and will hopefully have it available in December.

3) Venus/Neptune aspects in synastry: this is the mystic love aspect. Romance novels are based on this type of stuff, and so are romances that are doomed from the start. There is both universal love and empathy and human affection and desire to be with the other person. There is a serious empathy between the two persons, such that one can feel the other ones pain. However, this is also a relationship that can be based on illusion. I have seen this aspect in relationships of co-dependency, or when the girl falls for the bad boy from the other side of the tracks, and thinks that she is the only person who can see how wonderful and sweet he is, only to realize later on that no, wishing and hoping a stone to turn into gold doesnt make it so. When a persons Venus makes a strong aspect to anothers Neptune, there is a tendency for the one to think that the Neptune person is a godsend, and the Neptune person finds the Venus person to be a muse. Strangely enough, I have seen this type of synastry in penpal type relationships that fail to materialize in real life, in which both people can control who they come off as.

But when it is good, it can be pure love.

4) Mars 4th house synastry: there will be an active need to lay down roots and create a home together. It can also mean that the home is volatile in some manner. Now, if the other person benefits from Mars in the 4th house, this really helps keep things going in the long run. At least things wont go stale. However, if the 4th house person likes things on an even keel, they may find the excitement and energy, and the bickering and fighting, that Mars can bring to be overwhelming. The Mars person may be a partner who insists on settling down, and it if is a stubborn Mars, is hell-bent on marriage. If it is a free Mars, hell-bent on not becoming like the Joneses.


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