Living’ Don Quixote Style: Sagittarius Full Moon conjunct Mars Rx

Don Quixote

The ingenious gentleman of La Mancha.

It is from the great literary work Don Quixote that we get the word quixotic, which means to behave in a rash manner pursuit of ideals without regard as to whether they are practical or the means are sound. However, I do not think that it is a sin to be quixotic. After all, it may have been impractical for David to go up against Goliath, but he won on faith and luck.

Sagittarius full moon will make a conjunction to Mars retrograde today, May 21st, and make an exact conjunct to Mars retrograde. Mars retrograde is action diverted, or action without a plan and a clear shot at winning, or motivation waning. It is a actually a good time to plan an attack rather than execute one, but unfortunately, we cannot live like this. There is just no way to live in a fast-paced world and do nothing. Sometimes, you just have to muster up what you can and make a Hail-Mary pass. Often, what we end up initiating during Mars retrograde is like that.

Sagittarius full moon is the abundance of idealism and enthusiasm so that we are more willing to roll the dice and bet on our own abilities. What happens this month — I hope — is that for those of us most affected by this full moon (Sagittarians especially) will get a shot in the dark that hits the target.

Right now, those affected by Mars Rx feel as if we have lost some of our mojo. Even though Sagittarius doesn’t win all the time, it does not think of itself as a born loser, and since it will take all the shots, at least some of them will hit, right? Not lately. We are forced to regroup, study, and keep looking into things, because actually moving forward just isn’t happening. Instead of traveling to the next destination, we’re reading about it, anxious and impatient to get moving.

However, when the full moon comes, this will be  little reprieve, because the moon rules imagination, and what we imagine we can do this month just *might* come to pass. Now, we have to learn how to be patient, and that’s fine, but it’s hard to learn the merits of being patient if you never see the rewards of it. Otherwise, it’s just you being permanently held back.

However, for those of us fighting windmills when we think we’re fighting giants, this may just be the month where we find an actual giant on our travels.

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