Please Excuse My Spiritual Awakening

As I feel the need to document this in real time in the context of my astrology blog, I also feel the need to explain this just before the Moon leaves its conjunction with Neptune today.

This is a good time to lean into those sharp points. Mars is now entering a square with Pluto in the independent cardinal signs. Mars in Aries wants to move forward no matter how much it hurts. Pluto in Capricorn wants to transform permanently, for all time, for the entire world to see.

If you’re still alive, if you’re still able to breathe, if you’re still able to live without harming anyone else, you’re on your way.

One of the hardest lessons this square is going to teach us is how to live without each other. Social isolation for the sake of our own lives is part of it, but the other part of it is the inevitable spiritual isolation that an uncertain future brings. I don’t mean merely professionally – though that’s a big part of it for many people: but what we will want and who we will discover we are when this is over.

Do you really want to be the same after all this?

Do you really want to have the same ego?

Me? I discovered that I’m a lot softer than I thought, that callouses that you don’t keep using eventually wear away. And I like it. I’m struggling to be cynical nowadays. It doesn’t feel right anymore. I’m struggling to identify as an atheist, struggling to identify as a pragmatic, practical person firmly rooted in the material world with a deep interest in occult practices that really contradicts everything I think of myself.

So I’m going to just let go of all of that for now and let it go out to sea, and if the tide eventually washes it all back up on my shore, then it’ll happen in it’s own time, but being alive is, at it’s best, a process of continuous renewal in all respects, and there’s nothing wrong with growing.

And yes, I am still very excited to get my exercise bike today so I can listen to 80’s rock in the comfort of my own isolation bunker/apartment.

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