Panic! Mars/Uranus/Pluto T-Square!

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Panic! Crazy accidents! Sudden illnesses! The shit is bananas and it is hitting the fan!

Mars is in detriment in Libra, opposing Uranus in Aries, and holding the reins of this T-square is Pluto in Capricorn. Do you have a fever yet? I do. In fact, I have the flu for the first time in seven or eight years, just before my final exams. I actually dont get sick very much anymore since developing an over-active immune system (psoriasis). Therefore, I have nothing in my home to help with the illness, since I dont often need to prepare for illness.

Has the shit hit the fan for you? What has happened at the worst possible time for you? Is the sky falling right now?

But wait. Seriously. Take a deep breath. It isnt as bad as it seems, and if you keep your head, you will find that it will be okay.

With a T-square, the opposition tends to take center stage, with the apex planet balancing the two, or, being the point where the energy of tension seems to collect. When Mars opposes Uranus, sudden change, brilliance, accidents, and collective insanity seem to take center stage. The energy is building up at Pluto in Capricorn, which would rather dig deep and resolve the problem without rashness.

That is the key. Use Pluto in Capricorn. Dont do anything drastic, even if you really feel pushed to making a snap decision. It may not be in your best interest, especially in your best financial or social interest.

For example: you get into a car accident and it is your fault. You dont have the funds to cover the repairs, and you dont know what your insurance will cover. You cant get to work without a car. You will lose your home. Everything will fall apart.

Or will it? Lets look at what you could do in this situation. Do you have any credit, anywhere? Do you have other ways to make money from home? Do you have any skills you can freelance, even if you hate the work? Can you take the bus?

Pluto in Capricorn is not going to give you a solution that you enjoy. What it will do is make you dig deep and find fortitude or perish. You have a choice between your pride or humility. Saturn conjunct the Sun square Neptune kind of already tells us that we have to choose between pride or vision anyway, and it takes balls to follow a vision (Mars opposing Uranus) and adapt.

What house is Cancer in for you? Use the T-square witching rod to figure out not only what thing your panick and sudden change will hit upon, but how you will handle it. If you have done a lot of personal work to overcome things like anxiety, you may find it coming back to bite you in the ass, especially if you have been conditioned to be anxious and react hastily to change. What is missing in Cancer? Cancer is where you feel secure. It is where you have a sense of being protected. You may not have a mother to run to, but you may have a way of nurturing yourself through this.


T-Squares and the Missing Sign: The Astrological Witching Rod

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*DO NOT GET HUNG UP ON PLANETARY ASPECTS.* They’re not the thing most indicative of the nature of the person. The late David Roell of (may he rest in peace) was a traditional astrologer I can immediately think of as being the one to drive this idea home the most. The importance of aspects between planets is not top priority. Planets, their placement in the houses, then relationship to each other, then placement in the signs, is the order of priority. Not all aspects are created equal either. The T-square is one, however, that does make it to the top of the list of planetary aspects that should receive attention, because the tension will alter the way that the planets function and how the native uses them.
The general consensus is that the T-square, composed of two planets in opposition that are both squaring another planet, is a planetary aspect pattern in which the two opposing planets allow the tension between them to funnel onto the planet squaring them. The planets are (usually) within the same mode. Thus, the solution is to “fill in” missing sign in the same mode. This is usually done for the native with a Grand Cross, who has two oppositions in his or her chart, with the planets in one opposition making squares to the planets in the other opposition. If you connect the planets with lines, a square will appear.
The T-square connected is a small triangle, half of a square. This aspect pattern is fairly common, and seen in the charts of many successful people, so it is written. Well, okay, that makes sense: people who have this sort of tension have a need to release the energy of the planet most under pressure, so they would be driven to succeed. However, I’m hesitant to say that the T-square is indicative of a person who will be successful. Driven, perhaps, to something, somewhere, that may or may not translate to worldly success. This drive may not manifest into something in the physical world that the rest of us can appreciate. To say that the T-square is correlated with success is sort of like making the mistake of saying that planets or angles connected to the Aries Points are indicative of fame. The T-square is an itch to scratch, and if we need a socially appropriate outlet, or if we happen to have been born in a station in the world that allows us an outlet that can bring home the bacon, then well, okay, success.