The Astrology of Gastronomy: Astrology and Food


Foodieism has been a blessing because it validates an interest. Of course, most people like food, or have an interest in food. Some people have more of an interest than others, and I have seriously thought about changing direction and making this a cooking blog so I have the motivation to blog on a regular basis. The trouble is that I don’t like taking pictures of my food — I like to cook and eat the food while it’s fresh — or wait for someone else to finish taking pictures of their food so we can all eat. I have spent most of my life around people who don’t care about food, or have strict limitations on the types of food they’ll eat.

I have always been interested in food, and food is a go-to interest that never gets boring. I’ve grown food. I’ve harvested food. I’ve worked on a dairy farm. I’ve eaten what I’ve slaughtered. I’ve learned to cook all sorts of things and I’m always up for trying new cuisines. I probably need to make better friends with people who like food as I like food. I didn’t grow up in a foodie home. My mother doesn’t cook very well. My father does, but he was the man who went to work, and as my mother wanted to be a housewife, so she did the cooking. She also smoked 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day, so she couldn’t taste much, and she was never taught to cook and had no interest in it so she never learned to cook, and also hated cooking and other household work so she wouldn’t learn to do it anyway. I spent all of my childhood wondering how other people actually craved certain foods, like steak or ribs, or hamburgers, or spaghetti, or macaroni and cheese: most of the comfort foods people liked, I dreaded. We ate a lot bachelor foods, because that’s what my father wanted, even though there were 6-8 people to feed, but it wasn’t very good.

There are other food stories about the struggle to get through the dinner hour in my home, but there’s this particular food story I remember as a kid that I think encapsulates the struggle: our town had a minor league team, and our family got some free tickets, and so we went. We didn’t go out much, all of us, so it was a big thing. When it came time to eat, we had our usually concession fare choices, and none of us would eat the hot dogs because we though they were raw because they didn’t have any burned black streaks on them or weren’t scraped off the bottom of a dry pan.

There’s plenty of food stories about mothers who didn’t cook or didn’t cook well, as if it’s all on them to feed everyone. And I was lucky I got fed, and I was lucky to have been born in a time and place where I could complain about the quality of the food because technically, there enough of it, and if there’s one thing I’ve learn about some of the kinds of strangers this blog attracts, a lot of passers-by shit their pants over me not being mealy-mouthed enough. So, there’s that obligatory throwaway to appease the kids with keyboards. But I was always, in some way, hungry as a kid, and I was always interested in food. While most of the people I know who are interested in food grew up in homes with mothers who cooked well, I come from a long line of women who cook pretty badly. My mother was a bad cook, and her mother was a bad cook. I can only wonder how bad my great grandmother was, making me think that my maternal line is the only Italian line, ever, without any good cooks, as if that’s conspicuously absent from our mitochondria.

In my immediate family, I’m not the only person who learned to cook on their own to save my life. When I was kid, sometimes, I would get my mother to help me with recipes, but she didn’t know what to do, so it didn’t usually turn out right.

In my immediate family, I am not the only person with planets in the 6th house. However, I have Mars conjunct the North Node exact, and they’re conjunct Jupiter. Jupiter and Mars rule my Sun and Moon, respectively, and Jupiter is the traditional ruler of my chart. My 6th house is ruled by the Sun in Sagittarius.

Two of my sisters who learned how to cook have no planets in the 6th house. Two of my sisters who never learned to cook and have no interest in it have planets in the 6th house. One has her Sun’s ruler in the 6th house, and the other has Jupiter conjunct Chiron in the 6th house.



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