My Interview with Visionary Psychic Sara Wiseman

I’ve been featured as a Visionary Psychic as part of the 2022 Visionary Psychics Summit with Sara Wiseman. Sara is a psychic and medium who teaches and coaches through her school Intuition University, where I learned a number of things, including how to find and read the Akashic Records and safely contact the departed. Watch the video and learn about my work as an intuitive here and here:

Or here:

I’ve never been interviewed outside of a job interview or a blind date, so it’s a good thing I’ve found a niche, because this is exactly the same kind of stuff I like to talk about at job interviews and blind dates.

One thought on “My Interview with Visionary Psychic Sara Wiseman

  1. That was a wonderful new year surprise. I watched immediately. Lovely to see you in three dimensions. Technically two dimensions, but psychologically three! Exciting and pretty.

    You said it’s not usual for a person to experience a Pluto return. Is this even possible?? Could a retrograde Pluto result in a personal Pluto return? But it would have to happen very soon after birth? I think this country’s Pluto return is quite a challenge. Anything you have to say about the US Pluto is of great interest. Happy New Year,


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