My Solar Return

Today is my 41st birthday, and for the first time in my life, I am spending it in isolation, alone. That’s okay. I would rather be alone than catch coronavirus, and I’d rather be in Chicago with the most auspicious solar return possible anyway.

So knowing what I will have to work with next year, it’s time to make plans…and to buy equipment before the end of the year so I can write it off my taxes as work expenses.

But there’s nothing wrong with taking it easy right now, either.

And it’s really a time to get more sleep, eat better, exercise, and stay sober, cause you can’t 100% stop a virus, but you can increase your chances of not getting sick, and the best way to do that is with a healthy body and a healthy immune system. Eat well, sleep well, exercise, stay sober. Alcohol suppresses your immune system and causes inflammation and dehydration, which makes you a perfect host for an aggressive virus. The young still get COVID-19, and they still do get very sick.

It’s officially the official start of the holiday season in America, leading up to a Christmas season that will likely be as depressing as Thanksgiving for a lot of Americans but also good for the virus which has some sort of will to live because half of America will socialize indoors and the other half will defiantly continue to spread the virus through the longing for free-dumb.

And Pope Francis just called America out on its bullshit and Americans are actually questioning the source of his complaint of our behavior, if it’s from above or below, because as everyone who has ever read Genesis remembers, it was Jesus and not Satan who was into individual freedom, and it was Jesus and not Satan who appeared as a serpent and slithered into the Garden of Eden to trick the humans into putting their desire for freedom and individuality over the very word of God by getting them to eat the fruit of the tree.

Having grown up performatively Catholic in an ostensibly Christian household that was essentially atheist, I’m finding the Christian performance of what is essentially Satanism increasingly amusing.

I have not spent Christmas completely alone before, but I wonder how I will feel. If it’s like Thanksgiving, or my birthday, then whatever. Maybe I’ll make new traditions. I’m definitely making buffalo wings instead of turkey for next year. Perhaps I should take this opportunity to create my own Christmas traditions? So far, it includes zero decorations, zero spending, and zero interest in what the culture is doing right now, zero interest in pretending that a day in early Capricorn is the birth date of the Piscean Messiah, so…so far, so good.

I have no actual plans for Christmas anyway. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the solstice, because it’s just that Monday I have off, and I don’t know how safe gathering would be by then, or if anyone I know in my circle of trust would be interested in celebrating a natural holiday.

Perhaps I’ll go further back in my roots and figure out a way to celebrate Saturnalia solo.

One thing I really miss is snow. I have spent most of my birthdays somewhere snowy largely because I’m also celebrating Thanksgiving, and I’ve had a long-held superstition that it has to snow on my birthday so I’ll know it’ll be a good year, because I am enchanted by snow. It’s like 50 degrees outside. I have the window open. No snow for me.

But looking back, I realize this is just a superstition. For example, 2020 sucks.

And I believe I have now been working on this blog on and off for about five years. In 2018, I took it down for a while because I was afraid that people related to my law career would find it, but so far, if they have, I’ve heard nothing, so I guess I’ll just keep writing in my 41st year.

Today’s Venus/Uranus opposition:

For the last couple days, Venus has been opposing Uranus. Today, Venus in Scorpio was opposing the Moon/Uranus conjunction in Taurus.

Taurus/Scorpio is about attaining: Taurus obtains what is material and is all its own, Scorpio obtains immaterial to gain more than it could have on its own. If Taurus is cash and bank accounts, Scorpio is stocks and mutual funds.

Now is the time for changing values, changing relationships, and changing preferences, with Venus in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus. You know that this is some strange energy, and it can trigger some strange desires, sudden desires, desires for something very different from what you’re used to seeking…or something that surprises you (Uranus) that teaches you about what you really desire (Venus) deep down (Moon).

There is something psychic about this with the Moon involved earlier and with Venus in Scorpio. Whatever one feels drawn to is something that feels as if it’s from deep in the mind or from something otherworldly.

What I find interesting is that in the pandemic when many of us are remaining connected to the world through digital means, that we are also fostering and cultivating relationships through digital means. This is very Venus/Uranus. Venus in Scorpio is a jealous but obsessive one, but she still rules Taurus, the sign that refuses to change which is now tenanted by Uranus, the planet of change.

I think there’s going to be quite a few internal shifts in what we deeply desire (Venus), especially of a sexual, dark, or psychological nature, either toward something unattainable (opposing Uranus in Taurus) or veiled (Scorpio) or from a deep place in the mind (Scorpio).

Either way, everyone’s probably going to be masturbating more often, so just make to sure knock before you open any doors.

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