What of January 20th Then?

Trump has been kicked off most of the fast-food type social media platforms.

I can’t help but think that if Trump were literate, he could simply have a blog.

I would love to see what sort of Livejournal he’d cobble together.

He’s been impeached for a second time for….drumroll….inciting an insurrection that became deadly. A separate crime from treason (by statute; don’t write me weird comments about what treason means to you) but under the same umbrella, a violation of 18 U.S. §2383.

And no: we’re not going to brush this under the rug, move on, and reunite. If you think wearing a Camp Auschwitz t-shirt is cool, there’s no reuniting. If you think ransacking the Capitol is okay because you can’t believe that anyone besides you is a citizen, then there’s no reuniting. If you think that you’re the only ones who matter and therefore the rest of us couldn’t have possibly voted for someone other than your idol, you can’t reunite with me.

We were never in union in the first place, so there’s no reunification, and I certainly won’t compromise with you, so it’s just going to have to be the Cold Civil War again. If you harped on Hillary’s emails being a separate server but are cool with a terrorist attack encouraged by the president to stop a lawful election, you don’t actually give a fuck about the security of this nation and the safety of this people in it. I don’t give a shit what postures you have taken in the past by becoming a cop or serving in the military: your past doesn’t make you a patriot, especially when you throw it all away by becoming a terrorist, and once you betray your country, you become a traitor, period, and all your previous service becomes irrelevant.

In fact, if you haven’t figured out that the parties changed platforms during the Civil Rights Era and you’re still harping on the idea that the Republicans are the party of Lincoln and it was Democrats who wanted the 13th Amendment, it would save everyone a world of trouble if you just got “I’m stupid and I don’t think anyone is real besides me” tattooed to your forehead so we can see you, nod, and then change the subject to the various forms of birth control available on the market to you right now that I’m sure your insurance provider will cover.

But we’re not out of the woods yet.

On January 20, 2021, Mars will conjunct Uranus exactly in Taurus, and this pair will make a square to the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius.

A fun thing about doing predictions with astrology is that it’s a more unpredictable endeavor than ever before. I mean, it’s actually possible to have many interpretations of the same transit and have them all be true depending on the circumstances. Capricorn stellium and a pandemic that forces us all to hunker down and fight against isolation, to become austere, and to make the class divides more apparent than ever? Check. But also, the plutocracy doing really well where those are allowed to exist (like America).

This doesn’t mean that astrology couldn’t be used to predict tons of things, but rather now, we’re aware of tons of things all at once. We know global news. We speak to people all around the world. We are aware of what happens in other places, including places where things that come to be were intended to be clandestine.

But I’m not saying anything could happen during any transit: I’m saying it’s all possible, so now we have to focus on what is probable, given what we actually know of the world we live in. And unfortunately, I don’t think we live in the kind of world I’m supposed to tell you that we live in.

I’m supposed to tell you that the world is your oyster because you found astrology.

But the world isn’t an oyster, and who deserves the pearl depends on who you think you are and who you think everyone else is.

But the best I can illustrate this with is the fact that a slew of traitors are being held as heroes and patriots by a faction of my country, a country they wish to see destroyed or dismantled and then reassembled in the image of a country that never actually existed before, one they have never seen or experienced but have only heard of in fairy tales and country rock songs. Two divergent realities that have always existed. Otherwise, who would fly the confederate flag?

And in those realities, the other does not exist except conceptually or as an ill-informed clod who acts completely in their own self-interest. It’s enough to make you crazy. If you have ever found yourself explaining to someone you know that according to the very statute they (mis)quoted to you, that there’s nothing in it that would indicate why Hillary Clinton should be in jail and that whenever you read a statute, you must read the definitions and intent in the first part of the statute because “to be guilty” means as determined by a court of law not by random people in certain pockets of social media, and no….sigh…this isn’t me putting “liberal spin” on their words, when literally, hey! Here’s the link for the very same statute, because it’s just me reading a statute the way they’re intended to be read, then you know how crazy it can make you, and how much you’ll want to simply disengage from the discussion.

And knowing that Rush Limbaugh has put those words in the mouths of so many people who now see a different point of view as “spin” makes perfectly okay with him dying of cancer. Like, I was pretty much fine with it based the fact that he was not only a heavy smoker but encouraged to be reckless with their health and the health of others, but the bit of sympathy I had for him wasting away in suffering like that curled up and died like my air plant.

Seriously – it was fine, even growing, and then one day, it was curled up on my desk like a mummy, and I did all the neglecting I was supposed to do, and yet the plant died anyway.

This could be my karmic punishment for saying that pets belong in the 6th house and not the 5th because they can’t be friends in that sense.


So, any event can be seen one of many ways and still be an interpretation of what energies are upon us, because as I’ve said before, this insurrection is a typical example of negative Aquarian energy.

But when I see Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus square the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius, I still think it would be good to stay away from Washington D.C., and perhaps away from the centers of any major city, that day if you’re in the United States.

However, this transit is occuring globally, and I see it possibly going a few ways:

The actively (Mars) and radically (Uranus) stubborn and conservative (Taurus) act on a desire to overthrow (Uranus) through action or force (Mars) because of tension (square) with the new establishment (Saturn in Aquarius), an expansion of who is part of “us” (Jupiter in Aquarius), and the belief that it’s now or never to say something (Mercury in Aquarius squaring Mars) because we’re reached the point of no return (Taurus).

Those who have been steadily moving (Mars) toward (conjunction) change (Uranus) in resource (Taurus) allocation and available wealth (Taurus) are going to take action (Mars) in a new, unpredicted way (Uranus) because it’s time for equality (Aquarius) of opportunity and money (Jupiter), of permanent recognition (Saturn) of belonging among all the people, big (Saturn) and small (Mercury).

Those who were previously laboring under a seemingly unchanging power structure in which wealth was consolidated (Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn) and the bottom line and one’s own ambitions (Saturn in Capricorn, expanded by Jupiter and made intense and obsessive with Pluto) have now entered a world in which those things much be shared (Aquarius) or face being overthrown and replaced (also Aquarius), and now, those who focus their energy on getting and keeping wealth (Mars in Taurus) and on creating new ways to gather wealth (Uranus in Taurus) can’t keep hiding the ball, because new ideas (Mercury Aquarius) abound and the common people can be cajoled and convinced (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn in Aquarius) to think that they are entitled to direct access to resources and not through the trickle-down theory that never worked.

Whatever happens, the tension is between Taurus, with gathers, keeps, and only shares with those who please it, and Aquarius, which gathers, distributes, re-gathers and re-distributes based on what is ideal is real. Saturn in Aquarius may actually put the breaks on any outward demonstrations because that’s what it does to Mars — it suppresses it and lets the anger and frustration simmer, but never cool completely — but something is coming, and it may not be on that day. Just lay low from the 19th to the 21st.

I’m not saying it will happen, but rather that 1) more violence from fake-triots “protesting” the election and 2) the attempt to reify Antifa as an occult organization by blaming it could happen this week. What may actually just happen is a lot of words since Taurus only moves (Mars) when it has no other options, and by then, it’s unstoppable, and just as it takes a long time to get it moving, it takes a long time for it to wind down again, especially with Uranus encouraging it to do shocking, radical things that disrupt the status quo and to convince itself that what it’s doing serves a higher purpose. I mean, despite the fact that we can safely say that just about all Christian ideology in America has nothing to do with the Jesus of the Gospels, American Jesus still has an uncanny way of motivating others to kill each other.

But you know — we’re all a little tired these days, and with their social forums gone, it’s the perfect temperature for stewing.

The other possibility with this square in the fixed signs is festering. If they’re kicked off their platforms and then their platforms are kicked off their platforms, then they just go into further recesses. And it doesn’t matter the content: pretty much anyone I can think of who actually believes the Qanon bullshit fails to understand that it’s place of origin, 8chan, is a pit of child porn, such that if you can both take a step back AND appreciate irony, you may conclude that the Qanon narrative is only just a joke for that time and place, a metanarrative for the selective morality of places like 8chan (or Twitter, or Facebook, for that matter) in which people actively denounce while passively condoning the sexual abuse of others (Christians vehemently defending the Pussy Grabber in Chief) because that’s the only way it makes sense: it was a narrative designed to make fun of the very people who would believe such a narrative, the way we scoff at the people who bought into the Satanic Panic of the 1980s and the vast Clinton conspiracies that Rush Limbaugh initiated (which is also why I’m not so sympathetic because sometimes, it’s better for everyone if someone who acts without forethought because the rewards don’t stop coming is unable to act anymore, it’s the most compassionate thing for humanity even though it’s not compassionate for him personally). But more importantly, the entertainment value is the fact that you can’t take the narrative seriously when you’re in that place reading that narrative.

And this festering is a tension between what is mine (Taurus) and what is ours (Aquarius), between what I hold dear and value (Taurus) and what is ideal and newly established (Aquarius). Mars and Uranus don’t burrow in the ground; it’s a brilliant and volatile energy, and in the natal charts I have with Mars conjunct Uranus, most of the time it seems to come out in one of two ways: it’s either endless brilliance or sudden violence. Jupiter and Saturn are controlled expansion, and with them both in Aquarius, it’s not the fork running away with the spoon but an organized and idealistic evolution, OR it’s the denial of optimism and the restriction of enthusiasm because what looks good on paper doesn’t always work in reality (the bane in Aquarius’s existence).

Although I don’t think it’s all going to be festering because squares are dynamic, and Mars is action, Uranus is explosions, Saturn makes things real, and Jupiter makes things big, and the bigger and more demonstrative and radical something is, the harder it is to hide.

And it’s still a fucking pandemic, so err on the side of staying inside. That’ll help some of the issue.

The other issue is that Uranus is technology and digital things, so if it’s not vans blowing up, it’s virtual things. Change your passwords. Cancel your memberships to any scandalous websites unless you’re ready to own up to it, keep an eye on your money, especially your virtual money, like cryptocurrency, and your virtual money, like your stocks and investment instruments. Back up any media that’s important to you.

Because even if nothing happens or nothing happens to you, it’s a good idea to be cautious, you know?

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