Jupiter has Entered Pisces again…

So WordPress deleted my Jupiter in Pisces post upon posting (it pulls that shit sometimes), but Instagram doesn’t fail astrologers:

My friend and fellow astrologer at sagstellium5 and I have been discussing what we’re expecting to have happen as Jupiter enters and passes through Pisces.

A super contagious variant of COVID? Check.

People acting like it’s no big deal? Check.

I know there’s good stuff, but you know, just because a planet is comfortable in a sign doesn’t mean that it benefits humanity – it simply expresses itself more easily. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, and it’s expanding on that which is infinitely expanding because it takes no shape, like liquid, like gasses, like water droplets when you sneeze or laugh with your friend at lunch because hey, it’s just lunch, or hey, it’s just a date, or hey, I haven’t seen these guys in forever and I know them.

I live under the flight path for planes heading to O’Hare, and I’m kind of used to planes flying overhead. I’m almost used to planes flying low, too, as 9/11 has made me permanently weird about this. But looking back over the holiday break when all those flights were grounded, the world was so, so silent, even without snow.

And then yesterday, for the first time this season, we had snow. Accumulating snow. Of course, it all melted, but it was dark outside, snowy, silent.

May as well get used to it.

One thought on “Jupiter has Entered Pisces again…

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