FireBrand Bernie Sanders: Life Stages and Astrological Expression

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Bernie Sanders has a Virgo Sun, Scorpio Rising, and Virgo Midheaven. Why then, does he come on the scene without pretense, afraid of chafing no one, with the energy of a child?

At 74 years old, Bernie Sanders is expressing his Aries Moon, conjunct Mars and opposite Venus.


The first part of the persona you will meet when reading a chart or meeting a person in the flesh is the ascendant. This is how they want to appear, and moreover, how they think they should appear, regardless of their sun or moon. A person usually expresses their ascendant when very young, and this is how the people at their origin tend to view them; often, when a person matures, they come to express the other parts of their psyche, most notably the sun. If someone tuts and tells them that they have changed, and says so disparagingly, what they mean is that they were more comfortable with the person expressing their ascendant and not their sun, which is a truer, more integral part of them that has always been there. The information received from living through the ascendant feeds the sun expression, and as time goes on, people tend to express their sun more; by the time they have reached middle adulthood, usually after the first Saturn return between the ages of 28-30, they are often in sun mode. By the end of the second Saturn return, between the ages of 56-60, the person is actually expressing their moon more.

Why is that though?

The Saturn returns are a time in which individuals are confronted with the need to get rid of things that are no longer useful. They may have never been useful, or have simply outlasted their usefulness. This is both internal and external, such that the parts of the personality or persona that the person relied on to navigate the world may no longer be useful, or at least useful anymore. When we are young, we tend to navigate the world through the ascendant, but between the ages of 28 and 30, we learn that this is no longer a satisfying way to fulfill our needs and express what is going on. The ascendant filters the information we get from the world, which is processed through the Sun. The sun is always at work, always the seat of the soul, but since we come into the world reliant on other people to meet our needs, people first react to us based on our ascendant.

Now, babies actually tend to express their sun and moon quite fully, but they tend to find that they get a more positive reaction from people when they use their ascendant, because they are giving people what people expect from them because that is what other people see of them and therefore, project onto them, so over time, they come to use their ascendant heavily as their main mode of expression and identity. This doesn’t work after a while, and it begins to feel dishonest, empty, and without the familiar things we relied on in our youth, we begin searching for the authentic self, which is characterized by the moon. People seem to change at this point in their life, when actually, they are just blooming into their authentic selves, and ready to find a place in the world for their authentic self.

The second Saturn return is a hail back to the first Saturn return, and if a person doesn’t heed the messages of the first one, they have to address the same issues, because the Sun must shine before it can reflect light on the moon. If, however, they have, and they have been living out the sun, now is the time to express the moon, as the emotional life is fed and understood through the soul’s experiences in this mortal life. The person begins to grow restless for the things that nourish the soul and make them feel content and cared for. This can be a time in which a person takes a new career path, or moves, or simply begins to realize that worldly success means nothing without someone to share it with and someone to care for. It is not then unusual for men to have second families at this age for this reason if their moon needs to nurture. It is not unusual for women to go out in the world and begin to work charity. Some people discover their imaginative side, though it is not so much discovery as it is finally honoring it.

When counseling a client, age should always be taken into consideration, if not just for practical purposes. It is not really prudent to counsel a 50-year-old with children heading for college to go back to school herself and get an MBA if there is no indicator that she would be happy doing so and that school is where she needs to be. Likewise, it is not a good idea to tell an 18-year-old that they will possibly meet their soulmate or someone like it in the next few years, since even if they do meet that person, getting married or entering into an equivalent type of relationship is not really good for so young a person who, at least in order to keep themselves afloat in this world, should be concentrating on getting to adulthood first. Thus, when counseling a person, it is good to see where they express themselves and what part of the chart is of primary focus, since the question will usually surround that planet or point.

For example, it may simply seem that Bernie Sanders simply doesn’t give a fuck about pretense, that he is over it. And he probably is. At this point in his life, he has seen too much and experienced too much to confuse intelligence for wisdom or enthusiasm for perseverance. Yes, he is very much like his Virgo Midheaven, addressing the issues and problems, the inescapable gravity of them, and how we should — or he will — fix them. However, if you have seen the Saturday Night Live sketches lampooning him, starring Larry David who does Bernie Sanders so well, you can see how Aries Moon expresses itself:

The oldest candidate for the Democratic nomination is a hit with the young people, because even though he is physically old, he isn’t in spirit, because Aries Moon never gets old. It is a perpetual child (or perpetual teenager), always youthful, always refusing to join the organized, compartmentalized world of adults.  While there is a lot of his practical Virgo coming out, in that the simplest solution is usually the best, his delivery is nearly purely positive Aries Moon, which has a natural inclination toward wanting to be liked and making others feel happy by bypassing the crap and expressing itself purely, even raw. Bernie Sanders could probably not have become the presidential nominee as a young man, or in his middle age, when he was more calculated and behind-the-scenes. However, it is during his golden years that he begins to show the fire inside of him, and this fire warms a lot of people who feel left out in the cold by the current state of the country, and this is the time and age in which he is socially allowed to express his moon.

I have an Aries moon at 00 degrees. I am in the stage of my life where I am living my sun more, but I do wonder what I will be like after my second Saturn return. Will I be like Bernie? I hope so. Perhaps by then, age will have earned me the room to express my Aries Moon.




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