Who Should Go to Law School? Probably No One: Astrological Vocational Analysis in the Real World

No One Should Go to Law School Ever, for Any Reason

I have previously argued (though not in depth) that most vocational astrology is from the outside looking in. Most vocational astrology doesn’t take into account what actually has to be done on the job. It focuses on who would be most interested in how that job appears. For example, the legal professions may appeal to the archetype Sagittarius, but in practice, the work that has to be done is more of Virgo’s or Capricorn’s domain. Sagittarius just doesn’t like rules, routine and drafting enough to actually enjoy being a lawyer. Then again, the nebulousness of the law, the fact that you can do everything right but that you may have to leave it up to people who know less than you do would keep Virgo and Capricorn out of the practice of law.

So, who should practice law? The first obstacle to finding an answer to that question is that before having a legal career, lawyers have to go to law school. Law school is its own beast, and from what I have heard and observed, law school is not at all like the practice of law. Law school is a trade school that functions academically like a prep school and socially like a high school, except the nerds are at the top of the food chain.


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