About Eclipses


I’m not going to add to the flurry of articles about the particular eclipses that happened and will happen tomorrow morning. I just want to give you some tips:

It doesn’t really fucking matter “how the eclipse will affect your sign” unless the eclipse is actually aspecting your natal Sun.

So you ignore like, 80% of the articles you will find on google about the subject. In fact, you ignore like 80% of the articles you’ll find on sun signs in general, especially if they’re from popular woman’s magazines, because they won’t be that relevant. It’s sad, because the sun sign and the sun by aspect and placement is such a fascinating look at who a person incarnated to be and wants to be in this life, but it doesn’t need to be some mamby-pamby New Age blather about your soul and intentions and vibes and other shit. If you’re interested in that, just read some Dane Rudhyar and you’ll get the foundation you’re looking for, and what is ultimately the concentrated source that has been watered down and sold as astrology nowadays.

Unless the eclipse is aspecting your natal sun or planets that share the same sign as your natal sun, the eclipse doesn’t have that much affect on your sun sign in and of itself. If your Sun is in Virgo, the Sagittarius lunar eclipse and the Gemini solar eclipse may have or may have not been square to your natal sun. If they were, then the energy may be uncomfortable for you. If not, it might not even be that big of a deal, because what will always, always matter is:

Where the eclipse is in your natal chart by house.

Even if the eclipse isn’t aspecting a planet or personal point, it can create change, endings, or beginnings, in whatever house it’s transiting in your natal chart. For example, if that Virgo Sun has Leo rising, then the Sagittarius lunar eclipse will likely be in that person’s 5th house, which means that there can be major endings or culminations of romances, creative endeavors, or things relating to children. So, while this Virgo Sun may be “uncomfortable” because the eclipse is in a sign 90 degrees from Virgo, it could be because they’re now facing success at a creative endeavor and may suddenly have to deal with recognition, or because they’ve been trying to get pregnant and boom pregnancy when they have just given up, or maybe someone they were “just friends” with (Sagittarius on the 5th house cusp) is suddenly more.

Now, this could all be very disruptive for a 2nd house Virgo Sun who takes pride in the routines she’s created, or the simplified, clean lifestyle focused on the tangible and present. After all, she was was probably planning a slow, sustained growth in her creative work and is definitely prone to imposter syndrome, or she was probably only planning for one baby at a time, or maybe she actually doesn’t like to mix her friendships and romances because tender feelings are uncomfortable ones.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this has to suck, because uncomfortable isn’t the worst thing in the world, nor is sudden, especially for a mutable sun that can stuff down her deep insecurities and do what must be done, even if she’s curling up in a ball at night and wondering what the hell is happening. Eventually, when she accepts that these things are part of her new life, she’ll unfurl and incorporate them into the flow of things.

But Don’t Forget About Everything Else.

Nothing in the chart exists in isolation, and nothing in the chart can happen that isn’t already possible. For example, if the solar eclipse transits your Mars in the 8th house, you’re not going to grow a penis overnight. Even if you really, really want that. You might meet a new lover who embraces your wild side and wants to be hunted down. You may also meet a business partner who likes your straight-shooter, raw style. However, neither one will likely happen if you’re in a coma at the time or living in a shack in the woods writing manifestos by candle light.

However, what is realistic for you depends on the rest of your chart and you personally, where you are. A natal chart is a foundation, but you’re not the same baby you were years ago.

Check your progressed chart, too.

Open your progressed chart to see where you are in your personal evolution and see where the luminaries are. This will accelerate some part of your development, either resolving (Moon) something that no long works, or creating or culminating (solar) something you are growing into. Most important is the house it falls into, then the sign. This adds something new to your development.

The order of importance still applies to everything.

And the order of importance in any chart reading is:

  1. planets/angles/points

  2. houses

  3. signs

  4. aspects/midpoints

Nothing is necessarily good or bad, and nothing is necessarily weak or strong. I often find that people who are born with grand trines take that energy for granted, whereas people with T-squares have no choice but to work very hard to achieve that apex planet.

You’re not that important, and not everything is earth-shattering.

Just so you know:

You are a special child of the universe, made from star stuff…just like everyone else. In the grand scheme of things, you’re gonna die someday and chances are, you will most likely be forgotten. In fact, you’re probably not the greatest at anything, and most of us aren’t, and that’s just fine.

That’s not the worst thing that could happen. Even if we now live in a culture in which there really is no more youth, it is everyone’s duty to make everyone look at them even if they don’t really do something amazing to merit the attention but to also blur out of any signs of individuality, and that now, instead of either dropping out (Boomers), slacking (Gen X) or excelling (Millennials), the new thing is to become as average as possible but to somehow leverage that to become famous. The good news is that you exist, even thrive, without the entire world’s attention. And if you got the entire world’s attention from being distinctly average — oh, I mean “relatable” — you’re kind of stuck being mediocre forever. You can’t become really good at something because then you won’t be relatable anymore. You can’t really grow or change faster than your own demographic because then you won’t be relatable anymore. It’s really an interesting trap, and I’m really interested to see how this disintegrates over time. I mean, if you’re whole schtick is being okay looking, with okay intelligence and being okay at doing stuff, what do you do when the algorithm finds someone else who is more to the center than you are?

And the Blackface 2.0 that is Instagram makeup is not overtly mockery or caricature, but rather a blending of races to the point where everyone looks like the same blend of somewhat-exotic to Westerners, a racial average, and no one has distinct features despite the fact that they have different privileges and standing in society, because even the uniqueness of The Other can be appropriated, tried on for size, marketed, and then taken off and hung on the hook when it’s no longer useful.

This is whitewashed as “fashion.”

And you could also say that about astrology nowadays, because astrology is fashionable now, so if you’ve been doing this for quite some time and had endure all the cultural and social backlash of being an occult-practitioner, you now get the joy of being considered vapid and trendy. It shouldn’t be making you feel just ducky every time you do a chart reading or find out how awesome you think your sun sign is, because 1) more than half the shit you find randomly on social media about sun signs was completely pulled out of someone else’s highlighter-covered ass, and 2) astrology is not an inherently “spiritual” thing. It can be, but historically, it wasn’t. It was used for very mundane things. It’s actually easier to figure out when someone is going to die or give birth to a son rather than when someone is going to have a spiritual awakening, because that’s the practical tradition.

But I digress.

The point is that even if the culture ironically elevates abject non-importance while also simultaneously forcing the youth to give up their youth so they can hustle to out-compete their peers in order to simply keep from drowning, you, the person you are now, the soul that always is, the essence underneath all the layers, is in an itty-bitty diamond in a pile of billions of diamonds, and not everyone is going to see how brilliantly you can shine unless they can see you, and more importantly, unless you can see your own facet and dimensions and accept those little cuts and turns for what they are.

Because the universe doesn’t actually give a shit about you. The universe is not a neutral term for “god,” and it’s not a person. It doesn’t love you, cherish you, protect you, or nurture you. It’s not interested in how you develop or change. It’s not “with you.” You know how I know this? It’s become I’m part of the universe and I don’t feel that way about everyone, and everyone doesn’t feel that way about me. The rocks, the azalea bushes, my windshield wipers, the sweat dripping down my spine because I’m trying to acclimate to the summer heat: all of these things are parts of the universe, none of these things care about me. Even bigger parts of the material universe, including the building I live in, or my bed, or the dumpsters outside, have a bigger “part” in the universe, but do not care about me.

And they’re not “telling” me anything.

I’m telling me stuff.

I’m loving me.

I’m cherishing me.

I’m protecting me.

I’m nurturing me.

If you’re lucky, other people will do that for you. If you’re like a lot of people, you may be born into a family that automatically does that stuff, and if you’re lucky, you can stay in that family. If you’re lucky, you will make good friends who will do this, too. If you’re lucky, you may have lovers, perhaps even life partners or spouses who will do this, too, and put your heart with theirs, and if you want and if you’re lucky, you can have a family with that life partner or spouse to continue that chain of love you were born into.

But if you’re willing, you can become that person for all of those people, or anyone else, even if those who were supposed to be one your lucky finds turns out to be a dud, or harmful, or what you might generously refer to as “a lesson” hurt you and test your faith in humanity.

And to me, this is huge.

But to you, I’m just another random person in the world, and that’s true. I am a random person in the world, and each astrological transit is a chance to do something, but not a guarantee, and certainly not always a well-timed one according to what I think at the time. For example, I get to go through my mid-life crisis in isolation during a pandemic. Is it ideal? Is the universe trying to tell me something? Is it trying to set me up for goodies later on once I learn this lesson?

Isn’t that up to me, though, since this is my isolation, and my pandemic, and my mid-life crisis? Or are we now living in Harrison Bergeron’s dystopia?

Is it possible to simply enjoy being mediocre without needing the entire world’s approval of it, or is it possible to be different without being accused of harming the mediocre in the process? Or will we all have to succumb to the algorithm and accidentally create a virtual version of the bland, white-washed and incessantly shushing culture that drinks generously from the cultural well of black and brown people but kills them in return, the one that the Boomers rebelled against? Because even if we’re becoming accepting of gender expression and sexuality, even if we’re accepting of the different ways people can express their individuality, it still has to be approved — and it can’t be approved unless it’s on display at the great virtual swap meet of social media where the past is the present.

Okay, so what to do with an eclipse?

Nothing, specifically, because it’s one of many things that color the time until the next one, but it specifically sets something in motion that can be sudden and powerful. It can be internal (lunar) or external (solar), but that’s not always the case, as lunar eclipses aspecting the sun can actually bring out what is internal or hidden. If taken into account with what’s going on with someone in their actual life, what else is happening in the chart, and what is possible, AND the house that the eclipse is happening in, you can predict what may happen.

But frankly, most of us do not eventful eclipses. I literally had the last lunar eclipse moon exactly conjunct my Sun in the 9th house, and nothing 9th-house related has happened so far. No long journeys. No publishing. No joining a religion. No more college. It could still be in the works, perhaps. I had the last solar return in my 3rd house exactly opposite my natal Neptune and opposite my Midheaven. Nothing has changed in my neighborhood, or with my siblings, or neighbors. But I think my illusions are dying a little.

And that’s not bad, right?

One thought on “About Eclipses

  1. The solar eclipse (19 Gem) occurs in my 9th house. I find I am happiest when studying other people’s academic papers. I’m gathering ideas for an article that is scheduled to appear in a book. Coincidence?


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