What You Should Do With Your Life

Don’t know who needs to read this, but:

You don’t owe the world any of your talent. In fact, the best use of your talents is whatever makes you happiest to do with your time. You’re not obligated to save humanity in some conventional way. It doesn’t matter what your family wants, what you studied in college or even what you do for a living now.

The Part of Fortune, for example, is anywhere in the chart, not just the 10th and 11th houses.

Your life is for you.

You will know what you’re doing is right because it will feel right even if the world tells you it’s wrong. That’s the North/South Node axis struggle.

Also, my writing style is not going to change. This blog is the only place I can write the way I do. My rambling, weaving style is what it is. If you’re lost, follow the headers. You want concise, to the point? Go read legal briefs.

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