The Queen of Swords

So here is a crazy little coincidence with a meaning, if there is one, that I can’t figure out:

I keep pulling the Queen of Swords.

Her majesty, the Queen of Swords. 

I mean, on a pretty regular basis, a few times a week, for the past three weeks or so. In fact, the entire reason I’m writing this was because tonight, I shuffled the cards wondering what to write, and then my thoughts drifted to the probability that I would pull the Queen of Swords tonight.

I pull the fucking Queen of Swords tonight, the first card. Well, the only card, because I didn’t finish the reading.

While I don’t do tarot professionally or write about it (though I did once write an entire website’s worth of interpretations for the major and minor arcana back as a law student/freelance occult writer), I have been doing readings every day for a while because I know the deck. It seems that there is something to explore in how this symbolism affects me and what it draws out of me. 

I don’t like taking any form of divination and trying to reinterpret it and fit it into an astrological context. I’m not so keen on too much occult overlay. Since nothing need be real and everything is permitted, there’s really no need for some sort of unified understanding of the wooniverse through trying to connect all the occult practices and cosmologies. I can definitely see element overlays, but you know, you have to keep in mind that tarot started as a deck of playing cards.

I mean, let tarot be tarot, okay, and astrology be astrology, and all forms of divination be there own thing so you can just do it without trying to retrofit it into something you already know. Otherwise, where’s the fun? There need not be only one wooniverse.

While the suits in the minor arcana roughly overlay with the elements, I don’t actually think that the Queen of Swords is representative of air necessarily. I mean, maybe Aquarius, but she’s too staid for Aquarius. Maybe Libra, but she is also too staunch. Perhaps Gemini, but she’s too deliberate.

I’ve always seen the Queen of Swords as a very positive representation of Capricorn energy. She’s upright. She has integrity. She is dry, witty, sarcastic, and straight-forward.

I have Venus at 00 Capricorn; perhaps the Queen of Swords resonates with me because she resonates with that? She’s ideas transformed into something material to be presented to the world, moving the air but unmoved by the air. 

Is it a coincidence that I keep pulling the Queen of Swords? What’s this wooniverse trying to tell me?

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