i’m Still Alive. Really.

I’m working on some new blog posts and a podcast right now (yes, I know that I promised it last month). February wasn’t a great month, so I just focused on worky-work, like my day job and working with clients, but March is proving to be kinder on my energy and my schedule…so far.

I had that Aquarius stellium passing through my 12th house. Happens often in February, and I’m just not ambitious. I want to sleep more, and I do sleep more. The Saturn/Uranus square in Aquarius/Taurus, respectively, did me no favors. My car was stuck in the snow in the alley for two days, and I ended up putting the death nail in my cooling system. Not really, but I needed a lot of new parts. I just got my car back from the shop after five days of waiting for parts. And I also needed a new battery. And I also needed new tires. I was treated much better at the shop than I ever was at the dealer, and the price was much better, and when you find a shop you like, you pretty much marry that shop.

The snow is melting, and it appears that winter is essentially over for Chicago. It doesn’t mean I won’t stop baking bread or using the Instapot, but it’s nice to be able to walk outside again, especially after that winter storm. But you know, it’s not like I was in Texas or something.

But next week, with the Sun and Venus entering my first house, I should be my old blabbermouth self.

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