Frequently Asked Questions

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var originalWidth = imageDimensions[0];
var originalHeight = imageDimensions[1];
var focalPoint = imageEl.dataset.imageFocalPoint.split(‘,’);
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var focalPointY = focalPoint[1];
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var getRelativeOffset = function getRelativeOffset() {
var targetWidth = Math.ceil(originalWidth * scale);
var targetHeight = Math.ceil(originalHeight * scale);
var parentDimensionWidth = parentNode.offsetWidth;
var parentDimensionHeight = parentNode.offsetHeight;
var overflowWidth = targetWidth – parentDimensionWidth;
var overflowHeight = targetHeight – parentDimensionHeight;
var valueX;

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var relativeOffset = getRelativeOffset();
var valueX = relativeOffset.valueX;
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Frequently asked questions

I was looking for cookie-cutter astrology. i don’t have the attention span for this! what is this?

This is an astrology blog belonging to an astrologer using astrology and discussing astrology in the context of the every day. This isn’t for teaching you basic astrology, but rather to teach you to synthesize astrology…and to give you an idea of what sort of astrologer I am.

You can find cookie cutter, bite-sized instruction everywhere else. What you can’t easily find is someone explaining how this sort of occult practice works when trying to understand the world.

What do You Need for an Astrology Session?

I need a birth date, birth time, and birth location for an accurate reading. If you’re missing the birth time, I can help you rectify that, but it’s best to have something I can work with because rectification takes forever, and you may notice that I don’t offer that service right now.

What do You want to know about before a session?

I just want the bare minimum. You can give me some background, but I don’t want your entire life story. First, it clouds my judgment. Astrology doesn’t care who you are in the world and what you do, but people do, and I’m human. Second, having to take in a lot beforehand can make it difficult to focus on what really matters.

Also, if you do astrology (and most of you do), it’s fine to tell me what you may want to talk about in particular in your chart or charts, but I may see your chart differently and want to discuss other things.

With that being said, there’s actually a whole lot of things I don’t need. I don’t need your name, or your favorite cereal, or who you were in a past life. Use your judgment. If I need more, I’ll ask.

Can I record the reading?

Yes. However, Illinois is a two-party consent state, so ask my permission first. Also, if you’re going to share the reading, please let me know.

Should I do video or voice?

It’s up to you. Whatever you’re more comfortable with. I have no preference.

Do you offer written reports?

I do for Just One Question, which I can answer in an email. I don’t have any computer-generated readings, and I don’t think I’ll be offering any in the near future. It’s too much to type up everything that would go into an analysis or session and a written report has no flexibility. You get whatever I want to talk about in a written report, and that has limited utility.

Can I have a copy of my chart?

Yes. But ask me so I remember to send it to you to work along with me or just to have afterward.

How long are sessions?

Typically analyses and sessions are 90 to 120 minutes or so. I don’t set an alarm when they start.

Are these confidential?

Yes. I don’t share your chart or information. The charts I reference in my blog aren’t client charts, and since I don’t record sessions or write long field notes, I tend to forget the particulars within a couple weeks anyway.