Episode IV: A New Hope (Biden Wins)

Joe Biden is the projected winner of the 2020 United States Presidential Election. The mail-in votes are still being counted, but Biden appears to be the clear winner. He has more popular votes than any president in history. While the results aren’t final, it appears that the only state Trump could win is North Carolina.

Honestly, this race shouldn’t have been close AT ALL in most states, because we’re not supposed to be racist and fascist in America.

But we are.

And fuck Trump. Fuck his entire shitbag worthless family. Fuck his cabinet. Fuck his friends. Fuck his Nazi inbred supporters. Fuck everything about him.

This is fucking textbook Cluster B.

Who’s the snowflake now? If that Tweet isn’t pure Cluster B delusion due to stress, I don’t know what is. One of the hallmarks of a Cluster B personality disorder like narcissistic personality disorder is the insistence on living in a fantasy world in which the individual is whatever superlative they think they are, and the insistence that the entire world around them — including the people around them — live as if this fantasy is true despite overwhelming evidence that it is not, and that others live to serve not them, but the false self constructed in this fantasy world.

You know, kind of the way Trump’s sons have given up their autonomy and adulthood to support their father’s fantasy of who he thinks he is even though they would know better than anyone what a turd he is.

Psychologists call this type of co-dependency trauma bonding, which is essentially what I think a lot of Trump supporters have experienced with Trump in the last four years.

Trauma bonded to their god: from cult member to captive

And if you look at all the Trump Chumps co-dependent on this man and seeking the shadow of his ego/false self to shield from reality, you can see that it’s going to take a long time after his removal for people to come out of this.

This is mental illness, and less than half — though a very large portion of America — is trauma-bonded to Donald Trump.

Trauma bonding is a real thing. This is why children still love their abusive and neglectful parents and still want to be with them even though they’re obviously much safer and even happier away from them. This is why people find it difficult to leave abusive spouses. This is why people will stay friends with people who bully and hurt them, and why others will make excuses for the behavior of hurtful people when it’s plain to see.

This is why Trump supporters will keep letting him stomp on their faces and on the faces of their loved ones because he envelopes them into his power fantasy.

I do truly wonder what will happen when the fight is over. If the United States Supreme Court loses its fucking mind and declares the vote for Trump after all the mail-in ballots then yes, there will be a civil war, and the Supreme Court will truly lose all legitimacy.

But I think this is a good thing: This is a year of major (Jupiter) separations (Saturn) that lead to regeneration (Pluto). If we can let go of a toxic president, we can let go of other toxic ties and walk bravely into an uncertain future, because the reality is that we’ve been without any real guidance for four years now anyway.

Rest now, Rick. You were right.

Yes, Rick: you were right.

The fascist toddler didn’t get a second term. You actually did think that enough of the American people would vote him out, and that this pandemic — the one that took you — would possibly cost Trump the election. Strangely enough, that’s why you weren’t worried about the pandemic, even when you were showing all the symptoms of having COVID-19 and I urged you to go to the doctor, but that’s a long, long story I’ve already written and re-written and read and re-read.

If Rick were alive — and maybe he would be alive if Trump’s administration had been honest about coronavirus — he would have seen the news on his phone, and then immediately turn on the TV to Fox News so he could make fun of the news anchors trying to call this premature, or voter fraud, and later on, trying to make sense of it all. It would be me going about the day and hearing things like “Who’s the snowflake now? Suck it. This isn’t your country, Nazi! We took it back!” all day long, for days on end.

And then there would be steak and champagne later that night, flipping through the various news channels to hear all about the election results and the latest numbers.

And then he would fall asleep in front of the television.

Just as he did with the last election.

He assured me the night that Trump was voted in that we would survive four years. They would be hard on the country, and possibly hard on us, but if they survived eight of Nixon, they could do this, and who knows? He’d be impeached in 18 months and we’d have 2 and a half years of Pence instead, and that’s no problem.

He told me to go to class the next day and just carry on because what the country will definitely need in the coming years is more lawyers and more people who knew the law.

So I went to bed, and he stayed up. And then I went to class the next day.

And the next. And the next. And I graduated. And I took the Illinois bar exam. And I became a lawyer. And then I went to work for the government to represent young people who really need lawyers.

And I can look my clients in the eye and say that I have never supported any politician who supports their demise.

Unfortunately, what we may have actually needed more of right now are doctors and nurses, but I didn’t know about a pandemic back in 2016.

It would have been nice for him to have seen this, because he thought that only Biden could beat Trump, and if we’re being honest, that’s probably true. It would have been nice to have Bernie, but now we’re back on track for that.

And some day there might be a Michelle Obama presidency (please).

We have the first woman vice-president, the first person of color as vice-president, the first woman person of color as vice-president.

And I think Biden is up to the task:

A Biden Presidency?

A cursory look tells me that there’s no major issues. With Saturn in the 7th house, I’m glad that he’s older because then he can use that energy in a positive way, possibly even repair some of the relationships with allies that Trump damaged. That 9th house North Node on the cusp of Virgo makes me think he may help restore our place in the world and help us have a more grounded, evidence-based philosophy after four years of the Trump regime’s dark fantasy world.

This isn’t just because Joe and I have a lot in common in our charts. Yes, that 12th house stellium in Scorpio widely opposing Uranus on the cusp of the 7th house could mean something about the person he is. And there is a lot of strong energy in this basic chart, but I am interested to see what he does trying to clean up the mess that will be left behind, especially if we can’t flip the Senate.

That Neptune in the 10th could be worrisome inconjunct the Moon in the 5th, though I have to say my Neptune is also the highest planet and I’m able to function at a job with a lot of responsibility. I’m sober. I can relate to people.

But maybe what we need right now is Neptunian energy to heal us, to have sympathy for all the people who now are without roots because the empty promises of legitimacy and validity that Trump made are now just words that floated into the ether and disappeared, just as most of us who heard them thought they would.

But there’s work to do.

So, for those of you still interested, now is a good time to get ready to hex Mitch McConnell. Trump, who seems poised to haunt the White House like Slimer, is best removed through exorcism.

Is America full of witches hexing Donald Trump? Sure, why not? Does this mean that America needs to be full of prayer warriors asking Jesus to protect Donald Trump? Go ahead and waste your time.

And now today, I really feel like something is resting in me. I can let go of Rick now for real because there’s more of a chance of things being okay for a while.

But we’re still in a pandemic.

Wear your masks. Socially distance. I’m morally okay with a careless person dying from their own foolishness and selfishness. It would only be karmically fair for all the assholes not doing the bare minimum to catch coronavirus and suffer the illness, the complications, and the possible permanent outcomes, like seizures, strokes, heart attacks, and even death. I would feel bad for them, but ethically, that’s cause and effect, and that wouldn’t both me much, but I’m not okay with them killing other people who did their best to avoid getting ill.

If you and your shit-for-brains friends and family are waiting outside a restaurant to get in, wear masks. The people forced to squeeze passed you don’t want to get sick. I’m okay with you eating inside a restaurant and exponentially increasing your chances of catching this virus, but not okay with you giving it to the people forced to serve your selfish, undeserving ass food.

Do I get to judge you? Absolutely. Even your Bible says that’s okay.

But for now, it’s time to go out in the sunshine and maybe do a healing ritual tonight because now it’s time to let go.

I turn 41 in exactly three weeks, and this is supposed to be a time in which the solar return is really felt, usually because something occurs that makes it known, that really sets it in motion. The day isn’t over, but what a way to start the new year.

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