Full Moon in Leo Magick

Today is the full Moon in Leo.

Also, Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct the Sun during this Full Moon.

And Mars is conjunct Uranus in Taurus, creating a T-square with this Full Moon formation.

And what’s more: Venus is exactly conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

I know I alluded to horoscopes. I fucked up.

I recently remembered how much I don’t really like to write horoscopes. It’s very frustrating sometimes, especially now. Last time I wrote horoscopes, it was about a year ago, and most of my advice was to hunker down and keep your nose to the grindstone and wait for recognition.

I wasn’t wrong, but I certainly wasn’t being positive enough to be marketable.

We all knew damned well something shitty was coming in 2020.

I can write horoscopes. I just don’t feel like I need to do so.

First, I never actually read horoscopes. I can just look at the transits for the day. However, for an advice giver, I’m a terrible recipient of advice. I mean, I will take the advice, and there are people I will specifically seek out for advice, but I can’t read a daily horoscope and say “yessir, today I will stay in bed and then take a pumpkin-spice scented bath tonight to clear my chakras.” And I wouldn’t do that anyway, because my chakras are a fucking mess, but I’m aware of it, and I’m kind of enjoying just letting myself be horribly flawed and irredeemable right now.

I suggest you try it sometime. Don’t justify yourself. Don’t apologize. Screen your parents’ phone calls. Wear pajamas pants at work and dare to stand up during a Zoom meeting.

I’m actually far more interested in generational transits right now, and I think I’m better able to help people by writing about them.

Jealousy, frustration, masturbating while crying? Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

I get Venus in Capricorn energy. It’s discriminating, discreet, and doesn’t let you know what it desires until you are given the key to its chastity belt or have signed a pretty tight NDA. This is a Venus behind the castle wall, the Venus who sits in the tower surrounded by guards, looking out over the wall to see who or what may come, praying desperately that someone sends a Trojan horse full of sex and romance that she can’t see coming from a mile away.

Pluto in Capricorn wants to raise great empires and name the months of the year after its leaders so even if the empire crumbles, it still remains in the minds of every human who will come later. That is victory to Pluto in Capricorn, and it wants victory. Mind you, this isn’t a Martian type of victory, which is overt and battle-driven. This is a war for permanency, to become the world. You know, kind of the way we still have vestiges of the Roman Empire, and the way Americans are actually still living in the British Empire more or less and for some reason, don’t actually hate it: in fact, many of these subjects of the hidden empire actually hate the opportunity to try other cultures or speak other languages.

Together, Venus and Pluto are obsessive love, obsessive desire, a deep, burning desire that wants to either consume entirely or to shut the door forever. It’s not even so much testing — that’s more of a Venus in Scorpio thing — but rather like a deep desire to keep running your tongue over that cut on your lip, because it hurts but it hurts in a particular way that makes you feel alive for a moment. It’s not sadistic or masochistic so much as it is fully desirous of sensing all things, like jealousy, which can be just as exciting — and just as sexually exciting — as getting exactly what you want.

And put that in Capricorn, and you have a fire that never goes out but is so buried that it warms no one. It wants to earn it’s place. It wants to slowly and methodically become the best, the winner, the top dog…perfect.

And it no one can be perfect, and no one can be perfect for you.

Unless they ARE perfect for you, and Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is that kind of energy where you can get fixated on perfection.

Please don’t stalk anyone today.

But this doesn’t have to be cuckold’s energy. You can do something with this for yourself in whatever house this conjunct appears.

And Venus’s typical lover, Mars, is hanging with his radical friend Uranus in what must feel like prison (Taurus), but they’re too busy smuggling files and digging holes in the quiet of night to worry about what anyone else is doing, because that’s what Taurus does:

Taurus doesn’t give a shit about you until it decides to give a shit about you.

And Taurus doesn’t care what you think about it. And neither does Aquarius. Capricorn does only to the extent that it benefits Capricorn, and everyone else can kiss their ass.

What to do with today’s energy:

Well, you could jam up Wall Street by beating them at their own game, but I think they’re already in the throes of that very thing right now.

Hype/hot air (Jupiter) that is revolutionary and cares not for traditional authority (Aquarius) that establishes a new leader (Saturn) and challenges the public (Moon) image (Leo) of what is possible (Sun) is good sometimes, and frankly, this is funny. Sure, it may seem fiscally irresponsible (Venus in Capricorn) that seems to just want to seize power (Pluto in Capricorn), but hasn’t it always kind of been that way anyway, and now it’s just a different group of men working behind a curtain to change the economy for everyone else?

If you think Aquarius is liberating, that’s cool, but it’s only half the story. Aquarius liberates and then colonizes and puts it’s own liberator’s rules and customs on top of the rubble of the city it sacked. Aquarius energy is best when all ideas are equal, because they are: whatever’s in your head right now is just as awesome or important as what’s in anyone’s head. It’s when you say it or implement it that it has any actual value or utility.

This energy is about what could potentially be, particularly in the future (Jupiter) and for all time (Saturn), but also, what could be stretched to it’s very limits (Jupiter), or removed in order to liberate (Saturn).

Leo’s Full Moon is expressive. It wants to be celebrated for who and what it is deep down.

Frustrating, no? I have never really enjoyed the Leo Full Moon.

But then throw in the Empress’s conjunction of Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, and that Mars and Uranus conjunction in Taurus, what do you have?

You have the opportunity to get rid of whatever it is you have that is making you feel like less than the ruler of your own destiny, and to liberate yourself from the social expectations that require you to be anything less than the beautiful freak you are.

Yesterday, I had to tell my boss at my professional job that I’m an astrologer.

That was liberating.

That was weird.

It’s a long story, but I’m pretty sure there’s no conflict of interest, and I was not alienated for it.

And that was quite a Leo Full Moon thing to do, wasn’t it?

And that’s some magick. That’s some pure intent magick that relieved me in a way that few other rituals could have, and pure intent to get what one desires is quite a Venus conjunct Pluto thing, isn’t it?

Because that’s really the best advice I can give during a time when 1) no one wants advice, and 2) we’re all annoyed that other people exist.

Just sit with yourself and your frustration, your desire, your greed, and your utter fucking weirdness and just express it somehow without justifying it, without excusing it, without telling yourself that it’s wrong, or politically a bad move, or that people will reject you, or that if you break the seal, that you will have to fight for the rest of your life to assert your right to grow and evolve into the person you’re supposed to be.

Because sooner or later, you going to have to break the seal, and since you’re the one who made it, you’re the only one who knows how to remove it.

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