Astrology Services Are Back

You can sign up for them here.


Looks like we need each other. I’ve been asked about offering services a lot lately, and I’ve missed it. These are troubled times, and people are looking for guidance.

I offer three basic types of services: astrocoaching, sessions, and analysis.

But I do everything. Pretty much.

Astrocoaching is like life coaching but using astrology so we can both figure out what you should do or plan for. It’s easier if you understand some astrology so we can work together. There is a particular goal in mind for this kind of work, usually related to careers, relationships, or life changes.

Analysis is like chart interpretation, any kind of chart, be it natal, predictive, composite/synastry, horary, electional, etc. The difference between analysis and a session is that I tell you what I see. This is good for broad things, like finding a vocation, or figuring out who your ideal partner would be like, or what might happen the day you’re scheduled to go to court.

Sessions are collaborative readings. By adulthood, you usually know who you are enough that I don’t have to tell you who you are. However, you’re still confronted with choice and change as well things beyond your control. In a session, you and I have a dialog based on what you need and I read.

I’m learning astrology. Can you help me?

Yes. You can consult with me on a chart reading or simply to help you understand an astrological concept.

Are you going to put your books back up for sale?

I will, soon, but I need to do a revision and an update on at least one of them.

Are you quitting your day job?

No. And that also has to come first, so appointments have to be weeknights and weekends.

I live in a different time zone. How willing are you to wake up in the middle of the night to speak to me?

Are you in the Western Hemisphere? That should be fine. Further out, probably not an issue, because there’s a good chance that I may already be awake.

Can I have an in-person reading?

At this time, no. Maybe after COVID though, depending.

Do you do other stuff, like reading tarot cards, or do flower essences, or reiki or the like?


Do I have to believe in astrology to have a reading?

No, but if you’re weird enough to pay me for a reading and then be a dick the whole time, then please pay me up front.

Dude I just met this guy and I don’t know what his birth time is because it was too late to call his mother because it was like 3 in the morning but I think we totally clicked is he The One?


Will I always be lonely/hate my job/have friends who suck/hate my life/hate my body/etc. etc.?


I don’t have the money right now. Do you barter?

I do. In fact, I would like to do a service exchange with any interested artists, designers, and writers. Contact me and we’ll talk turkey.

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