So yeah, I haven’t posted in six weeks or so. I don’t have a good excuse. Maybe I’m burned out? I journal, I write other things sometimes, but I’m not sure what’s

Work has been speeding up, and I’m going into the office more. I’m vaccinated now, but I’m quite ambivalent about the world opening up. I’m not ready for it, although I can’t quite say I want this to last.

I’m not sure what I want, because if everything goes back to normal, it will be yet another new life.


Today, I was at ALDI, and I saw a woman almost get away with shoplifting food.

The security guard didn’t catch her, but he caught the bag, and he had a pretty good grip on it, so she had no choice but to give it up or get arrested, so she left the bag and ran off. I heard the manager say “this is the third time she’s done this.”

And my guess is that it won’t be the last, though it could be a while until she hits up that particular store again.

The look on her face when she did though — it wasn’t despair or frustration, but rather, annoyance.

And if you feel bad for her, you should know that the entire bag was full of seafood.

Like $100 worth of seafood, which in ALDI prices, is a SHIT TON of seafood.

It would be simple if people only stole because they needed it, but who knows? Maybe she’s fostering an orphaned dolphin or is really, really in need of some omega-3. Or perhaps it’s something more realistic, like being blackmailed into it by Cajun criminal enterprise.

So, you know how she was caught, how she was recognized?

She wasn’t wearing a mask.


Hey, guys. Mercury just entered Gemini, so I’m going to keep trying until I get my engine warmed up.

Until then, I hope you had a happy, indulgent Beltane. I did. I’ve been going outside a lot more, going on little outings a lot more because even though I’m vaccinated and wearing a mask, you can still socially distance pretty well in these parts. I have rediscovered my joy of farting around. It keeps me occupied, it keeps the sciatic pain away — a pain I developed from sitting around in my apartment all day, all week, for months on end – and it’s helping me lose the weight I gained, although not being at work makes it a lot easier to stay away from junk food.

I’m going to get my mojo back, I swear.

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