Astrology Tidbits I

6th/12th house axis: This is a magical axis where reaching into the abyss (12th house) and succumbing to cosmic forces is contrained and manipulated in the material world through ritual (6th house). For those so inclined, having a strong 6th/12th house axis tend toward ritual magick of some sort, whether actual ritual, kitchen witchery, making charms, etc.

The 2nd house can indicate how one values ones body, aesthetically. It is personal adornment (jewelry) and manner of clothing, to some extent. A person who tends to put a lot of emphasis on their looks by using personal products tends to have a strong 2nd house emphasis, or works out a lot to achieve a certain look.

It is not easy to do a natal analysis for a younger person. Part of the reason is because they havent lived long enough to have fully experienced their chart, and partially because they may be quicker to deny their dark side or the traits that dont readily manifest through their persona. Usually, they are not coming to you for guidance so much an explanation. Tread lightly, but honestly.

Mercury retrograde can indicate a person who is very, very good at one form of communication but has difficulties with another. For example, they may write very well, but be very poor public speakers and may stammer or stutter. They may speak very well but have difficulty writing, and may even be dyslexic. Check the houses ruled by Gemini and Mercury to get an idea of their strengths and weaknesses. Gemini tends to be better at talking and Virgo better at writing.

Relocation charts: These dont work for everyone. The types of people who do benefit from going far away from their place of birth tend to either have significant oppositions in the chart and/or the mutable signs on the angles. These people may find relief and acceptance in other places, when their oppositions are not an issue, and mutable people tend to bend to the environment. One word of caution: for those who do bend to their environment, check to see which planets end up on an angle and especially which ones will end up in the first house. They may personify that planet. For example, a person who now has Pluto in the 1st house could become very Plutonian in an exaggerated way. However, for those who have planets in cadent houses, moving a time zone west (which shifts cadent houses to cardinal houses) may be the thing they need to be more competitive and productive.

Mars aspects to the Sun in synastry can be quite dynamic and explosive. However, theyre not really bad in and of themselves. They can aggravate each other but they can also encourage and embolden each other. How they will fight depends on the individuals involved, but I have seen charts of couples who have knock-down, drag-out fights with this aspect who, apart from each other, tend not to be confrontational or explosive.

Youth: the mutable signs on the angles tend more toward youthful looks, as does prominent Mercury and Neptune (Neptune disguises age and Mercury is youth). Appearing youthful also relates to Mercury because it indicates the strength of a persons curiosity. I do think that staying curious is key to staying youthful physically, as curiosity helps alleviate stress (wondering why something happens vs. worrying about it happening), allows one to cope with change. While the moon can be a factor as well, check for the relationship between the Moon and Mercury. Aries-types can be naturally youthful, albeit immature, if they are not destructive. Saturn in a house delays or denies that aspect of life. If it is in the 8th house, it actually denies death. Depending on other factors, this may be a person who manages to pull through illness and accidents that others usually wouldnt survive.

Planets in detriment and what they end up doing: Planets in detriment tend to be uncomfortable. For example, Jupiter wants to see the big picture but is in a place where it is expected to focus on details. It compromises by seeing lots and lots of details everywhere that it analyzes and puts together as a whole. Venus is uncomfortable in Mars, so it compromises by using the self to express love, which can be usually be done through sex, but also to use action to express love. This is your awkward knight in shining armor who saves you from peril.

On seeing details: people who tend to pick up the details others miss have emphasis on Pisces. The key word is missed, in that it is a thing that only seems to be apparent to the person who is looking at what everyone else is not. While we may tend to think seeing little details is a Virgo thing and reading between the lines is a Scorpio thing, Pisces handles details. Think of those 3-d eye games where if you stare at it and back away, you can see a picture appear. Ah, there it is.

The 19th degree of Scorpio is considered to be the most malefic degree of the zodiac, the destroyer and the killer. However, this doesnt mean that a person with planets or angles on this degree is essentially destructive. However, I do know people who have planets on this degree who are destructive in some way: they may destroy people, they may also destroy dangerous illusions. Destruction in and of itself is not entirely bad. On that note, when we consider malefics and negative planets or degrees, we must consider that while they may be destructive, explosive, or dissolving, they can be used for both good and evil. In the case of planets on the 19th degree, natives tend to feel in some way that they are dark or evil; they are either very aware of their dark side or they have grown up with the idea that they are destructive. To them, the darkness of humanity is always apparent, and there is no use running from it, because it will outrun you and capture you. This a bewitching degree, and whatever planet is on the degree indicates how you may strike a nerve with people. It is dark magick.

Sagittarian types seem to like fruit of all types and also should not be relied on to buy furniture or decorate the home. Also, they really enjoy walking around just to walk around.

Scorpio types tend to like hidden things of all types, even things you may not readily think of as hidden, like breaded shrimp, or cordial cherries.

Libra types actually really like Halloween because it gives them a chance to go to an extreme and still be socially acceptable. Librans really enjoy dress up.

You know who really, really HATES being left out? Aries types. Whereas those who need to be with people, like Cancer, Gemini, and Libra, they are more likely to be left out and rub wrong those who tend to like being in a group.

Taurean types tend to be intolerant of philosophical conversation that goes nowhere.

Piscean types find stiff and restrictive clothing unbearable. They tolerate parties by getting drunk. They can spend entire days alone, not using their voice, and this is just great to them.

Virgo HATES group projects, and Aquarius loves them, so long as they get to pick their partners.

Is Mars in a cadent house? Chances are, the native learns best by doing and less by instruction or lecture.

Venus in the 8th house can signify a deeply romantic person who tends to go all or nothing in love; they can have many sexual and romantic affairs — even marry — but rarely, if ever, falls in love. When they do, they hold on for dear life. However, they may not marry for love, and these partnerships are usually ruined from the inside out. If they do marry for love, it is until death do they part…and perhaps even after that, as I sometimes think that these people do actually reincarnate to find their lost loves.

The asteroid Chiron tends to show where you feel shut out of something that seemingly everyone around you has or has access to, so you react by thumbing your nose at it. Interestingly enough, because you have become such a student in this thing you feel deprived of, you can share your wisdom about it with others. For example, folks with Chiron in the first house may have weak personas, non-existent fashion sense, or weak personas. They may react by purposely by dressing poorly or acting meek when they shouldnt, but have strong opinions about other peoples persona. Someone with Chiron in the 9th house may not be able to navigate higher learning, or deal with universal concepts like law, religion, and cultures, so they become Archie Bunker types sitting on their sofas, dictating how the whole world ought to be.

But…if people can use their Chiron to actually help people, they can truly become the wounded healer.

Neptunian types, regardless of their actual ability, tend to relinquish power when there is another person involved. For example, if a Neptunian person has a good sense of direction, they will defer to other people, even if knowing full well that those people dont know where theyre going or how to get there.

A Sun/Moon conjunction in synastry isnt all its cracked up to be, especially in fire and water signs, where the sun wants to or does outshine the inner needs of the Moon person. The sun person can naturally step on the Moon persons feelings, and the Moon person knows by instinct how to go for the jugular on the Sun persons ego.

Even if a relationship isnt mean to be forever, contacts between the nodes and personal planets or points, and especially contacts between the nodal axes of two people indicate that the natives were meant to find each other, if only for a little while to resolve karma.

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