What Happens If You Fight Your Saturn Return?

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I hit the reset button when I had my Saturn return back in 2009. Recreating a life isn’t an easy task, and six years later, I’m still working on it. If I were on the same track, I suppose life would be very different. I may have had children. I may have been a homeowner. But that was wrong for me, and all the things leading me in that direction fell away. If I stubbornly stayed on course, even if I COULD have controlled all the factors in my life, I would have missed out on all the things I have now, and all the things that are great. I was recently doing a chart for someone beginning her Saturn Return, and I didn’t want to talk too much about it, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I realized last night that in the past few years, I have grown out of the habit of fantasizing that I were someone else. I want to be me now.

The thing with the Saturn Return is that Saturn goes retrograde and then returns again 2-3 years later, like aftershocks following an earthquake. You think that the coast is clear, and then tremors again. This makes sense; Saturn is patience, and we must wait out the entire ordeal. Unlike a Uranus aspect, the change is gradual. One day, it dawns on you that you’re different now.