Update and a Little on Eclipses


A very belated Happy Samhain!

Jewish honey cake and Italian butter cookies for my ancestors. They’re not Jewish but my maternal grandmother’s family grew up in the only Italian family in an all-Jewish neighborhood in the Bronx, and it was kind of a third culture for them.

I hope you all had a good Samhain. I had a nice dinner for my ancestors, and I just recently got through the food I have left since I cooked and shopped for ten, but I was the only being with a functioning digestive tract in attendance. But this was my harvest festival, and since I’ve decided that I don’t need to celebrate Thanksgiving ever again, it’s onward to the Solstice.


Happy Sagittarius!

I haven’t celebrated the last two Thanksgivings, and frankly, I think that’s fine. I’m not celebrating today, either. First, I think I’m old enough to decide that I would rather just celebrate my birthday at the end of November. Second, Thanksgiving really hasn’t been so great for quite a few years, so I see no reason to keep engaging, since the part I enjoy is cooking the meal and that seems to be the part that I can never really engage in anymore. It’s nice to be invited to other people’s houses, but it’s very boring and nerve wracking for me to be out of the kitchen, making small talk about my life, while a football game blares in the background. Also, it seems that a lot of people don’t serve the dark meat of the turkey or even buy it, which means that if I want turkey, I must make my own anyway. One of the things I liked about Thanksgiving growing up is that despite all the dysfunction, we would play board games and card games after dinner and after dessert, and even though alcohol would always create havoc, it was fun, and it was a short reprieve from the darkness. But the last five or so Thanksgivings I spent celebrating Thanksgiving, I was a guest at someone’s home and not a member of any particular peer group, so I couldn’t be in the kitchen, and I couldn’t be in the basement playing Cards Against Humanity, and I couldn’t be in the living room watching the football game because I don’t know what’s going on, and while I can appreciate how interesting life can be when things get awkward, I prefer the fleeting moments of awkwardness, not an entire awkward day. Then, Thanksgiving was on my 40th birthday and I refused to give it up to go celebrate Thanksgiving. Then last year, I planned a Thanksgiving dinner with a friend who also wasn’t going anywhere, but then she backed out at the last minute (and I had already gone shopping for a lot of things) but then invited me to a third person’s house – someone I never met, during the height of the pandemic no less – so he could cook us hamburgers. I stayed home and made buffalo wings. But this began the Year of Austerity, 2021, and in the Year of Austerity, Miriam does what she wants to do, and she doesn’t want to celebrate Thanksgiving, so she won’t.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful. I am, and my attitude toward gratitude has change because now I’m grateful and not merely forcing myself to fall in line. But I celebrated my good fortune with my ancestors on October 31st, and I prefer to do it that way.

Where Have Your Posts Gone, Miriam?

I also realize I haven’t posted in a while. It’s not for lack of trying – I would find myself veering into other directions, and while I don’t usually shy away from political topics, I found that was all I was getting into, and being unusually sensitive right now, I feel like it’s better to disengage from the entire globe and perhaps just listen rather than insist on my way. No one is going to listen to me anyway if they don’t already agree. I have my COVID vaccine and my booster. I even got my flu shot today. I suggest everyone who can do the same. And no, I don’t support “doing your own research” unless this is your professional and or academic area of expertise and you have a laboratory, the people, and the team to actually do scientific research, the peer reviewed studies, then don’t do it. As someone who has dealt with tedious phone calls and email from clients and from concerned relatives of clients who “did their own research” and insist I do something ridiculous, counterproductive, unethical, or just plain stupid because somehow, their Google search when they were on the toilet is just as good as my law degree and specific legal training, I can assure you there’s a very good reason why professionals don’t respect your “research,” and it’s not because they’re intimidated or because you somehow stumbled on the right Tumbler account with “the truth.” Not by a long shot. The fact that we have vaccines is a miracle. You may be a spirit, but you’re a spirit in a body that was created on Earth of earth, evolving with its species to coexist in the impurities, to filter them out, and to die. Your cells are programmed to die, to stop rejuvenating themselves, and then you die. That’s the nature of things. Your body is also really amazing at learning stuff, like learning to isolate and attack COVID-19 through an expedited but not rushed (unless you think 150 years of vaccine development is “rushed,” in which case you might find that electric toasters have also been “rushed” to market) series of drills with a dummy virus so that should the active shooter break into the building, your immune system will naturally do what it’s supposed to do. Yet, even in the 21st century, there are those who think it’s better to let their immune system suddenly wake up to bullets and blood everywhere so they can 1) find out if their immune system is genetically and circumstantially up to taking down the shooter before it destroys everything, 2) let the shooter cause mayhem and damage with the hope that he’ll eventually run out of bullets, and 3) be left in a weakened, destroyed state that is somehow better than having to put up with a drill, because certainly, no other opportunistic shooter is going to walk in where the door is missing and the security breached and start shooting, right and 4) not contain the shooter so he can leap from this building to another and start killing in those – will it be an orphanage, an old folk’s home, a high school? Who knows where the shooter will escape next?

And no, the government isn’t out to get you, nor are they trying to control your mind with nanotechnology. First, the government isn’t that organized, and second, that’s way too much work when mind control isn’t necessary. I hate to break it to you, but:

Your mind is only important to you. Your thoughts are only important to you. No one in the government gives a shit. I can assure you as a government employee, I don’t give a flying fuck what you think because what you think is totally irrelevant to getting my job done. I already have everything I need from the public to do my job and advance my objectives without having to get inside any random person’s head. Most people have no idea what I do for a living even though they could actually “do their own research” on the topic because it’s all available on government websites. Your brain, your ideas – these aren’t nearly as important to me as your tax dollars, and you don’t really think about that when you’re going to shopping or earning a paycheck. Most of the people who object to the confidentiality of my work don’t understand it enough to effectively argue for more transparency or to convince anyone in power that the public’s interest in transparency is more important than the privacy of the innocent who have no choice but to be involved in the work I do. When they try, they just sound like assholes who think children are possessions and that parents have property rights to them, which frankly, is not an exaggeration.

And if you think about it, what benefit is it to the government to control your mind? I mean, the government has been controlling your behavior since you were a school-aged child, and that’s really all they need from you. No one’s mind in and of itself is of great value to America unless it produces something of great value. A self-declared genius who stays home, smokes pot all day and calls people “sheeple” on social media all day has no value to the government, to the community at large, and poses no threat, even if they have an IQ that meets or surpasses the threshold for genius. On the other hand, a person of average intelligence who goes to work, engages with the world, marries, has children, pays taxes, buys property, invests in retirement funds, and votes has way more value to the government and poses a threat if they decide to stop engaging in these things because that would means a reduction in benefits to the government and to the other people around them. Are ideas dangerous, scary? Sure, but only if you’re acting on them. There is a reason people are more afraid of critical race theory than Pastafarianism even if both challenge the same thing these people hold dear – their hegemony – because if more adults learned critical race theory as children, there’s a real threat to end of the illusion that white people now a days are merely innocent bystanders of their ancestor’s wickedness.

On the other hand, take both the self-declared genius and the person of average intelligence, tell them about an in-joke on 4-chan about a guy named “Q” and an international sex-trafficking ring centralized at a pizzeria and involving every high-profile person you can think of except, bizarrely enough, the high profile people who have actually been accused of sexual misconduct, but don’t tell them it’s a joke even though that should be fucking obvious, and then you could end up with the Capitol Riots.

But here I go again, unloading my Saturn in Aquarius angst.

Are you sure that’s it?

Well, it’s also the fact that frankly, these are some of the nicest years of my adulthood. Rick has been gone, but as time goes on, it’s revealed more and more that this wasn’t a bad thing. Yes, him dying was tragic, but dead men can’t keep secrets, and I can’t ignore the fact that a year and a half later, things are actually a lot better without him. I feel calmer, happier, and more optimistic by myself. There’s no one in my life creating chaos. There’s no one in my life creating financial emergencies because they’re spending money on drugs and lying about it. There’s no one putting my reputation and career in jeopardy. There’s no one making messes, making noise, intentionally doing these things even more when I complain about them, leaving me no choice but to fix the problem unless I want to get evicted. There are no temper tantrums. There are no finding hypodermic needles in my house when I do a deep clean. There’s no giving someone $50 for groceries, them coming home with a steak and a cake and eating both by themselves.

I have been able to contact him on the other side, and that went as I thought it did; he’s been banished from ever contacting me again, and I really hope I learned my karmic lesson with him, because I sincerely doubt that he has learned his lesson.

But without all this bullshit, what I do miss is so minor, so generic, that I could have had it with anyone, and the benefits of not only being single and in control but also having this opportunity for the first time in my life to just focus on me, what I want, and to figure out who I am is worth being lonely sometimes. Sure, over time, there was a specific bond that developed from shared experiences, and there was certainly an us-against-the-world sentiment that was part of the reason I kept giving when I was getting nothing back, but again: I could have had that with anyone, frankly, because looking back, he was not my soul mate, and with the lies and sweet talk gone, there’s nothing there. Those bonds we made in adversity happened because of events that didn’t have to happen and wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t around to create them.

It was just another mistake I made that I am now learning to not get into again with another man like him.

And that’s a large reason I’m not posting: first, I don’t need to hustle because since Rick died and my entanglements with him ended, I have been in a much better, much more stable, progressive financial situation than I have since moving to Chicago. It’s not amazing, but it’s much, much better than when I was entangled with him. I have more time to study and practice astrology. I have more time to focus on developing my intuition and psychic abilities. Second, because I don’t really need to keep up a side gig to make ends meet, to put out the fires he was always starting, I could just take time to myself. I could be picky about when I worked and with whom. I could take entire weekends off. I could take holidays off. I could finish work and just relax until the next morning.

This means doing a lot of things that I like to do and figuring out what those things are. I mean from the small to the large, like realizing I prefer Mexican food over Italian food, or that I hate driving in the city but love road trips, but also figuring out what I need in a relationship and what is abusive and what is healthy, because while I’m able to look at other people’s lives and tell them what I see clearly, it’s difficult when you’ve been trained from birth to never dare to have boundaries or self-respect (Chiron in 2nd house Taurus). After Rick died, there was a purging of other people who didn’t respect my boundaries or treat me well, and then a gathering of soul mates who, despite not being right in the city, are part of what I believe to be a karmic circle that I am just now realizing that I’m a part of. Granted, this started happening about a year before he died, but it was almost fated, I think. And I’m alone a lot of the time, and I don’t really have much in the way of “family” the way I used to think of them because I only kept the people who love me, but I have never experienced such peace before.

I am learning my Saturn in Virgo in the 7th house lesson: to be loved, I do not need to be useful to others, nor do I have to give and give and never receive, nor do I have to dutiful stick around even though the relationship is clearly toxic and of no benefit. Love is not painful, and I don’t have to prove I love someone by putting up with their abuse or exploitation. I am capable of discerning who deserves my partnership, and it’s not for everyone, and I’m not here to rescue people who keep throwing themselves in harm’s way and blame everyone else.

And people say that I’m different.

People say I’m calm now. They say I look healthy. They say I look happy. And I don’t know if I’m happy, necessarily, because I’m not entirely sure what that means. I didn’t experience happiness as a child, or a teenager, or a young adult in any genuine sense, but I’m guessing it’s not the elation or excitement we think it will be, that it’s not all moments of ecstasy, but rather, looking at your life, and despite knowing that perhaps there are things that could be better, that there are things you could change, right now, you’re actually okay with the way things are, and you can allow yourself to enjoy those things. That’s what I experience right now: even if I’m stressed out in the immediate, or I’m wondering if I will ever get the things I want or aspire to, life is still worth living, there’s still beauty in it, and I’m still curious about what the future brings. Is that happiness?

But I must admit I always prefer to have a partner, whether it’s a close friend I’m always hanging out with, or a lover or a husband, and I don’t have that now, and there’s no prospects, but it’s probably a good thing right now, and I realize that if I want it badly enough, I can make it happen. But I’m not lonely enough to just look for a man to be a place-filler because I’m really enjoying the company of this woman I have never really met before, despite living in her body, despite reading her chart for 21 years, despite keeping her alive and experiencing all she experiences and thinking all her thoughts and feeling all her emotions.

And I do realize that as I am turning 42 that the pool of available men who may want the same thing as me – to fall madly in love, perhaps to have a child, maybe – is quickly diminishing, and that the older we all get, the less faith we have that we can have do-overs, that we reset our emotional clocks and begin anew. But if I still exist, then who may also be wondering when they’re going to meet someone like me, and maybe also wondering if it’s not too late? Because if I still exist, surely he must as well.

And so when I sleep in, when I go for walks in the nature preserves, when I go for long drives just to listen to jazz or classic rock or indulge in a guilty pleasure of 90’s music, or when I stop working and turn off the lights so I can watch the snow fall quietly, or when I watch the moonlight cast a glowing bow before it disappears behind the clouds, or when I break my low-carb streak and just make a pot of American goulash and eat that while binging I Think You Should Leave, and when I go through stretches of austerity when there’s no television and I’m doing all that I can to live as simply as possible with what I already have and delighting in my self-reliance because I know how that resets my happiness meter, or when I stop to listen to the sound of the polar trees rustling in the wind like so much applause for me for simply being alive in that particular place at that particular time, I’m having a good time. I’m alone, but I’m not lonely. I’ve got me here, this mystery woman I’m enjoying getting to know, and if it turns out that I will just be permanently deprived of an actual soul mate love in this lifetime, I still have me, and I like that lady. Her feet are on the ground, on Earth, a planet in this solar system in this galaxy and in this universe that all the parts of me have always been a part of no matter what particular arrangement of these particles and the forces pulling them together at any given moment when I’m alive.

Hey, how about that eclipse?

Actually, how about all those fucking eclipses? Because I never actually wrote much about them because I didn’t think much about them because except for the last nearly 19, 20 months, my life was always chaotic and full of things out of my control, so what did it matter that yet another thing out of my control was going to change the course of my life? Sometimes it’s better to have your eyes closed when you’re walking through a haunted house.

The last lunar eclipse of 2019 saw the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter conjunct in early Capricorn. By transit, it was all on my natal Venus in the 10th house conjunct the MC, but I thought it was going to be financial, even though Uranus was conjunct my descendant by progression by then. It turns out that some of the change was financial, but it was secondary, because I ended up suddenly and permanently deprived of a romantic relationship when Rick died, and my life had to go through an upheaval that I had to deal with pretty much entirely alone.

And yet, it wasn’t an entire upheaval: I kept my job through the entire pandemic. I kept astrology. I kept my car, unfortunately. The rest I let go of or replaced, including a lot of personal possessions, so yes, Venus right there, and I also discovered a lot of personal possessions that were missing that I now believe that Rick pawned to buy drugs. After Rick died, one of his brothers questioned me about this, asking me why, with the jewelry and watches and other valuables Rick owned, why he would pawn my stuff, but there was a simple answer that we both, in all honesty, knew:

Because it my stuff, not his.

His stuff mattered greatly to him. My stuff mattered not at all.

So I have no jewelry, no coins, no valuables, really – things I kept in case of a financial emergency, like say, my boyfriend dying in the middle of a pandemic when no one’s job was secure – unless I want to take a tour of Chicago’s pawn shops to see if maybe they’re still around.

And in case you’re wondering, yes: Rick’s Taurus moon was conjunct my natal Chiron.

But I guess that’s okay. He didn’t manage to break or sell the things of sentimental value I had because I guess he didn’t realize what they were, and you know, I’ve never really been able to simply have stuff and keep it. It used to amaze me that there are adults who still have stuff from their childhoods, that their mothers didn’t just toss their toys out, or give them away behind their backs, or let their siblings destroy them. I’ve partnered with people who are packrats, who have collections, but I have never been able to hold onto things without circumstances causes me to lose them – book collections, toys, music – because some major life change means either having to figure out how to secure these things or getting rid of them to start over.

So here comes the Taurus eclipse we just had on November 19th, which was closely opposing my natal Uranus and my natal Mercury in the 8th house.

But my guess is that because now that I’ve gotten a taste of not just financial security, but emotional and personal security, there will be a change that will cause me to have to grapple with my usual cycle of getting rid of security for a new future (Uranus in the 8th) or holding fast to what I have, even though what I have will change. Now, the change could be anything related to the 2nd house, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be negative or positive in the immediate. An eclipse change has an air of finality to it, but also of suddenness, even if in retrospect, the only thing that was truly sudden is one’s own reaction to the inevitable. I mean, Rick dying was unexpected and fucking insane at the time, and while it turned out to be a negative thing for him, as life goes on for me, things have been increasingly positive.

It’s also possible that instead of money and material possessions, the eclipse has me grappling with other 2nd house things, like my talents and skills, my sense of self-worth, and how I value my body as a possession. Not the way my body appears in the world (that’s the 1st house), but how I value this meat suit that I inhabit.

When evaluating the impact of an eclipse, don’t use trines or sextiles. Those are more like…moods or seasonings.

I mean, you can, but don’t bank on this as a lottery win.

While the eclipse may be trine to one of your natal planets, it’s not that big a deal in so far as what happens. It could make something nice happen for you, but rather, whatever it does is harmonious with whatever is already going on with you. For example, the last lunar eclipse in Taurus in my 2nd house is trine my natal Saturn in the 7th house, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to bring me an old rich husband or a favorable ruling in a lawsuit because neither of those are a foreseeable possibility (I don’t practice adversarial litigation), nor do trines really “create” anything because they don’t motivate. I have no desire to go out and find an old rich husband or file a potentially lucrative lawsuit, nor do I have either of these in the works that I want to make a real thing. However, what this will mean is that whatever the eclipses starts and ends is going to be in harmony with my Saturnian energy, so I’ll likely be dutiful and pragmatic about it, possibly because it was something I already planned for.

Likewise, the eclipse was sextile my ascendant in Pisces, which means with some effort, I can find a way to make this good for my sense of self.

But what is the eclipse likely to create tension with, to put me at odds with so I must do something about it? That’s the key, and that’s why conjunctions, oppositions, and squares are the most important aspects to look for after you determine which house (area of life) the eclipse will change.

What happened during past eclipses?

The November 2020 lunar eclipse in Gemini in my 3h opposed my natal sun and squared my nodes and natal Mars and Jupiter. The December 21st solar eclipse was on my midheaven and square my natal Saturn and natal Vertex.

What the fuck happened? This was the beginning of the purging and then the collecting of the soul mates. It didn’t feel cataclysmic, and it’s not over, but there is a definite finality, and I don’t care anymore who knows I’m an astrologer. I started teaching astrology to a gifted student.

But this is killing me, guys:

The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius in May of 2021 was exactly conjunct my Sun in the 9h, squaring my nodes and natal Mars, but I didn’t go back to school. I didn’t travel. The solar eclipse in June 2021 was conjunct my IC and directly opposing my Neptune. I didn’t change residences – I renewed my lease, in fact. I didn’t have any family changes. It was exactly square my ASC/DSC axis, and my Saturn and vertex, but not sure what happened there, either.

So far, I don’t know what’s happened. I mean, I had the lunar eclipse in May exactly conjunct my Sun in the 9th house, and nothing outside of me changed. I mean, one could argue the fact that I am now not struggling with being an occult practitioner, that I am fully immersed in this, that I am not even celebrating Christian holidays or pretending to care about certain social conventions surrounding the fact that I’m probably going to alienate the less open-minded when it comes to what I do, a 9th house change, but I’m really uncertain that there’s a major change coming. I’m not going back to school. I’m not traveling overseas (or moving, that I know of), I’m not certain there will be a second marriage before the next eclipse (unless I am to argue that Rick was the second life partner, but he was not going to become a second spouse even though I’m not opposed to being married again), and I doubt I will be changing religions or joining a church any time soon. My guess is that the change is all spiritual and philosophical, becoming more of a foreigner in the space I occupy right now, as I’m certain that the alone time and thus the freedom I’m had during this pandemic has made me more eccentric than ever, and maybe this eclipse was the event horizon of inescapable fate of the disappearance and utter oblivion of all the fucks I can give.

I have the same job. The same apartment. The same car. The same friends. The same solo sex life. The same everything. Now, someone who that same eclipse transiting their 4th house Sun and I predicted that someone’s mother might die, and that happened, and that freaked me out, and that began a journey into re-discovering/accepting my psychic gifts. Was that it? Should it be more? Am I not done yet? Shouldn’t there be some major life changes happening right now?

Or are they under way, and I just don’t realize it, or realize the full extent of it – if my ship is still at sea, I may not know where I am or where I’m going until I hit land.

Eclipses appeared supernatural to our ancestors because there’s a lot of stuff they didn’t understand. And I’m sure a lot of things were seemingly supernatural to them – like diseases, like death, like comets, like twins – because they didn’t know stuff. So, keeping in mind that you live in the 21st century, understand that while the changes the eclipse brings are final and often sudden, they’re not really without precedent. Your grandpa isn’t going to rise from the dead. You’re not going to get a huge fortune falling into your lap without someone foreseeable means. You’re not going to find your soul mate when you’re sitting at home for months on end, eating cereal, reading my blog all day (even if it’s me).

What you will find is that what is probable, but not always what is possible, will happen.

Yes, those words are different. For example, anything is possible. It’s entirely possible you are the Second Coming of Christ even if that possibility is infinitesimally small (and even more so since the First Coming of Christ likely never actually happened). However, it’s not probable that you are. It is possible to win Powerball because anyone can buy a ticket and all tickets are entered into the drawing, but not probable that you’ll win because the odds against winning are so high. It is possible that Kim Kardashian will become a lawyer, but not probable given her grades on two baby bar tests, the fact that she even has to take the baby bar in the first place, some very real character and fitness issues without precedent, and that there’s a question of whether she’d be more of a liability than an asset in any practice.

How about that eclipse for anyone else?

Some of you know that I’m fascinated/baffled by Kim Kardashian’s attempt to go from college drop out to lawyer by taking the extremely unlikely road of apprenticing because she had some success using her power and influence to do something lawyers can’t really seem to do despite all their efforts, which is change the minds of politicians intent on killing people of color. It’s almost as if she wants to flush all that down the toilet so she can become a lawyer and be forced to work within the confines of the law. When you’re a lawyer, you can’t do what she does, which is post how she feels about a person’s case. If she really wants to help the wrongly accused, she’d be more effective as a celebrity on social media than a lawyer behind the scenes or even in the courtroom. It’s also fascinating to me because I still see law as another occult practice of mine, and the way the world views her likelihood of success depends on where any given person is in relation to the occult practice of law. I don’t think too many lawyers were necessarily against the idea of Kim giving up everything she’s built and restarting her life as an attorney in which this is the focus of her efforts, but rather were pretty sure that unless she was going to go to go the traditional way, as in finish college, take the LSAT, take 3 years of law school and take the bar exam and drop out of the spotlight to do it, it wasn’t going to happen because unlike the general public and unlike the people who write for gossip websites, we actually know how much work is involved and how much dedication a profession requires. Even if you go to law school part-time, you still need to eat, drink, breath, and shit the law to pass the bar exam, which means not having the time or energy to “study” poolside in a bikini or being so outside of the culture that you’re bragging about how “easy” criminal law is (though to be fair, it is probably one of the easiest 1L courses) to the world.

As far as her legal career goes, Kim is going to have to make a choice between her 5th house desires for fun and self-expression (Chiron in Taurus) and her aspirations and humanitarian goals (Mercury and Uranus in 11/12 Scorpio) because if you want to be a lawyer, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. And it’s not even so much the fact that’s she’s likely not going to pass the bar exam, and possibly not pass the character and fitness – it’s her actual ability to practice law that’s the issue with this transit, because a lot, if not most, of what makes her “Kim Kardashian” must die if she really wants to do this, and it has to die now because with her baby bar grades, she’s never going to get to 2L unless she makes major changes. You can’t be a lawyer “on the side” any more than you can be a doctor on the side, or any other profession “on the side.” Just having to have the malpractice insurance and take the CLEs and be available for pro bono work when appointed is enough to make it impossible to be when-I-feel-like-it attorney; you either have an active license or an inactive one, even if your hours are only part-time. But my believe is that in 2022, what we’re probably going to learn is that this whole lawyer business was just a publicity stunt cooked up by the Kardashian machine because no one involved understood how much work it would take, what studying for law is about, or how much time and devotion it really takes to do this, regardless of the route you’re taking, regardless of whatever your personal difficulties along this road. Does she lack the discipline? Does she lack the respect? Does she lack the gratitude for the opportunity, especially because the baby bar is really the first time she had to compete to get her place as a law “student?” Perhaps she lacks the freedom above all, the freedom from the Kage, to shift gears do something just for herself, because hell: the entire Kardashian machine was built on Kim’s “leaked” sex tape, and I don’t think anyone envies that kind of responsibility.

Thanks, and all, but I don’t give a shit about Kim Kardashian. However, I do give a shit about me.

Take a look and see where the eclipse is hitting your chart by house and then by hard aspect and when you hear hooves, expect horses and not zebras.

Also, take a look at the Sun and Mercury currently in conjunction with the South Node. This isn’t going to last longer than a week, but look out for any “zombie” memories, thoughts, or communications — those things from the past you thought were not a thing. And best of luck avoiding them if you’re spending time with family this week.

But keep in mind that this is all on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, so you have the opportunity to look at these things with curiosity and determine whether they should have the power that they do. This is a time to be the court jester who can tell the king that he’s full of shit, to be honest, to say what you think. One of the best things about Thanksgiving is that it falls in early Sagittarius, when the energy is raw and the desire to loosen up with a few drinks and say exactly what you think is irresistible.

For the love of all things in the universe: make today awkward by fighting about politics and religion at the dinner table. It’s not true to the Pilgrims and Native Americans made peace at the first Thanksgiving; it was just an awkward dinner where two groups of people were largely unable to communicate because they didn’t speak the same language, were distrustful of each other but trying not to show it, and the ones who brought the English cooking were already designing to annihilate the other in a generation.

You know, much like any other Thanksgiving.

I’d like to think that if they could speak to each other, there would have been a huge argument at the first Thanksgiving when someone let it slip that they believed that their god wanted them to wipe the Native Americans off the face of the earth for having the audacity to exist in the same place they were existing.

So…any chance you’re going to post again before the Solstice?

Oh, I hope so. I’m trying. It’s getting colder out, and I’m starting to get concerned emails from people.

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