Responsibility and Saturn Retrograde

I have quite a few posts in the works for October, but I wanted to address this bit of news right now:

Donald Trump and his wife have COVID-19.

Here’s to hoping he doesn’t make a speedy recovery for the good of our nation and the people of the world. It is really the most compassionate position to take since we know that he could still be left in power and would not step down peacefully if he lost the election. The most compassionate position to take is to hope he dies. Not so good for him, but way better for everyone else.

We don’t want to blame people for catching coronavirus since you can do all you can to avoid it, and still get it. You can be completely responsible and some irresponsible person could be the reason you get sick.

But we all know that the president is a fundamentally irresponsible man, and thus was irresponsible with his health by refusing to wear a mask or socially distance. Despite what he says about that mottled Jell-O mold that he calls a body, he probably doesn’t have the physical or immune strength to get out of this unscathed. Even if he can keep the obvious viral symptoms at bay, this virus could easily dislodge and/or create a blood clot that goes to his heart or brain. It could cause a seizure. It could cause an aneurism. Even if he recovers, he’s still at risk for complications weeks and months down the road.

And he always knew that this was a deadly disease, but no, he wouldn’t even do the bare minimum to not only keep from getting it, but to keep from passing it to others, because Trump, from everything we know about him as a human, a business person, and a politician, is just pathologically irresponsible.

But that leads me to this topic:

Mars in Aries, retrograde, square Saturn in Capricorn, retrograde:

How are you tackling your responsibilities right now?

Mars is action, and in Aries, it works in pure, raw form. It’s a juggernaut hurdling through space. Saturn is time, permanence, and stopping, and right now, it’s moving backward in Capricorn in pure, raw form. It’s a monolith, and now they are locked in a tug-of-war.

The most obvious expression of this square is frustration and the feeling that the world or powers that be are trying to jam you up and stop you from being your most authentic self and doing what you feel is right. On the other hand, you may be frustrated because you’re trying to create order, to built something slowly that will be sustained, but people going rogue and behaving selfishly are threatening the permanency and integrity of what you’re trying to do.

And both are probably happening in your life, because we are someone’s transiting retrograde Mars and we are also someone’s transiting retrograde Saturn.

So, if you can, use that Saturn retrograde energy to look within and say “where am I being selfish and irresponsible?” and use the Mars retrograde energy to say “what is my real agenda here that I am actually putting forth my energy to accomplish…not just what I convince myself that I’m trying to do?”

Because somewhere in the mix is a need to compete with someone or something, to dominate, to prove wrong.

Who or what are you going to prove wrong (besides yourself)?

One thought on “Responsibility and Saturn Retrograde

  1. This made so much sense as I just came away from a very frustrating week at work and a hectic one with school. Things finally seemed more balenced by Friday – thankfully, the week ended on a positive note but I felt the pull.


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