If You’re Depressed…

So I think it’s okay to be depressed in America right now.

We’re hitting the second wave of a pandemic that won’t go away because people want their freedumb to not do their part to help keep their fellow Americans alive. Most of us do not want Donald Trump as our president but we know that the electoral college could vote him in anyway, and it could be four more years of unabashed racism, misogyny, plutocracy, nepotism, and stupidity running things.

Many of us are isolated, and not just from other people, but from the things we love, like our careers, our creative outlets, our neighborhoods, our sense of community. Many of us who are still working are contending with persons and parties who refuse to treat the pandemic as if it’s real. Many of us are living with the loss of someone due to COVID, or have had COVID, or both. Many of us have to be vigilant to not catch coronavirus because of pre-existing conditions.

And even if places where they thought coronavirus wasn’t a thing, it’s a thing. In my hometown, where I was told it wasn’t a big deal, my mother’s cousin just died of COVID.

It’s been nearly eight months since the pandemic started, and it doesn’t feel as if this will end.

This is draining. This is tiring. On top of it, you’d think that with all the time in the world, creative people would take advantage of it, but we guilt ourselves for just treading water.

I start and stop a lot of projects. I start and stop a lot of crafts. I start and stop a lot of blog posts, including the premium content. I start and stop my novel. I start and stop cooking in the middle of the day, put it in the fridge, and then get back to it when I’m ready.

I was discussing with two senior attorneys a brief I have to draft this week. One asked if I had a puppy, if I needed a puppy, and how they could get me a puppy.

I’m not allowed to have pets.

But I did spend some time today trying to figure out if I would qualify for a prescription for an emotional support animal.

But I think it’s okay to just let ourselves have these feelings.

I think it’s okay if you’re not getting any work done right now.

I think it’s okay if you’re afraid to turn on the news and if you’re also afraid to miss the news.

I think it’s okay to know that you’re going to have trouble sleeping tonight.

I think it’s okay to be anxious for the future.

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