The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse of 2022

There’s too much going on in my non-astrology life for me to stop and comment on the news, all the news, or even just the crises. I will say that if Roe v. Wade does get overturned and someone needs a place to crash in Chicago en route to camping in Illinois, I have a place to crash for the night and a reliable vehicle for driving back and forth to camp sites. However, due to the fact that I’m a single woman, I’m only willing to host other women in my home and drive other women back and forth to camp sites, for safety. I love nature. I love the freedom of being able to be in nature, or to be in the city, and I love that women have the Constitutional Right to freely choose to be in the country or be in the city, and I really, really want to make sure that should anything happen to that Constitutional right, we will still have the right to be in the country or be in the city in Illinois, and women all of the country should have the opportunity to avail themselves of the splendor of the meadows and forests of the Prairie State.

Or Canada. We can go camping in Canada, too. I love road trips!

Hey, eclipse.

You know what you should do for this eclipse?

Nothing. Or whatever you want, but if there’s nothing you want to do, then don’t do anything. This is a lunar eclipse in late Scorpio, and Scorpio bides its time. If it’s going to affect you directly, then it’s not likely to be immediate unless it’s happening in an angular house for you, but even then, the kind of clumsy stage dive of Sagittarius and the oh-my-god-listen-to-my-voice energy of Gemini is past eclipses. Taurus and Scorpio are about a few things: turf and waiting. Taurus is about inherent value; Scorpio is about potential and investment. Taurus is about material security for the self; Scorpio is about psychological and emotional security which for humans, comes from interaction with others. Both signs are patient. Both will wait for the thing they truly want. Both will covet.

But Scorpio is about rebirth, and lunar eclipses are about absolute endings, and because it’s the moon, it’s emotional, it’s intimate, it’s primal:

Fix your hearts or die.

To me, it seems weird to prepare for an eclipse as if you can make lemons into lemonade, as if you could wrangle a hurricane or scold a disease. It’s gonna be what it will be, and what’s interesting with it being in Scorpio, is that it will be something that you wish you could control, and it will be in the place that you seem calm and collected.

Me? This lunar eclipse is going to be on my natal Uranus in the 8th house, and this actually makes me a little nervous. The last two eclipses where in Gemini and Sagittarius, and they were in my 3rd and 9th houses, which made them very intellectual. And while the annual solar eclipse was widely conjunct my IC, the most I think it may have done is give me a new sense of belonging in certain places, but it didn’t change my tribe. Nothing major happened to me.

But most of the 2020 eclipses occurred smack in my 4th and 10th houses, one lunar eclipse conjunct my Juno and another exactly square my Moon and exactly opposite my Venus happening shortly after I moved into my new place after the reasons I had to leave my old one.

But I’m curious to see what happens – the eclipses in the angular houses causes a major change to my life, the eclipses in my cadent houses caused a change to mindset, so what changes when the eclipses are in the succedent houses? Because all the ones I’ve seen in Scorpio going back occurred before major changes – going back to college and to law school, intimate relationships starting or ending – things I invest in or cut my losses and run.

It’s coming now. If it weren’t so cloudy, I could stand outside and watch it, but I’m going to wait for the clouds to part, and in the meantime, wait and wonder, because what else should I do?

One thought on “The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse of 2022

  1. I think the April 30 eclipse occurred in my 8th house, and the May 15 eclipse occurs in my 2nd! Conjunct (ish) my natal Mercury in late Scorpio. I began closing down for good my external storage unit the day before the April eclipse and got it done before the 15th. Was still processing the finality of that over the weekend, on the 14th. I think of the storage unit as possibly an 8th house and 2nd house matter. There were hidden items in the unit, memories I hid from or chose to bury for awhile. I didn’t want to think about all the stuff in the unit… That’s my eclipse story. I’m an amateur astrology buff, not a professional. So my comments are to be taken w a grain of salt. I may have misunderstood the role of the 8th house. I get that 2nd is possessions. But I think 8th might be possessions we store and avoid thinking about!

    Your thoughts on this eclipse feel quite relevant. Because of the home being newly cluttered with storage items, I can’t make Chicago style pizza. But I’m thinking about ways to reimagine the space. It’s so important! Thank you.


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