Casting Charts for Weddings

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I went to a wedding last night for a relative who isn’t legally a relative because I’m not legally married to her father. In a sense, I have a stepdaughter and now a stepson I don’t actually know very well. Someday, I may be a young step-grandmother. I actually like that idea a lot.

There is something magickal about weddings, despite my misgivings about the political nature of the whole thing. The ritual attempts to crystallize the magick that we can’t see, the bringing together of two karmically connected souls.

If you get married, you have karma. If you go through the ritual and the commitment, you have karma, no matter what happens in the end. I don’t think I have done a single synastry reading where there was no karma.

There is something frightening about a wedding though. I don’t have children of my own, so I don’t know what it feels like to have that fear of the unknown for something I have created, but if every man and every woman is a star, and if each star is meant to move in a path without interference, and if we cannot know the future, then we cannot really know what will be for our children, what they will create, and what is ultimately good for them. All paths, unique as they are, ultimately lead to the same place, the true will, without interfering with the true will of another, leads to that path. Thus, we can only hope that they find happiness, the indicator that they are on a true path, one we cannot create for them and one we cannot know beforehand.

It was a lovely ceremony, and it simply felt good. The vibe was wonderful. I like my in-laws, and I like being around them. I like talking to them, which is weird, because I have never otherwise been a family person. So it may be my desire to see all of their stars move in the sky as they will that enhances the sense I get. And maybe it was also because the bride herself was bubbling over with infectious joy. And maybe I needed to see something idealistic to combat the stark realism of my latest Saturn transit to my natal Sun. But I am a claustrophobic, and this wedding was indoors, and when I feel there is something wrong, or off, I cannot handle the energy and try to get outside and away, but I didn’t.

And we never know what the future will bring, but being me, I cast an event chart for the wedding anyway.

Suffice it to say — in contrast — this is not the easiest chart for a wedding.


Cowardice in the Chart: Mars in Aspect to Saturn or Chiron

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**** TRIGGER WARNING: Normally, I wouldn’t write this. Hell, I’m usually too busy right now to update this blog on a regular basis. However, this particular post seems to have caused some serious chafing for some people, like SERIOUS chafing. Ironically, they all use fake email addresses. Anyway: I’m an astrologer, not a wet nurse. The biggest unkindness I could do is to write about a hard aspect and tell those who have it that it’s okay, to just spend their lives ignoring the nagging desire. We’re living in Brave New World, and those who will be forged and fortified by the crucible and the anvil need to get under the hammer sooner rather than later.  But I may have to take this down as work and school are giving me less time to monitor the trolls.

A lot of girls and young women seem to really take this personally, their comments res ipsa loquitur, but I just get rid of them. I’ve been told that as a practitioner, I don’t have a right (?) to post this observation because it might bother someone (?), or that not quoting another published practitioner who observed the same thing before I did (also, ?) somehow makes my observations illegitimate. There is a time and place for citing authority, but what authority would I cite when it’s my own idea and my own words and my own observations? I’m a third year law student and I edit an academic journal, and I tell you now that that’s not how it works. Some of things they say are grotesque; they conflate having stress and anxiety with cowardice, or say that trauma victims are cowards and therefore, I’m picking on trauma victims, or some other insanity.

Interestingly, everyone who loses their shit over this article just assumes I personally have no experience with this aspect, or don’t have it in my chart, or they simply haven’t bothered to read the rest of this blog and find out that I’m not living a life of a superhero, free of struggles. But I erase a lot of the emotional outbursts in the comments because I think as women, we can all do better than be stereotypes, especially since the outbursts conflate cowardice with mental illness and emotional sensitivity.***


But vanilla is still tasty, right?

And let me qualify the title by explaining that I do not believe in an uncontrollable destiny, or that people have fate and no free will. But, astrologically speaking, the world isn’t full of would-be rock stars whom everyone is too stupid to recognize. Not every person is born with an insatiable hunger, raw talent, and the luck or circumstances to become wildly successful. Not everyone is wild stallion meant to forge a new path. Not every person who has potential will fulfill it. The world is full of people who are average, no matter how their social media looks, no matter what they were told in grade school.  Not everyone is driven to greatness. Most will not go for the brass ring. Fewer still will keep going after they have reached up and failed to grasp it.Cosmically, this is fine. There is no need to have anxiety over how much we lack fame and fortune. Greatness and recognition are two different things, though we often confuse the two. In fact, the people who will have the most impact on the world, for better or for worse, are not celebrities. No one ever heard of the Koch brothers until 2008, even though they have been fueling American conservatives with money for decades. Most people didn’t know who Elon Musk was until Tesla Motors hit the news; he co-founded Paypal. Most people don’t know the name of one scientist who has helped to sequence the human genome. On the other hand, we have celebutantes who are famous for doing fuck-all.

But not everyone will sequence the human genome, or find the cure for cancer. Some of us will do a kind thing that really helps someone turn their life around, or is instrumental in saving the life of others. Perhaps it is part of someone’s purpose to be born and die so their organs can be donated and allow someone else to live. We are all on earth to do many things, and many of those things fulfill us, and the only two things that get in our way is ourselves and other people.

It can be difficult to tell from a natal chart whether or not a person is living up to their potential. Even if you look at a lifetime of progressions and transits, it can be hard to tell if a person seized the day. Planets on the Aries Points, planets conjunct the Midheaven and in the 10th house may mean someone more easily ends up in the public eye for whatever that planet represents, whether they like it or not. Fame is not actualization, and it is not living up to one’s soul potential. However, there are a few indicators or whether or not a person has both the motivation and the courage to realize as an individual as well as the perseverance to keep moving toward their individual fulfillment.

Astrological Google Searches I

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One of the things you’ll notice about my blog is that it is meant to teach serious students of astrology. Right now, I don’t have much that is basic, but when the semester ends, I may put up descriptions of the signs, houses, and planets. But for now…

…here is a collection of things based on google searches to this blog:

1) Aquarians are generally smart. Except when they’re not. Actually, there is no way to tell from a sun sign alone if a person is intelligent. Look to Mercury, the 3rd house, the 6th house, and the 9th house.  Also, see if Mercury makes strong aspects to the moon, Mars, or Uranus.

2) Aquarians can wear lipstick if they want to. What kind of lipstick they should wear has more to do with their rising sign and the placement of Venus.

3) fuck you kim davis indeed.

4) Making friends in law school is something I am still trying to figure out. I’m always slow to make friends, and I find being in the same classes with the same people day in, day out, makes me claustrophobic. For Sagittarians, absence makes the heart grow fonder. One of the things I realized early on is that law school is all about conforming, and to conform, you must compromise and be like the hegemonic group, which is the average. If you’re wondering how to make friends in law school, you are not average. Take solace.

5) Mars in the 8th house in synastry can be very sexy and explosive. If someone has their mars in your 8th house, you really want to fuck this person, be near them, and fight with them. They push your buttons, all of them. However, this type of relationship can also be obsessive if other factors are present, and it may destroy you from within, especially if the Mars person is emotionally volatile. Where is your Mars? If you have a weak Mars, this person may run roughshod on you, or may be the Christian Gray to your Anastasia. Hopefully, your love story is written better.

6) Pluto in the 1st house solar return: when this happened to me, I came into a sense of my own personal power. Actually, in the place I was in, I became a villain of sorts, because I would not conform. A villain like Hester Prynne is a villain, I guess, or her daughter Pearl. I actually had a very fulfilling sexual fling, no strings, for the first time in my life, and it was intense, but it was the first sexual relationship I ever had for the joy of it. I was, however, manipulative and impatient with other people; I found that the street went both ways, and that while I was trying to get into the heads of others, others were trying to manipulate me. I had power struggles at work, but I knew that I was playing the game for a year, while the others were playing for keeps. I also burned some bridges. However, I came out of that year with a sense of my own personal power.

7) love relationship for venus synastry mars people for 2015: If you want to do a predictive chart for a couple, skip the synastry and do a composite chart instead. This is the way to divine what may happen in a relationship for any given year. Synastry charts are two individuals compared, and to tell you the truth, once the relationship is established, they are no longer really necessary.

8) unemployed most of my saturn return AND yes, i actually went mad during the saturn return: me too!

Born in the Wrong Place, the Wrong Time, the Wrong Planet

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Those of us with natal oppositions, or two planets 180 degrees from each other, are people at odds with ourselves and our environment. If we consider that the early environment, our first relationships, and our personal origins are in the birth chart, oppositions can manifest not just as internal, but external struggles.

Just to clarify a few things:

Squares are not just oppositions that don’t suck as much. On those note, sextiles aren’t just trines that aren’t as much fun. All aspects have their own manifestations, characteristics, and possible expressions. Even though squares and oppositions tend to be challenging, they are not the same.

Consider this: two people don’t like or understand each other. In reality, they are very alike, and this is what they hate about each other. Unfortunately, they are locked in a room together, and they are tethered together with a rope around their waists. However, theyre trying to walk away from each other. They get as far as they can until the rope is pulled tight. In order to keep away from each other, all they can do now is walk in a circle around the room. They are always on opposite ends of the room. They are experiencing the opposite ends of the room. They see out of different windows. They bump into different types of furniture.

They, stop turn around, and face each other. Each person knows that the other person is experiencing a different part of the room, but they can only see what the other person is doing. One person sees that the other is by the window. They can see the window and the other person by the window. However, because they are watching the other person, they bump into a footstool.  The person by the window can see the person bumping into a footstool. What they cannot see themselves is that the sun is shining through the window behind them.

This is important. The planets FACE each other. They are looking at each other head on. They have an insight into the other planet. They know what the other planet wants to do and where they want to go. They just won’t let them. They can tell them, but they arent experiencing it, just looking at it from a distance.

T-Squares and the Missing Sign: The Astrological Witching Rod

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*DO NOT GET HUNG UP ON PLANETARY ASPECTS.* They’re not the thing most indicative of the nature of the person. The late David Roell of (may he rest in peace) was a traditional astrologer I can immediately think of as being the one to drive this idea home the most. The importance of aspects between planets is not top priority. Planets, their placement in the houses, then relationship to each other, then placement in the signs, is the order of priority. Not all aspects are created equal either. The T-square is one, however, that does make it to the top of the list of planetary aspects that should receive attention, because the tension will alter the way that the planets function and how the native uses them.
The general consensus is that the T-square, composed of two planets in opposition that are both squaring another planet, is a planetary aspect pattern in which the two opposing planets allow the tension between them to funnel onto the planet squaring them. The planets are (usually) within the same mode. Thus, the solution is to “fill in” missing sign in the same mode. This is usually done for the native with a Grand Cross, who has two oppositions in his or her chart, with the planets in one opposition making squares to the planets in the other opposition. If you connect the planets with lines, a square will appear.
The T-square connected is a small triangle, half of a square. This aspect pattern is fairly common, and seen in the charts of many successful people, so it is written. Well, okay, that makes sense: people who have this sort of tension have a need to release the energy of the planet most under pressure, so they would be driven to succeed. However, I’m hesitant to say that the T-square is indicative of a person who will be successful. Driven, perhaps, to something, somewhere, that may or may not translate to worldly success. This drive may not manifest into something in the physical world that the rest of us can appreciate. To say that the T-square is correlated with success is sort of like making the mistake of saying that planets or angles connected to the Aries Points are indicative of fame. The T-square is an itch to scratch, and if we need a socially appropriate outlet, or if we happen to have been born in a station in the world that allows us an outlet that can bring home the bacon, then well, okay, success.