Relationship Astrology is a game of MASH: Don’t Forget the 4th House

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Weddings used to the be the rite of passage in which adults (or those deemed to be adult enough) left the homes of their parents and entered into home life together. Now, we can all live with whomever we choose for as long as we choose, so the rite has changed and, I think, it has become rather irrelevant as a gross display of wealth most couples don’t really have to spare (or their parents). While I think marriage is still valid, I’m not so sure weddings are. I read somewhere that the bigger the wedding, the more likely the marriage would end in divorce. Hm. A distraction from the real issues? Lack of financial planning?

What we forget is that, if marriage is the goal, then there is a journey that doesn’t end at the wedding. It is to have a home. Too often, astrologers tend to look at the 5th house and the 7th house (and to a lesser extent, the 8th house) to understand relationship dynamics. However, it is the nature of the 4th house, the ruler of the home, the sign, it’s ruler and the conditions related to it and how those interplay between charts and work in composite charts that determine whether or not a couple will stay together, for better or for worse, in harmony.