Happy Sagittarius and Happy Colonist’s Day of No Mercy!

Happy Sagittarius season!

Happy Thanksgiving! Indulge an old woman a little Dave Matthews Band:

If you don’t feel like celebrating The Colonist’s Day of No Mercy, might I suggest waiting until Saturday to celebrate my birthday instead? Instead of wasting your time trying to catch coronavirus by traveling home to be with a bunch of people who have been god-knows-where since the last time you saw them and then getting drunk to further compromise your immune system and then carb-load to fuck your insulin levels which will further ruin your resistance to air-borne illness and stuff that anxiety and stress down to further compromise your immune system, telling yourself “it’s just one day,” and then letting it out how glad you are that Trump lost and is clearly suffering a narcissistic crisis because of it, how about if you do something positive instead?

I don’t mean go around the table telling people what you’re grateful for. No one gives a shit, and no one wants to sit watching food get cold pretending that this is important. Yes, it’s important to be grateful in general when the feeling occurs, but the posturing?

Take some time and use those black Friday deals to donate to people who need stuff. Or people who don’t have happy ancestral memories of Thanksgiving. Help make stronger communities.

Or maybe you just help normalize Thanksgiving as not being the all-important pre-cursor to the suffocating Christmas season?

When is this pandemic going to end?

Honestly? Probably when Pluto enters Aquarius. Under normal circumstances, I’m still a Sagittarius Sun, which means I’m optimistic or at least not anxious for my life all the time. However, Sagittarius is the philosopher, and truth is not always pretty. I wanted to think that by now this was going to blow over. Even though I can look at an astrological chart and say “well you know what? Maybe this is something else, not a disease that’s going to bring everyone to their knees, and that this Neptune opposition to the United State’s own Neptune doesn’t mean that it’s going to be denial about the disease and relying on mumbo-jumbo to fix it (prayer, crystals, the stupidity that masks somehow make it worse, the even stupider idea that taking no precautions and “building up your immune system” will somehow make you stronger against one specific virus you’ve never encountered before, etc., etc.) and therefore allow this to get a lot worse, maybe that’s not the case…

….I can’t really say that. Everything that we think is going to happen is all going to happen, so thank you Jupiter for that.

Guys. I’ve watched someone die. I know others who have died. A friend of mine is in her 40s and has it. She’s a night time beat reporter for a national magazine and being sick means no work. Her partner and soul mate is susceptible to the disease, and while he’s at home working on art commissions, his soul mate is suffering and for his own sake, has to keep his distance.

And that’s something that we don’t talk about, do we:

The isolation of the pandemic, the Saturnian aspect of it, the Capricornian aspect of it: being alone in order to save your own life.

Now, I’m not talking about the horny and lonely single people who have paired up with others just for the sake of not being alone, as you will find that many of these pandemic-initiated relationships will peter out when the pandemic ends and Jupiter moves further away from Pluto, because without the crisis (Pluto) to exaggerate (Jupiter) fears of dying alone (Saturn), the drama (Mars square Pluto) gone, and a future to be planned for (Saturn entering and staying in Aquarius), most of these relationships won’t fit Brave New World, and frankly:

This is a sort of grand reset for many people because it’s forcing you to put things on hold and to focus on priorities (Capricorn) wherever you are right now (Mars in Aries).

And this means that all the other stuff going on in the world is inescapable, like the Uranus transit to Chiron many of us are having now.

Even for someone with no real major transits going on right now, save for that Neptune transit to my ascendant which isn’t that hard because now the whole world is living a Piscean life, this is a time where I focus on what’s important and have a broken heart that is not really even focus on one thing, one tragedy, one loss, one fear: it’s the existential broken heart that only one’s self can mend.

So I’m mending it.

So I don’t really think this pandemic will ever go away, even if the virus goes away, even if it becomes mild like a cold (which is part of the reason we use precautions, because it helps control the evolution of the virus, but more on that later), because of the after math it will leave behind.

How many people are going to die?

I don’t know. A lot. But not all of it is going to be related to coronavirus. Here’s why:

You’re going to see a lot of people, and in particular, people in their 40s who are currently dealing with the Uranus transit to Chiron in Taurus, who are going to get chronically sick from the choices they’re making right now for the sake of comfort. This is anything from develop metabolic disorders and obesity from inactivity and comfort eating, to the ravages of alcohol and drug abuse, to getting STDs from panicking and sleeping with people because you don’t want to be alone (or getting yourself into a co-dependency out of fear of being alone and the emotional — and financial — toll that will take, including panic pregnancies and births that will be regretted later…and those children will have some interesting birth charts). It doesn’t help that Mars is in Aries to make us bold and impulsive, and that it’s squaring the stellium in Capricorn, create fear-based reactions and irrevocable (or seemingly) decisions, like hasty commitments.

Guys: don’t start making commitments. Getting a pet? Okay. Getting married to someone you met during the pandemic, quitting your well-paying career to sell soap on Etsy? NO.

Do you know what I’m afraid of, that I am actually terrified of? I know that my “soul mate” is out there, and even though I’ll be maybe 42 or so by the time I’m ready to meet him (her, them? My guess is that it’s a guy), that he’s not actually going to live through this. That if he’s anything like me, that he’s also dealing with Saturn issues and North Node/South Node issues, and that he may actually not live through this pandemic, either because he gets sick and dies or because he’s not taking care of himself, because the lesson he could learn now about liberating himself from his own self-made traps is not going to stick, or that he makes the very Saturnian decision to settle for something sensible first (as I have done in the past), and we will both be too sensible to make any changes.

Granted, this probably won’t be the last chance, because my prediction is that I’m going to be widowed again and have another companion when I’m very old if I live that long,

Is that a weird thing to be afraid of? Because I’m an essential worker on top of the many side gigs I can’t tear myself from (no, you’re not bothering me. If I wasn’t doing astrology sessions, I would be doing something else for work when I’m not “working” because it’s my compulsion to work and help people, and if I wasn’t doing that, I’d be in school), so I’m not worried about my job. I’m not worried that I can’t find a way to hustle and make a living because I can adapt and do a lot of things. I’m not worried that I may have to bury my parents because that actually is probably a given (but I’ll let you know for sure) and I accept it. I’m not worried about my mental health, because I’m healing and frankly, when I’m not panicking, this time alone is like a dream come true.

I make my own yogurt. I make my own bread. I listen to Ella Fitzgerald and swish around my apartment naked from one activity to the next. I write a lot more. I dream vividly strange dreams that show me insight into my own psyche.

But I also know that if I were to get really sick, no one could help me, so I need to not get sick.

How many people will die? A lot of people will die directly from the pandemic, either from the disease or the complications. Many will die because they will have to put their other healthcare needs on hold because the hospitals will be overwhelmed.

And still, with Saturn in the mix and joining Jupiter in Aquarius later on, many will die because of the choices (Saturn) they make in haste and ego-gratification (Jupiter) that will show them that they’re actually still connected to the world (Aquarius) and the future is set not just by you but others (Aquarius). We will see a startling uptick in diseases and disorders related to quarantine but not the pandemic, and we will unjustly blame the quarantine (low vibration Aquarius) instead of ourselves. We will see more addiction, more obesity, more mental illness. We will definitely see more chronic anxiety from comparing ourselves to people on social media with all our free time and letting our blood boil from the news. We will also see less interest in social initiatives (Saturn in Aquarius) and more of an interest in other people bootstrapping because we will lose a sense of community.

So please: don’t lose your sense of community.

Is Thanksgiving REALLY important?

How much does a ritual matter? How much does a tradition matter? I don’t have any traditions that I care about. I only have my personal rituals that I care about. I will be spending the Thanksgiving holiday doing astrological readings for people and that suits me just fine.

After all, you can’t engage in rituals when you’re dead.

But I’m in tears because of my loneliness, Miriam.

You’re not alone. I don’t like to admit crying. Crying was at best ignored and at worst punished when I was growing up, and I haven’t quite gotten to the point where I am comfortable expressing sad emotions, though I have to say that after Rick died, I had my first real experiences with people believing me when I was sad and actually just letting me be sad, so since then, it’s been easier to admit that I am capable of sadness and being in distress.

But what I did learn is that sadness has a function. It tells you that something is wrong, and crying not only helps you regain a sense of balance afterward, it signals to others that something is wrong in the community. Something bad happened. Something is wrong.

Crying is an automatic truth-telling, and the reason we don’t like people to cry is because it tells the truth about something we don’t like.

And that’s more Sagittarius than having no control over whether you tell the truth?

So here’s what I suggest you do for Thanksgiving. You can do it the day before, or the day of, or on Black Friday, or even on Saturday to celebrate my birthday:

Have a good long cry about everything. The first Thanksgiving wasn’t really a great day but the beginning of a centuries-long betrayal that sparked a massacre that hasn’t ended, but has just become more sophisticated (hello oil pipelines), so it makes sense to cry for Thanksgiving.

And to be able to cry about your lot in life, you need to be sober and undistracted. You need to be quiet and still. You need to turn off the social media. You need to get rid of the dating apps. You need to turn off Netflix.

You need to be alone, truly alone, not numb, not berating yourself in your head for being this way.

Just let yourself cry, no judgment. No worry what people will think of you. No one can see you, no one can hear you. No one else has to know if you’d prefer it that way.

Because if you live, you have the opportunity to come out of this a new person, because frankly, everyone will be so distracted with their own problems that they’ll forget to remind you what they think of you, and then you’ll forget to care.

And then you’re free.

Happy Sagittarius season everyone.

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