Back in Business

Two things:

I am definitely going to start offering astrological services again. Services and pricing to come.

Second thing:

Six weeks in, I am now used to being alone. This is what it is, and one book has closed, the ink on the last page dried and set, and a brand new one, gleaming white pages, the binding crackling as I lay my hand on it and begin forming the first few words of this story:

And then, she was alone again.

And that was perfectly fine.

Because I guess that’s also what this could be: an adventure. An adventure…even though I’m stuck at home because of the fucking pandemic.

But I’m excited to write again.

I’m working on some things now.

It feels like the most natural thing in the world, too.

Let’s talk turkey.

So, this wasn’t going to be a good year. Well, it wasn’t going to be a good year for most of us. Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn isn’t a stellium in favor of the masses. Jupiter expands. Saturn constricts. Pluto empowers. You can’t have expansion AND constriction of the same thing in the same manner. Either everything is going to expand in a very specifically narrow and intense way, or a strict select will expand with great power to the detriment of the rest.

Or both?

The prior, for example: It’s just a part of our duty (Capricorn) to be alone and away from others (Capricorn) for the greater good (Saturn conjunct Jupiter) for as long as the unknown is a threat (Pluto).

The latter, for example: Jeff Bezos in contrast to just about every single one of Amazon’s employees, and you and me and just about everyone else on the planet.

It’s easier right now for the haves to acquire more and the have-nots to lose more. If you want change, you want Uranus, and right now, Uranus is chilling in Taurus squaring these planets at some point in 2020, so change will come when it’s good and ready, when it’s firmly rooted in the soil under our feet such that we don’t even realize what revolutionary seeds we have sown until they are shooting up from the ground all around our feet. And you may not like what grows up from those seeds we have sown.

It’s also a time when it’s a lot easier to get sick, and as long as Mars is in Pisces, we all need to conserve our energies and to focus on healing ourselves from the inside out (which means no, this isn’t actually a time to self-medicate with booze and sugar).

You know what this all makes me think of?

Twin Peaks.

Would you have guessed that I’m a Twin Peaks fan? Yeah, probably? Okay, fair enough. I haven’t read The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, and I haven’t delved deeply into the canon and mythos of Twin Peaks except as a way to keep myself from losing my mind while studying for the bar exam. But I do get the same sort of sublime creeps every single day of this sheltering in place that I do while watching Twin Peaks, but without any of the tingles.

Someone is thriving on all of our garmonbozia, that’s for sure, and there is death and sorrow and the sense of perpetual twilight for a day that never ends and a night that only begins and never lulls into her dark embrace to sleep this away.

What I like about Twin Peaks (which I suppose is really no different from a lot of things David Lynch makes) is that the characters only express one emotion at a time, and they express it freely. Even Laura, whose entire tragic life almost always appeared to be a mystery of which-one-is-the-real-one, everyone just expresses what they feel, as intensely as they feel, and the emotional threads woven together make up the complex tapestry of every relationship.

One at a time, each plain emotional expression is (Saturn) intensely (Pluto) big and theatric (Jupiter), yet stark (Saturn) and reserved (Capricorn), but also, behind the brittle veneer, so vulnerable (also Capricorn).

This is like an episode of Twin Peaks. I used to think this was like a Kurt Vonnegut novel, but that was before it became personal for me. So that’s why I am start-stopping episodes of Twin Peaks – starting for the familiarity, stopping for the familiarity. I suppose Laura Palmer could be anyone, really, and my own was also very light and very dark.

And you know what? Just like Twin Peaks, we’re going to have this one really intense season, and then it’s over, and then this other season that’s bad, and then, it’s going to go away for a while. You know – retrogrades. Fall will be the beginning, but winter is when it’ll be worse.

I wish I could tell you what it will be. Likely coronavirus coming back, likely something else, too.

Do you currently have natal planets conjunct, square, or opposing the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto stellium in Capricorn? If so, then you’ll feel it more strongly.

The thing is, almost all of us have at least natal Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto conjunct, square, or opposing this stellium.


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