Are You Feeling Weird?

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Are you feeling…weird?

Did something happen around the time of the eclipse?


Are you feeling just weird? Are you paranoid and anxious but aren’t sure why? Do you look around and see that nothing has materially changed in your life — in fact, it appears that so many people are just going about life as if nothing is wrong — but there’s something in the air that you can pick up?

Do you feel like you’re walking in a fog? Maybe you’ve become a lightening rod for a particular type of criticism or attention, or perhaps you’re suddenly being forgotten, as if you somehow stepped behind that fog last week, and now you have to find your way back out?

Is your psychic ability especially strong right now?

We had a total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius last week, and we’re not quite done with the aftershocks. Mercury is retrograde in Gemini, which is prime for making you feel that you don’t have the words or the ability to articulate yourself clearly and impassively. When it meets the Sun, we’ll be having the annual solar eclipse at 19 degrees 47 minutes Gemini, so those of us with planets or angles there or in the mutable signs are going to get hit again on June 10th. Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius. Jupiter entered Pisces. Neptune is trine Mars in the water signs of Pisces and Cancer, respectively, and Mars is opposite Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Venus is about to leave Gemini and enter Cancer.

What does this all mean?

It means something.

Probably not aliens though.

But something.

Want some advice?

Hunker down and wait. Don’t go on that extravagant trip. Don’t make huge plans. Don’t put all your money in Dogecoin, you idiot. Don’t assume that just because you’re vaccinated that you’re going to be just fine from here on out.

Explore what you have going on now, because Mars, protective, reactive energy, is going to snap at the repressive powers that be (Pluto in Capricorn) that are beginning to lose their hold (retrograde), and right now, we can’t really articulate it (Mercury retrograde) effectively, so it’s going to be an internal stirring and a begin as a silent protest and refusal to engage. The masses are reassessing who gets to “belong,” and the hegemony is doubling efforts (Saturn retrograde) to hold onto their version of who belongs to the larger “us” (Aquarius), while we fight for our security and protection (Mars in Cancer) against those who would use their power (Pluto) to keep us dis-empowered. Our goals are ineffable: many of us have no experience with what we want, but we’ve seen it in dreams (Pisces) or in foreign places, or at least, are sure we’ve seen it there (Jupiter in Pisces), or read about it in a book (Jupiter) or are sure we’re not simply idealizing a thing that never existed (Jupiter in Pisces), a shangri-la or utopia (Jupiter in Pisces) just for “we, the deserving.” (Saturn in Aquarius).

Okay, and how is this different from any other day in America?

It’s not.

It’s just not something we can ignore anymore. For those of us who are being touched natally by the Mars/Neptune trine because of natal water placements, especially because we have planets or angles in late Scorpio, late Cancer, or late Pisces, we have to honor the vibes we’re picking up.

Coronavirus might be over. Maybe. I’m not sure. But is it gone? Are we heading for a fourth wave, or something worse? Will it be the revolution so many have been waiting for, or perhaps the destruction of the world as we know it, whatever that means? Perhaps the rise of the Fourth Reich, carrying a cross and wrapped in the American flag? It certainly seems that in many places, and especially in my country, who counts (Saturn in Aquarius) is getting smaller and smaller, and worship of police forces (Mars in Cancer) and of billionaires who don’t even know you exist or let alone give a shit (Pluto retrograde in Capricorn) is going to give way to communities protecting themselves (Mars in Cancer) from the minions of the plutocracy (literally Pluto in Capricorn).

Or maybe something else entirely? I don’t know for sure, but I have my preferences.

I hope it’s aliens.

Please, let it be alien invasion.

I’m ready to get vaporized or taken home.

Either one, really.

Either one is fine with me right now.

2 thoughts on “Are You Feeling Weird?

  1. Hi again! Last night, or rather this morning, I finally got some real sleep and woke after 10 am. I’ve been running on nerves ever since the eclipse/full moon, waking spontaneously after hardly any sleep. Do you think there’s a planetary explanation for this (Moon?) … though it’s possible I simply exhausted myself to a point where I could sleep. It’s been a period of mental creativity, exciting and sometimes riveting, a feeling that things are coming back into focus. I hope that sleepless trend is over. My natal Moon in Pisces needs regular sleep!


  2. Don’t know if this qualifies as weird, but since the eclipse I have been waking early without any prompting. For example, I am up right now! Not yet 8 am! And I’m normally a late sleeper. Damn. Fwiw, the full moon in 5 degrees of S was close to my Mars which is in 2 or 3 degrees S. It was not an exact conjunction. Close though. I can say that my energy level is affected. HOW is hard to say since I’m a bit sleepless!


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