Sick Mars: What is Masculine?

In astrology, in everyone’s birth chart, there is Venus and there is Mars. There is the anima and the animus. There is the Sun and the Moon, the active and the reactive. There are 12 signs, 6 yin, 6 yang, and four elements, 2 yin, 2 yang. What gender is metaphysically is not always the same as what gender is perceived biologically or culturally. It’s actually difficult to ascertain a person’s gender identity from a natal chart with any certainty (though you can find instances of transgenderism and gender fluidity, sometimes).

The alt-right does me no favors. They’re against me and all the things I hold dear. However, as extremists do, they happen upon a cultural phenomenon and give it a name where it didn’t have one before, and in their fashion, take it, run with it, and use it to fuck things up.

Men are always taking flack from each other for being not manly. I would like to feel bad about this, except that women spend their entire lives having their femininity questioned, so it looks like we’re actually all in the same boat. However, I think the concept of the “cuck” is one of those instances where something is finally given a name, and strangely enough, from an extreme group. According to the definition, a “cuck” is a man who is so desperate for female attention and approval that he’ll gladly give up his masculinity and act like and blend in with women in order to get their approval, albeit becoming one of the girls and not a candidate for dating and sex with any of them because he’s not masculine and therefore not attractive.

But this isn’t entirely true, because these men do date women, marry women, have children, and raise sons and daughters.

Of course, this is the kind of man whom the alt-right think are sabotaging other men and helping to create a feminized world, but this isn’t at all what it appears that they do when they move into women’s spheres.

Without giving credence to men’s rights, I think this kind of man does exist. I’ve dealt with this kind of man before. I go to law school with so many of them. My boss at my last job in Korea was textbook cuck. Hell, I married this kind of man once when I was young and stupid. The problem, however, isn’t that the man tries to become a woman: he very much retains his maleness and the threat of it, thus using the negative trait ascribed to maleness to further female interests. There is NOTHING feminist about a cuck in a real, practical way. In fact, he integrates himself into women’s spheres and ingratiates himself specifically to maintain normative gender roles.

You know the kind of guy who will jump into the interpersonal tensions between two women, take one’s side, and then gang up on the other women? This is a cuck. The kind of guy who happily meangirls with the actual girls? This is a cuck.  This is the kind of man who takes the phone from his wife while she’s arguing with another woman and starts barking threats into the phone. This is the kind of man sticks himself between his daughter and other children under the guise of protecting her instead of letting her learn interpersonal skills. This is the kind of boss who sees tension between two female workers and then creates a solution for the one he likes best by ruining the career of the one he doesn’t. This is the kind of teacher who tries to impress some female students by picking on or being more harsh with other female students.

Cucks are actually just heterosexual men who do very misogynist things for the approval of non-feminist women. 

A cuck, from a woman’s point of view, is a man who trades toxic masculinity — violence, aggression, constantly fighting for dominance, and hatred of female autonomy and personhood — for female approval. Women knows that when there’s tension between them, it’s not always because of what women actually did. A lot of it is what they are or represent. Women however, deal with this through words and social engineering, and hopefully, resolve it in prosocial ways through getting to know each other.

Men, on the other had, haven‘t been conditioned to see each other as competition because they simply exist. Men have to manifest something to create conflict, and it can be addressed directly, because men are allowed to confront each other, unlike women, who are forever tasked with maintaining peace, even if its superficial. Men, however, unlike women, use their fists in conflict, and if they don’t, there’s always the threat that they will, so when a cuck joins a woman’s side, it’s a way of showing that she has every single thing in her arsenal to pummel, figuratively AND literally, whomever bothers her.

Having a cuck on your side is an advantage to a woman. After all, when a woman’s upset, you’re worried about what she’s feeling, but when a man’s upset, you’re worried about what he’ll do. The greatest way to manipulate other people is to have a weapon in front of you, and to have a man who is willing to fight your battles, whether they’re just or not, or whether they’re real or imaginary battles, is a great way to manipulate and intimidate your opponent. Cucks, after all, don’t get into fights with men; they go after other women at another women’s behest. A cuck wouldn’t use toxic masculinity against someone who hasn’t been conditioned to fear it from birth, like another man. A cuck wouldn’t go up to a guy who turned a girl down and broke her heart and threaten him, but a cuck will corner another woman and berate her for making his female friend have bad feelings.

A cuck is not a feminist. This is a man who helps women use toxic femininity to advance their interests in an underhanded way. Cucks find shelter with women who aren’t feminists in practice, because a feminist doesn’t hold another woman’s personhood or autonomy against her. A feminist wouldn’t send a man as an attack dog against another woman. A feminist can speak for herself, and doesn’t need to insulate herself against other women.

The alt-right doesn’t see a cuck as a destructive element in women’s spheres, because they don’t see women as anything other than inherently destructive or a negative force that at best, needs to be contained or it’ll swallow the world whole, an energy that needs to be constantly redirected to wholesome, productive things, like baking cookies and but not eating them so they don’t get fat. Of course, the only people who can contain or redirect this energy is men, because that’s what they think and if you disagree, they’ll call you a slut, or a dyke, and dox you.

The alt-right doesn’t offer any real solution on how men can start being more masculine, because if it’s all predicated on the domination of women, it’s going to remain an ongoing struggle. From the outside looking in, they see a cis-gendered man who wants to get girls to have sex with him so he camouflages his masculinity in order to seem more approachable because he’s more like a woman, a man willing to socially castrate himself to get attention from woman, albeit at the expense of being able to give them the one thing they actually supposedly want.  However, the alt-right perhaps won’t propose a satisfying solution, because for men to get their supposed lost masculinity back from women is to admit it can be taken, or given away, or maybe that in actuality, masculinity doesn’t mean that much to men, or that it’s not a jewel to be hunted for and won.

Whereas they can promote that men make friends with other men, it all seems to be still based on the idea that they dominate women, that they rove in packs to get women, and that they do things to show they are better able to get women, and that they get together to talk about and rate women. There’s a big difference between what you’d read on the Art of Manliness and Return of Kings; there’s a big difference in what the readership writes and thinks. It seems to me that the alt-right needs cucks to exist. After all, what they’re proposing, essentially, is that cucks remain cucks, but that they stop being cucks in women’s spheres and start being cucks in roving gangs of misogynists. Most of their heroes have a lot of time and energy on their hands to tell men how to dominate/rape women. They live with their parents, or their in-laws, or their live on an ex-wife’s alimony, or they just really don’t have the physical appearance of a man who is actually to busy lifting weights and fucking women on a regular basis to blog so prolifically.



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