Fuck the 4th of July

Fuck the 4th of July. It’s on my list of no-go holidays with Thanksgiving now. SCOTUS is a sacred cow that needs to be melted back into jewelry. And only in a country in which we don’t put our fundamentalists in insane asylums where they belong but give them tax breaks to fleece the poor and ignorant all the more do we actually think that the Constitution is infallible, can’t be changed, and that the privileged old white men who signed the thing were right about everything forever.

I’m trying to find what’s nice. The sunshine is turning my hair it’s summer blonde, and that’s nice. I finally organized my home, and that’s nice. My sister came to visit last week, and that was nice. The overturning of Roe v. Wade? We went to the protest at Federal Plaza, because for us, that is also deeply symbolic: as children, we were dragged to protest healthcare providers that provided family planning and birth control services, as well as abortion access.

A friend of mine predicted this as asteroid Lilith would go retrograde in Cancer. She’s a much better predictive astrologer than I am, probably one of the best I have ever had the privilege to know. She predicted delta and omicron, too. And the new variants as well.

Lilith is going to be retrograde for what, a year? That means that likely, we’re going to see even more rollbacks as conservatives become emboldened and use the law against women and use it as a shield to protect themselves when they harm women. Forced motherhood won’t be simply political — it will be an act of terrorism. My parents were accessory to two terrorist attacks on abortion clinics in Syracuse the late 90s — for these people, it’s great fun, a way of taking back what they believe is their god-given right to have absolute control over women. They will tell you all sorts of things, they will claim it’s about innocent babies and other bullshit, but when push comes to shove, it’s a deep resentment of women’s personhood and women not being servants-errants and wetnurses to whomever needs to be mothered. Because I will tell you from knowing many, many dysfunctional adults who made it their life mission to take away women’s rights that this misogyny is from a deep-seated resentment of their own mothers and of women they felt owed them something, whether it’s simply that they resent women who made a choice and now they personally feel guilty about their role in it and can’t process their feelings like mature adults, or whether it’s because they made the wrong choice for themselves and are deeply envious of other women who didn’t make the wrong choices for themselves: if I have to be a mother against my will, so should everyone else.

But we’re not laying down and dying. And we’re certainly not giving in to the appeal to ego to be “above it all” and just pretend that this is democracy in action. First, that’s not my karmic duty in this life: my job is get back down in it, put my hands in the dirt. Second, if you think this is democracy in action, you don’t understand that some things were not left up to democracies because we can’t trust the majority to protect the minority. That’s why slavery is outlawed on a federal level. That’s why Griswold v. Connecticut and Loving v Virginia are still law, for now.

Third, I’m not going back to the astrology community. It’s too wrapped up in the wellness community, which is to blame in part for this by licking the radical right’s boots while pretending to be taking an independent, lofty position above it all. And truly, they may not be affected by any of this because many of them are white men with the money and the right geographic location so as to not have to suffer unwanted motherhood or even see the ramifications of it. I get lots and lots of praise for working with the type of clients I work for as an attorney from people who don’t do a fucking thing to make the world better for them. It’s great I work with kids, but who cares about your praise if you won’t fucking vaccinate so you won’t get one of those little kids sick, or you won’t vote for someone who will protect their right to life with stricter gun control and more social support systems because of your radical belief in rugged individualism.

And I’m not sure when the wellness community started making a turn toward libertarianism and believing in conservative conspiracy theories and gave up on the idea of actually helping people, but it did.

Saturn is transiting the nation’s Moon, still. 29 years ago was the last time it did that. 29 years ago was a free-for-all war on abortion rights, Operation Rescue, clinic bombings, protests at clinics, the murder of doctors. I remember that time, because that’s when my mother’s friend paid her own teen daughter to commit attacks on two clinics in Syracuse.

It was also a time when a faction of the country actually believed that we were in the end times, the then president was the antichrist, and that abortion was the War of Armageddon, and we were at or nearing the height of anti-choice violence.

Now, with the Pluto return, I’m interested to see which of the wellness community supporting this “change” and expecting it to be good for the people expects to be left standing after the purge — because every revolution has a purge.

Oh, you don’t remember? The Revolutionary War purged England. And loyalists. And anyone who supported the British, like the Iroquois.

It was bloody. It was ruthless. It was ongoing.

And then something took its place, and we call this America, and we celebrate it on July 4th by imitating the bombs that destroyed homes, farmland, people.

Do you think, that if you’re in support of what is largely a theocratic movement, that your heathen ass is going to be spared? Because even people who supported Hitler early on were sent to the gas chambers when they had no more utility to the Party. You are good because your money and your platform are good, but just as easily as a troll on 4chan can make up Q and send a bunch of idiots into a tizzy over something obviously fake and ridiculous, so can they start calling you a witch, a bride of the Devil, and demand you burn for it when you have lost your utility.

One thought on “Fuck the 4th of July

  1. Every word of this is true. Can’t add a thing. 45 has proven time and again that he will sell you out in an instant as soon as he feels you’re being “disloyal.” His followers can’t, or refuse to, see that. Then, when he fucks them over, they’ll still somehow be surprised. The worst part, of course, is the damage is already done. Even if 45 never returns, his Supreme Court has made a mark for (likely) more than one generation. Excellent piece. Thanks for sharing!


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