Solstice Day

Happy Solstice! I’m afraid I may not see the great conjunction, but I am present in spirit, and if it stays clear, I may get an opportunity to see it tonight if the clouds part.

Solstice Pizza

Pizza is one of those things I only make in the winter because the preheating gets the house so warm that even with the A/C full blast, it’s still too hot until it’s 32 degrees outside so you can open a window, so to me, this is a winter ritual, and to start my solstice celebrations, I am going to start each solstice with the Making of the Pizza. Since there’s no one else here, there’s no one to protest that one of them has anchovies.

There’s no snow on this solstice here in Chicago. I have my window open because I’ll be pre-heating the broiler to make/attempt to make pizza in my kitchen, and I haven’t tried to make it here yet, but it seems to me that a pre-heated broiler on an old stove might suffice as a pizza oven so long as you let that bread stone heat up for a while. That was my first mistake. 30 minutes or more is a must. And then maybe you still have to crisp up the bottom in a frying pan. And then maybe you have to make them a lot smaller, and then maybe you have to realize you’re out of practice forming pies and need to slow down.

The second time was better:

An okay attempt for my tiny kitchen on my first try. The pizzas came out well, and the dough, which rose for three days and then died on the third, was quite tasty, and I think that’s quite fitting for Christmas, which is just Easter in reverse.

You can get the recipe for the dough here.

This apartment was chosen because of its austerity and because I figured I could be happy here in the winter when I need to rest and I need to work on winter-type activities, like long-term projects. Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are the months for managing, testing, and dreaming because Spring — Aries, Taurus, and Gemini — are the months for planting, reaping, and sharing. And I enjoy trying to figure out how to get the most out of the least. I don’t even have proper hobbies that are just purely entertainment. I have an exercise bike so I can start reading again without getting distracted by the need to do something.

And after Yule, it’s the season of austerity, which means work and fasting.

The Solstice Candles/Yule log

I always hoped to find an apartment in an old building that still has a working fireplace, but no dice.

I have no Yule log, but I have four candles burning that give the smell of a fireplace and the sound of wood crackling in a hearth. It’s comforting, but it’s also a warning: winter is coming. Yuletide, Christmas, Candlemas, etc: it’s all a celebration to stave off the primal fear of cold and starvation. We’re fattening up for the long winter ahead, but we’re not wasting everything to ensure an austere winter.

Post-Eclipse Blues:

Have you been crying recently for no reason? I mean, do you intellectually understand that nothing is wrong (if nothing is wrong) and are also optimistic for the future and yet find yourself partaking in that catharsis of crying….especially if you’re not the crying type?

It was a strange feeling, wasn’t it, like heartburn of the soul, the mix of butterflies and sorrow and the desire to flee and to go forward at the same time like you just found yourself in close company with someone you know doesn’t love you back? The more you try to fight it, the more it hurts, and the more other people expect you to just be chill, or the more you think other people expect you to just be chill, the more it burns.

Because the energy of a Sagittarius full solar eclipse isn’t that big of a deal…unless you can’t use it because you’re stuck waiting for a pandemic to end, and then it feels like it’s stuck in your chest…

But that should be coming to an end soon.

The Great Conjunction

I already wrote about this, but this is an auspicious day for a lot of people, including a friend of mine who just had her solar return today. Two sets of conjunctions: Sun and Mercury, which is the most ordinary of conjunctions, combust, if you will, and a very extraordinary conjunction, both at the beginning of their respective signs. The people who will be having solar returns today are looking forward to a year of internal changes and a need to vocalize it, put it in words, or exercise it in their daily lives. This can be anything from a shift in what they believe (Jupiter) to be true (Saturn), a newfound cautious (Saturn) optimism (Jupiter), or simply growing riches (Jupiter and Saturn) that aren’t capitalist (leaving Capricorn) and are invested in the people (Aquarius) and in innovation (Aquarius).

We may also find that those in particular who affected by the great conjunction are opening up in a way that they may not have before, particularly if this conjunction is transiting a planet, angle, or sensitive point in the chart. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and while Saturn is the planet of contradiction, it’s also the planet of permanence and deliberation, and what is expanded is done with forethought and deliberation, and is meant as a permanent change.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that nice, either. There’s going to be a lot of frustration, and there’s going to be some who win and some who lose, because even though Aquarius says everyone can ride the bus and Jupiter has bought it out for the evening, Saturn is still sitting in the back with his arms crossed telling certain people they can’t sit next to him, so even if we’re all getting the chance that 2020 didn’t give us because these planets were in Capricorn, that doesn’t mean the death of capitalism and the rise of the people. In fact, this could mean a radical reinterpretation of capitalism — like Karencraft, the capitalization of spirituality and the gatekeeping by the haves against the have-nots. Positive vibes only. You are what you imagine. Other types of gatekeeping that reward those who have already won and punish those who actually need the occult.

Because if you have to tell me that you’re nice, then you’re probably not, and if you have to tell me that you’re actually an empath as an excuse for your cruel behavior, then you’re probably not, and if you have to tell me how spiritual you are by pointing out how spiritual I am not (and the bar is low), then you’re probably not.

Even a conjunction can be competitive when it’s two different planets vying for the spotlight, and that’s what we have here. It’s going to be the motormouths (Jupiter), the exaggerating know-it-alls (Jupiter) vs. the ones working quietly in the light of one lamp (Saturn) with patience and fortitude (Saturn) but no social media approval (Jupiter in Aquarius) and I hope it’s the Saturnians here who win.

They usually do, don’t they? It’s the ones that learn to fast and endure who make it to spring.

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