Astrology is like Racism?

Would any astrologers who are not white care to comment?

This old white guy thinks astrology is akin to racism.

Is it just another white guy telling us what we should be thinking (which is, funnily enough, exactly what he thinks), or is there some truth to it?

I mean, is there any serious astrologer who assumes all Libras are diplomatic or that Aries are born leaders (because I don’t), or is this just low-hanging fruit?

Because last I recall, no one has used astrology to justify atrocities like slavery, the Holocaust, and internment camps, cops killing black people at will, or disenfranchising black voters.

And has anyone ever drafted laws to keep Libras and Aries separated, to elevate one by dehumanizing the other, or has any country decided to enslave all the Virgos because of the belief that they like to be helpful, or forcibly sterilized and taken land from everyone born under a mutable sign under the belief that they’d just prefer to go with the flow anyway?

Is astrology like racism if it’s simply making assumptions about people based on things they can’t control, like when people think all redheads have tempers or men with neckbeards are incels, or all lawyers are amoral alcoholics: preconceived notions that you can live with? Is it like any other occult practice in which only the superficial is commented on by the least knowing in a manner that feigns authority on the subject?

Don’t these old white men know that the more you marginalize the occult the more attractive it is to people who don’t have the kind of comfort with life that they can take for granted?

And wouldn’t it be a shame if all the POC who practice astrology just found out that they’re engaging in some form of active prejudice akin to racism because this guy knows a little bit about astrology and doesn’t like it?

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