November 8, 2022 Taurus Eclipse

Here we are again at eclipse season, and you know, I’m feeling it, but I’m accustomed to the buzz now. I finally got my car back, and it looks much better. In fact, they had to replace a panel that had an unsightly dent from a previous collision when my car was parked and a derecho mobilized an empty dumpster and sent it rolling into my car. My neck and shoulder are healing but not 100% there yet, but mostly there.

I suppose you should be careful what you manifest; you may not know the means through which they will happen, because the path of least resistance may not be entirely obvious to you, or comfortable for you.

On mid-term election day, November 8th, there will be a total lunar eclipse at 16 degrees Taurus, and for many Xennials and older Millennials, this is conjunct our natal Chirons, so we all have that to look forward to, like having your teen diaries stolen and published online with your mailing address and phone number. Not really, but it may feel that way, and the wound of self-worth, of our sense of value and self-value is going to feel naked and sprawled out under the spotlight for everyone to see and scrutinize. Of course, the eyes will most often be our own eyes, but we’re also the last person we really want to have examining our Chiron wounds.

Something about your wound is coming to an abrupt, surprising, or unexpected end. The nice thing would be for all your problems there to just disappear, or perhaps for a good witch to tell you that after 40-44 years of this shit, all you had to do was close your eyes and click your heels together three times while saying, “there’s no place at all.”

But what’s more likely to happen is that something that is either related to the initial trauma that opened the wound or something that continues to pick at it may abruptly end. Considering that on the other side, the sun is in Scorpio flanked by Mercury and Venus, if the self-worth trauma is related to one of those things, something will end, and unfortunately, that can be a lot of things. Maybe after being manipulated and gaslit for years, Mercury in Scorpio uncovered an undeniable truth that no one can ever bury again. Mercury also represents children and young people, so perhaps when you realize that you have shielded your own children from generational trauma and abuse, it clicks that even if you’re hurt, you’ve done well. Venus is love, beauty, and femininity, and the eclipse is in Taurus, so for those of us who experience the trauma of being denied our feminine expression, this may be the time that we can embrace our goddess selves – the toxicity that makes it unsafe to be our true selves is eroding, and at our ages, our oppressors are dying, dead, or looking like shit on Facebook. It may be a safe time to be romantic, or to finally give up on the hustle culture that is so un-Taurean and makes us sick and unfulfilled.

Or maybe all of those things, because a lunar eclipse is a closing. Uranus does things suddenly, dramatically, erratically, spontaneously…although in hindsight, things seemed to happen accidentally on purpose a lot of the time. After all, planes don’t just fall out of the sky: something, usually a series of somethings, had to be fucked up before the seemingly sudden thing fell.

And you may spend a lot of time in Scorpio zone doing forensics to figure out what happened in Taurus. That’s okay. That’s part of the healing.

The eclipse in your own chart

There’s tons of horoscopes out there already. I would suggest reading them for your rising sign as opposed to your sun sign, or, if you use Placidus houses, to read the horoscope according to what house the Taurus eclipse falls in. For me, because I have Pisces rising but Aries intercepted so I have Taurus in the 2nd, I can read the horoscopes for Aries and they’ll be mildly to fairly accurate.

But to add my little bit to all this:

One of things I’m starting to notice is that how an eclipse affects you depends also on not just what sign, but what house and how you tend to handle beginnings and endings. I’m a pretty mutable mutable person, but a lot of that energy is in Virgo, so I don’t like abrupt changes to my routine, but I can go with the flow when the order of the day is change. Does that make sense? But I can handle stuff.

When an eclipse is in a cardinal house or social house (5th and 11th), there will be a material change in your relationships. A lunar eclipse will bring an end to a relationship: people may depart – they could leave you. They could die. You may wake up one day and decide that it’s over. A solar eclipse can create a new relationship, either a brand new relationship with a person or a brand new type of relationship: think getting out of the friend zone or getting married. You could fall in love. You could also acquire a new mortal enemy. You may may also find yourself in contentious relationships such as legal battles or public feuds (7th house) or having problems in the home or family (4th house) especially if the hierarchy shifts (10th house). You may find that your public image changes, your reputation changes or solidifies (10th house).

When an eclipse is in a succedent house, there will be a material change in the things you possess. I don’t mean strictly in 2nd house terms, but the things you rely on as always being yours, like your friends or children (5th house), your hopes and dreams (11th), your sex and your investments (8th house), and your possessions, talents, and tastes (2nd house). A lunar eclipse could be as mild as a change in aesthetics, or as dramatic as say, finding out that your kid is not actually your kid. On the other hand, a solar eclipse could bring new children, new lovers, new possessions or skills, new dreams and new associates. Nothing totally earth-shattering, right? Unless of course, you don’t want that new child, or that new lover is going to come at the expense of your marriage, or an investment is going to go belly up and you have to declare bankruptcy and take a job selling timeshares.

When an eclipse is in a cadent house, there will be a material change in the way you approach life. This could be from the most mundane, from a 3rd house change in how you view your neighborhood or your feelings about reading the news, to a 9th house change in your philosophy or religion. In fact, 9th house eclipses can often be traced to the adoption of a new religion or the abandonment of the religion of origin, though there is often an element of public declaration or denouncement. The 6th house eclipse can bring a change in health and habits, and yes – could manifest as disease, although 8th house eclipses can too, particularly hidden things that were always with you, like genes being triggered or cancer cells become tumors big enough to cause problems you know about. Because these are cadent houses, the change is often due to reaping what you sow. Rarely does a cadent house eclipse bring something that can’t be traced back to you personally.

Eclipses making aspects because fuck you, that’s why

Hey, you know what’s even more fun than a lunar eclipse? A lunar eclipse in the fixed signs making a T-square to Saturn in a fixed sign. Now, this isn’t necessarily bad, where Saturn is transiting in your chart is going to show you where you need to make concrete efforts to either stay the course or making lasting, deliberate efforts in order to get what you want. Because the empty sign is Leo, wherever that is in your chart will show you where you are lacking and what you’re going to use Saturn to fulfill because of the pressure of the lunar eclipse. Me, I’m going to have the lunar eclipse in the 2nd house, with Saturn in the 11th house. My guess is that I’m going to fall back on Leo to ease the pressure – and in my chart, that will be in the 5th house. One possibility is that a talent is either abandoned or is abruptly changed in order to invest in myself, putting pressure on the Saturn experience I’m having with my hopes and dreams, so I may fall back into pleasure or expanding my social circle or creativity in order to build that future (11th house) that I’m now being told to shit or get off the pot with because my sense of what I’m worth is about to die (2nd house) as the old wound that makes me think I have less than I do is going to have a funeral (eclipse on Chiron). Well, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Look back at May 2022

The May solar eclipse happened in Scorpio, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that what started then is ending now. However, unless your life is a wildly changing ones, some of the themes from that time may still be with you now. For example, what did you invest in? What did you lose yourself in? When you went digging in Scorpio, did you bring with you any Taurean gold from the Earth to put in your treasure chest? And what new thing did you surrender too, what dark thing did you embrace in yourself that could be related to the tangible ending that you’re doing now? For those of you Xennials and elder Millennials with that eclipse conjunct your natal Uranus, what change in your personal power and willingness to go there suddenly happened and liberated you?

Don’t worry. You don’t have to tell me. It’s Scorpionic and perhaps a little taboo, right? Or perhaps a little occult, and you want to keep your secrets. No problem. Love it.

Can you do anything magickal with the eclipse?

YES. Some people don’t because eclipse energy can be intense and unpredictable, and will be even more so with Uranus there. However, I find that riding the chaos wave is a good way to initiate a change that you’re not sure how to start on your own. The thing is that you have to be cool with unseen methods, like really cool with them, even more so than when you’re doing magick any other time. You want something to end? Don’t care how it happens? Do it Tuesday. Cause you never know what will happen – cause maybe one day you think “gee, I sure would like to get that dent fixed but I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg at the body shop,” and then someone backs into you while you’re driving through the parking garage and that dent just so happens to be on a panel that’s wrecked enough that it has to be replaced, but the other driver’s insurance accepts 100% fault.

Though I am curious to see how this kind of letting go will work using the energy of the axis of control (Taurus/Scorpio). So, let’s come back at next eclipse and see what happened.

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