Pisces Full Moon 2021

So I moved back to WordPress because even though my old blog wasn’t as pretty, it was a lot more inspiring. WordPress is just better for blogs, and I’m person who writes about astrology as opposed to a person who sells astrology products.

It’s an odd thing I guess – you know, I even prefer to write by hand when I can. It’s a left-handed thing: you can’t stop me from turning the notebook 45 degrees or writing “upside down;” when I was in high school, I actually discovered that I actually had a handwriting style of my own, and it was from there that I decided to document my thoughts.

I need to start writing again because the lull before the storm has long past, and I feel my familiar angst returning to me as the sun goes down on these fleeting sunny days, Hecate’s dog happily emerging from the woods and through the yard as I call out.

It’s time again.

Are you freaking out over the next full moon? I am. I don’t mean because I’m scared of it, but rather that I can already feel it in my bones. The full moon will be at 28 degrees Pisces on September 20th, affecting people with both mutable and early cardinal angles.

For me, the full moon will be conjunct both my ascendant and natal Moon, opposite my Saturn/Vertex, and squaring my natal Venus and Midheaven. In fact, this is what it will look like in Chicago when it’s exact, which is why I’m staying in that night:

The Sun will still be in a wide conjunction with Mars in Libra (which, I’ve realized, can be quite the odd energy), and the Moon will still be in a wide conjunction with Neptune. We’ll be in the shadow of the Mercury retrograde in Libra, so we’ve also got that to look forward to at the end of the month. Also, if you want to toss in that fixed T-square with Uranus in Taurus, Saturn in Aquarius, and Venus in Scorpio that’s just starting, this may very well be a snapshot of an interesting month for many of us.

Okay, but how does this affect me (or you, or anyone?)

A full moon is, fundamentally, a full moon. It’s culminations, manifestations, and consequences, but it also sheds light on lunar things, like public opinion/popularity, moods, fears, the imagination, and family/belonging. We are bound to the push and pull of the moon as are the tides, and even if we are individuals, we’re still like babies when it comes to nature — helpless in a lot of ways — reacting and reacting again.

This particular full Moon is in Pisces, the sign of the immaterial and ineffable, so whatever is culminating, if it manifests in material reality, it will be a direct result of something immaterial brewing.

Well, duh Miriam.

Okay, here me out:

What people are reacting to this full Moon is more likely to be something in their heads or something they can’t quite put their finger on. For those of you who are also feeling the full moon coming on, you know what I mean – something isn’t quite right and it’s difficult to say whether it’s you reacting to things actually in the world or you reacting to things that are in your mind. It’s also difficult to tell where those things start and end since it’s a pandemic and most of us are either engaging with people we’ve known for years (like family) or with people that we interact with digitally. Even video communication is without the connection of speaking face to face. Fuck: even speaking face to face when half your face is covered — or should be covered, and you’re freaking people out — requires the imagination to fill in the blanks. Even though there’s a Pisces full moon every year, we get the additional bonus of having a mysterious global illness (Pisces) that surprisingly, a lot of people refuse to take seriously (also Pisces), downplaying it (Pisces), thinking they can combat it with junk science (Pisces), prayer (Pisces), or anything but what is practical and time-tested (Pisces, again), but yet, for reasons not quite understood, many of these people still manage to walk between the raindrops (also Pisces).

Interestingly, if you consider the cult of Trump and how he’s still worshipped by people despite being, by an objective standard, unfit and incompetent to lead, a man who really did nothing productive, is still being worshiped as a hero for the sole reason that people want to believe it. That’s Pisces, too; who gets to belong and therefore indulge in the illusion and feel safe behind the trick walls and trap doors of said delusion comes first, and that’s so Aquarius. We know how that’s been going in the United States.

If I recall correctly, the last full moon in Aquarius had a lot of people think of this pandemic was over, and that the people who belonged – the vaccinated – outweighed those who didn’t.

But oh shit, vaccinated ones: better not need to go to the emergency room for anything, because they’re chock full of unvaccinated people and people shitting their intestinal linings out from horse dewormer and other totally, totally avoidable maladies, so now is not a good time for that asthma attack or allergic reaction.

And you what? That’s really kind of Pisces, too, isn’t?

So instead of the we’re-in-control energy of the Aquarius full moon, it’s the someone-save-me energy of Pisces, the I-never-know-what’s-going-on energy of Pisces, the I-want-to-sleep-until-this-is-over energy of Pisces.

Neptune conjunct the Moon is giving this Moon a hallucinogen, both enhancing and distorting the instinct.

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because Pisces is psychic, and this energy awakens that (in some more than others), and what you just know cannot be ignored. The trouble is when you’re totally wrong and act to fix the situation with that Sun sitting in Virgo conjunct Mars in Libra in order to get back both the order (Virgo) and balance (Mars) one believes should exist (Pisces) throughout the universe (Neptune).

Maybe one street gang gets bad intel and it stokes the fires of long-simmering fears, so they decide to fix it by shooting that person, or that car, or that house, only to be very wrong. Granted, all shootings are tragic, but even more so when it’s someone who wasn’t even involved, someone who had no reason to think they’d catch a bullet, or someone else who is too young to even know what that is.

But it doesn’t have to be bad either, so artists and healers, take note. Mars in Libra is an artist because that’s how you use that energy – it’s wrong to stay that Mars in Libra is a lover and not a fighter, because it does fight, just in passive-aggressive ways, like well-chosen words, gossiping, and social rejection/shunning. However, it can bring together polarities and create harmony. It can make the unseemly attractive, and it can make people get along or at least see the advantages of getting along. But Mars in Libra adds energy to the beautiful and the harmonious, a sort of native muse, and here it is, opposing another native muse, the Moon in Pisces magnified by Neptune, making it possible to dream into reality, to make beautiful what is imagined and not only beautiful, but beautiful in a way that others will be receptive.

And yeah, you still have that t-square, but that’s coming before and will be after the full moon, adding a much needed grounding energy, or a wet blanket on the bonfires of your internal coven’s midnight ceremony. If it’s the latter, it’s most likely to come from other people, the Saturn in Aquarius muggles, the change-only-on-my-terms Uranus in Taurus hard heads, and let’s-test-your-love-and-I-better-win Venus in Scorpios of the world.

Me, I mostly have the muggles to worry about, and the apex of this T-square, there’s going to be a lot more calls to get your facts straight, or to do your research, or to learn “real” science, or to stop wasting your time on things like astrology and do something that they think is more beneficial to them and therefore the rest of humanity because those things aren’t different to Saturn in Aquarius. Harrison Bergeron’s world was a dystopia, but good luck selling Saturn in Aquarius on that.

My advice is to do the fix sign thing, which is to just keep going, because that’s what Saturn does: it keeps going, and it stops when it just can’t go anymore. It is the planet of time passing, after all: eventually, most obstacles will go away. Time change, people die, and even walls can be torn down – I’m old enough to remember the Berlin Wall – but of course, walls can be rebuilt.

Okay, what do I do?

Well, I’m not going out that night because I live in Chicago, but my hope is that you’re seeing this blog post because my domain transferred before the full moon, and I’m using this energy to make a dream come true, or rather, to accept the dreams of mine as real.

And I love being an astrologer. I love doing this work. I love helping people. I also owe it to no one in the world to not be an astrologer. I’m writing again — I’m teaching again — and I’m hoping this is just the beginning of more good stuff to come.

Of course, it being a full moon, don’t act on your reactions. Yes, something is coming to a head, but Neptune makes it difficult to see clearly, and Mars, even in Libra, acts first and ask questions later. If you suspect you’re not good enough for your partner and they can do better, for example, this isn’t the time to go snooping through their phone for “proof” of infidelity. Sure, you may find what you’re looking for – and it could be exactly as you think it is – but when you’re confused and much too willing to compromise superficially (Mars in Libra), you won’t be in a place of power.

Chances are, whatever is driving you to act comes from your seated fears and uncertainty, not from reality. Not to say that gaslighting won’t be at a high – remember that actions always speak louder than words – or that you may even wake up from a long social slumber in which you can now see injustices clearly, but I’m saying just wait a minute and don’t act on instinct. No need to stick a needle in your eye to curse them just yet.

Cause you want to wait until there’s a full moon in Aries to get your just desserts.

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