Fleeting Virgo Thoughts, Mars Return, and a Bit on Medical Astrology

I will put this poultice on your soul.

Here’s a tip:

The 5th house shows how you make and relate to friends one-on-one. The 11th house is cliques and peer groups.

Your fifth house is who you have a slumber party with, who you paint toenails with, who you sit around watching the game with, watching girls with, discussing all the things you’d do with them with all the weird bravado of a man who is secretly very unsure that he’ll ever do any of those things with someone who wants to do those things with him.

Want to know how someone will act in a group or collective as a part of the group or collective? Check the 11th house.

The 11th house are the people you meet at parties, mixers, networking events, assemblies, cafeterias in high school. These are the kind of people you befriend because you have a shared enemy, a common goal, a professional need to get along, a potluck you have to sit through while politely trying all eighteen variations of baked ziti on the table (guess which region of the country I’m from?). It’s also angry mobs, protests, and demonstrations. It’s also people who work together in the same department, take the same class, like the same television show or pop singer, too. Affinities and common goals.

If you’re interested in what a person does when they’re not fitting into the crowd, check the 12th house. Because we all don’t fit all the time, but some are better at making themselves fit than others. This is what they do to 1) fit in, or 2) shield themselves from the pain of rejection.


This is a blog entry about something other than that. Sort of.

Not really.

Virgo energy is weirdo energy, and rumor has it that I’m an adult, and we’re all on the cusp of Big. Virgo. Energy. Huge.

Virgo is the sign of health and medicine (Scorpio covers the actual healing process the body undertakes and the immune system), and you probably know by now that I’m a Virgo apologist, and tomorrow is the day of my Mars return in Virgo, which is wonderful, because I’m looking for my motivation and hustle again.

A Mars return happens about every two years. It shows where your energy, focus, drive (and libido, and aggression/assertion in the sign and house it’s in. The return doesn’t replace the natal Mars, but enhances it or focuses it.

For example, my natal Mars in the sixth house focuses its exacting, peevish, worrisome, perfecting, purifying, nervous, angelic energy on belonging, security, traditions, origins and endings, families, ancestors, matriarchs, and tribes when MR Mars is in the fourth house. It’s making an exact conjunction to Venus and a close conjunction to the Sun, both in Virgo. I will identify with, and make pleasant social connections with families, tribes, origins, matriarchs, ancestors, places of security, and places of traditions. There may also be romance, social connections (Venus) and public action and/or identity (Sun) related to these things.

All of these planets are making a conjunction to my natal Jupiter and natal north Node, so whatever transpires these next two years may expand my world (Jupiter) and is important to my life’s mission (North Node).

The fourth house is also psychic to a certain degree, as it represents the collective unconscious or the cultural undercurrent, and to some extent, synchronicity. There’s also familial or ancestral karma, both from previous lives and from this one.

The ruler of the fourth house and of Mars, Mercury, is in Leo in the 3rd house. This energy will need creative self-expression, writing, teaching, and communicating with people on a personal level. It may also deal with siblings, neighbors, and the local community.

The chart ruler for my Mars return is also Mercury with Gemini on the ascendant, making the entire Mars-return identity about communication, learning, and nearby community.

The Moon is in 12th house Gemini in the MR chart. I’m going to have emotions, needs, and fears that others will see that I will deny, and I may struggle with denial and wanting to run away from this return.

Uranus in 11th house Taurus is making a trine to the Sun-Venus-Mars stellium in Virgo, so there may be pleasant and beneficial changes and chance happenings (Uranus) dealing with social groups, hopes, aspirations, humanitarian efforts, and dreams for the future, as well as chosen family/affiliations based on shared experience and shared ideals. However, Uranus is retrograde, so it may not go as expected (expect the unexpected), or what I think is new is actually something re-discovered or has been there the entire time.

And how does this relate to my natal Mars?

I have natal Mars in the 6th house exactly conjunct the North Node, separated by mere seconds. It’s important to do my Mars thing in this life, and it relates to healing, fixing, perfecting, and becoming angelic. It’s important not to be perpetually peevish, critical, anxious, and timid.

But it’s hard.

My current pet peeve is when people who can’t walk well on their own use the revolving doors instead of the automatic doors at work. I can’t use the automatic door because they watch those and admonish those of us who don’t appear disabled.

I get it – you can do it. Eventually. I applaud you….but not when I get stuck inside a revolving door, running late for work and trying not to let my claustrophobia get the best of me because I can’t push the door because then you’ll likely fall, and you don’t have the strength to push the door, either. So I have to wait for you to get your bearings and hope I can get out of this door.

Seriously. If you can’t walk on your own without a cane, walker, or crutch, stop using revolving doors.

This has happened to me twice now over the course of two work days. I feel this is becoming a theme.

And possibly the medical arts, diet, nutrition, and health are part of this, too.


I don’t do medical astrology for other people. I think it’s something you need to be very good at before giving advice. I also think that in 2019, it could be the one of the forms of astrology that may be obsolete, except for perhaps determining the progression of an illness. Chances are that by the time someone is seeking a medical reading, they already know the problem or something close to the problem. Of course, there’s a lot more to medical astrology than I know. Each sign is associated with different vitamins and minerals, as well as different parts of the body. I know the broad strokes.

I also know that a lot of things in my chart have come to pass. Digestive/metabolic issues. Gynecological issues. Nerve issues. Skin issues. Somatic illness due to stress. High cholesterol. Fevers. Headaches. Injuries. Anemia. Violence. Most of that was ultimately healed by food (ruler of the Moon in the 6th, ruler of the Sun in the 6th) that departs from my culture’s traditional way of eating (ruler of the 6th in the 9th) that could be considered controversial and counter-intuitive (dispositor of the rulers of the Moon and Sun in 8th house, retrograde, conjunct Uranus).

However, the more I look at my chart, the more I realize that there is stuff on the horizon or already in the works that I didn’t see, because there’s no one house or two houses or two planets that tell you everything – the chart is a diagram of the body, and I’m learning it all means something.

This is how you drive yourself insane, so it’s one of those readings that’s best done by a third party or a stranger, because a mistake could keep you up at night.

Start a medical reading as you would any reading: planets, houses, and then signs.

All readings should start the same, and the same with a medical reading. As above, so below in all things, including the body. If even your looks and the way you age can be predicted in the position of the planets, then so can the condition of the body. Start with the first house. Planets? Which ones? What conditions? Pay especially good attention to the luminaries through Saturn, but the outer planets matter, too, especially if prominently placed or affecting personal planets. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto tend to creep up on you; they can indicate afflictions that happen early or late in life, but Neptune is a slow rising tide, Uranus a sudden change, and Pluto a revolution from within.

Mars and Saturn are malefics or strengthening factors.

Saturn either erodes or fortifies. It can indicate both strong bones and teeth, but also calcification and demineralization. Saturn can indicate a lack of anything, or a deprivation, but can also indicate an austerity or discipline required for good health (trouble sticking to a diet or exercise routine? What about taking your meds? Check Saturn.)

Mars speeds up and creates action, but also creates accidents. Mars can represent fevers and accidents, but also strong muscles and a good metabolism. Mars can burn and cause accidents, and it can also aid in recovery. It can also attract danger from aggressive people, but it can cause one to be more protective as well.

Each planet gives a quality or nature to the house it rules and the house it is in. Each house rules parts of the body.

This may seem counterintuitive, but if you consider that the houses are actually on the physical Earth and the planets are not, it makes sense. If say, Venus and not the 2nd house rules your thyroid, having Venus conjunct the MC doesn’t mean you’ll have a famous thyroid, or your hypothyroidism will be of public interest. Venus is a quality of something, usually something not material, of the house it rules and the house and sign it sits in.

For example, Mercury rules communication, but it doesn’t rule the ears or the mouth, or even the hands. That’s the 1 – 3rd houses. The signs on the cusps of the 1 – 3rd houses describe the nature of the mouth (1), ears (2nd), and hands (3rd).

Venus in the first house gives a pretty mouth along with other softer features. It tends to soften the features, sometimes very much so. It can give a weak chin and dimples and a pronounced cupid’s bow. In the second house, it gives a sweet voice, rounded ears, and sometimes thyroid problems if afflicted (estrogen overload). Venus in the 3rd house gives soft, gentle hands and a polite and soft manner of speaking.

Venus doesn’t give a face, a set of ears, a voice box, or hands. Usually, you already have those anyway.

Likewise, Mercury in the first house gives a light, quick body, small, pointy features (or indistinct ones – having “that face” that others often mistake for someone else), and a pointy, angular face. In the second house, it gives a high, sometimes squeaky voice that is quick and thin, small and well-formed ears. In the 3rd house, it gives a sharp mind, small and dexterous hands, and a succinct, quick way of speaking. It doesn’t give a face, a set of ears, a voice box, or hands. Usually, you already have those because the blueprint (human DNA) exists in the gametes that exist before the soul has incarnated, and that blueprint usually includes all that stuff.

Say that Venus is in the first house, and it rules the fourth house. It would give a nice, shapely torso, or a rounded one if you don’t lay off the sweets, and likely large and/or nice-looking breasts. This person may even have a pleasantly matronly look to them, or look young for their age.

Venus ruling the 4th house would also rule the 10th or 11th house, so let’s make it easy and say Taurus is on the 11th house cusp. The 11th house is the lower legs, so this person may have a nice set of calves. They may also have a nervous system that remains calm and doesn’t get aroused too much.

Say that the Moon is in the first house and rules the 5th house. The Moon gives a rounder face, rounder features and/or more child-like features, and “protecting/protected” features, such as lips that cover the teeth when smiling, a small mouth that’s either a slit or a rosebud, and hooded and/or deep-set eyes that are usually watery in color and or general appearance. They may also have more eyelashes and/or eyebrow hairs than average. With the Moon ruling the 5th house, this individual may have a sensitive heart, weak sides or rounded sides and rounded upper back,

Or if the planets are afflicted, they may manifest poorly. Venus afflicted may take away beauty or ease, depending on what planet afflicts it.

The Planets as general causes of disease

Sun: overworked, worn out

Moon: exhaustion, slowing down psychosomatic illness, edema

Mercury: nerves, stress

Venus: overindulgence, “ugliness”

Mars: burn out, accidents, inflammation

Jupiter: growths, expansion, pooling

Saturn: blockages, calcification, degeneration

Uranus: sudden, shocking, catastrophe-related,

Neptune: confusion, mystery, poison

Pluto: hidden things – genetic disorders, parasites, foul play

I thought that the signs ruled body parts.

They’re affiliated with body parts, but they mostly give qualities to actions, body parts, and afflictions. For example, if you have Aries on the cusp of the 8th house, you may have sudden, unpredictable and debilitating headaches, earaches, or injuries that alter your life. This is different from say, having Aries on the cusp of the 5th house, where you’re more likely to have an Aries-type accident after saying “hey guys, watch this!” and ending up in a wheelchair or with a traumatic brain injury. Or both. Capricorn on the cusp of the 10th house may make a person publicly known for nice skin or nice bone structure (or conversely, weird skin or weird bone structure, depending on what planets are in the 10th house and what’s up with Saturn), but also for being physically stoic/unresponsive to the environment, making mother worry so that you won’t wear a winter hat and gloves in weather like this. Do you want frostbite?

You don’t know what you’re doing, do you?

Not enough to give a medical reading to someone. I have given medical warnings when it seems appropriate, but for the most part, I stick to what I see in the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses.

But I’m trying to learn more, as it seems it could be part of my destiny, and the things I have predicted for myself have largely come to pass — except my death, which could be one of a few things, none of them particularly pleasant options.

But if you ask anyone aside from Dr. Kevorkian and Kurt Vonnegut, they’ll tell you that planning for and predicting the manner of death without putting up a fight is a horrible, terrible thing, that old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage agains the dying of the light.

But that’s why the 8th house rules both death and taboo, because without death, there is no taboo.

Want to predict how you will die? I’ll give you a hint then write more about it later:

Look at the 4th house and then the 8th house, and see what’s going on with the rulers of those houses.