Do You Want Specialized Help? Hire an Astrologer!


Lately, I’ve been getting odd complaints that my free articles aren’t gentle or encouraging enough, and that my work should be tailored to helping people feel good about themselves.

But if you want something tailored to you, to help you, what you actually need is an astrology reading or astrological analysis.

There’s a lot of stuff on the Internet on Western astrology, and some of it even comes from real astrologers. I’ve thought about creating a page of shame where I post links to bad or inaccurate articles on websites that largely kiss ass to get people to buy products but don’t even attempt to offer real astrological insight.

But generally speaking, astrology isn’t a New Age form of divination: it precedes, by thousands of years, the feel-good movement. Most of the classical texts are objective, fatalistic, and harsh. They would make many modern astrology fans roll into a fetal position and cry.

Considering that for much of the history of modern astrology, daring to practice or write about astrology was considered to be engaging in witchcraft which could get you killed, it could have been better for them if they had simply appealed to the egos of the people who could keep astrologers’ heads attached to their bodies. However, in the Middle Ages, when it was used for medicine, and before that, when it was used to predict the future, it was approached as a science. Astrology developed dispassionately; it’s really only been lately that it’s been a feel-good thing, and that’s weird, because the patterns of the seasons and the changes on Earth are dispassionate and don’t stop or start at someone else’s convenience.

Astrology becomes human centered when humans get involved and interact with each other. Aspects don’t know how to solve problems, and ruling planets have no idea what job you’d be good at in the 21st century. People, however, do.

So…if you want to see my nice side, hire me.




2 thoughts on “Do You Want Specialized Help? Hire an Astrologer!

  1. I love the style and realism in which you write. I’m sitting here crying reading your Saturn/mars/Chiron article during the piece about the opinions of people who never went anywhere in life, and the part about leaving behind uneccesary things like approval and support. Thank you. I’m feeling confident after a difficult evening. What is your social media?


    • Hi Alicia! I’m glad that you’re feeling better. I stopped having social media accounts for this blog because it just got to be too much, but I can be reached directly through the comment section and from there, I can email you directly.


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