Insane Little Ways to Discover a Person’s Sun Sign

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I usually don’t do gimmicky astrology on my site. The truth is that I’ve become more fond of it in my old age because I like the little ways that astrology applies. Yes, you can buy gifts by a person’s Venus sign, or make a person a superb dinner based on their Moon sign. Call me a Sagittarius, but I think that there is no point in studying anything if you must take it seriously all the time…much to my law professors’ collective chagrin.


This is pretty much what I did in 1L.


But if you think about it, most astrologers are first introduced to the art through newspaper horoscopes and lighthearted articles. I think perhaps the best thing astrologers can do is to write well no matter what they write, because in the end, I’m really tired of looking at my Facebook feed and seeing pictures that list Capricorn as a hot and sensuous lover.


Here’s Why You’re Trying Way too Hard: Singleton Planets in the Birth Chart

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Today and tomorrow, I have to power through all of my assignments because we are celebrating my boyfriends birthday on Sunday, and I have to not have to hand in outlines or writing assignments that day. But I have been wanting to make a proper post for a while. Law school is probably going well; I cant tell hubris from performance quite yet, and I have learned that I have a ten-minute window to gtfo out of class on Thursday and on a train before they get so crowded I have to wait them out. Now, I shake with excitement on Thursdays because I can head home and do the rest of my work in my pajamas and not have to set an alarm for the next day and I can listen to Robbie Robertson on my iPod classic and pretend that Im not a grown up yet.

Im a man with a clear destination. Im a man with a broad imagination.

One of the best things about being in school is that I know that the work doesnt carry the same gravity as paid work; that I am learning and that I have a lot of time to learn. I am happy though that I am going as an adult now, and I am learning that maturity is a relative thing. I have a classmate who just turned 27 and is lamenting her old age already. I have recently come back to gratitude in having long telomeres and a general refusal to get older.

*There is a secret to not growing old, or at least, aging very slowly. Perhaps I will share this at some point, but I will give you a hint: there is a definite mind-body connection there.*

But when hyper focused on something that one feels they have to compensate for all the time, there is usually an astrological indicator. One of those is having a single planet in an element.

Astrology Tidbits I

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6th/12th house axis: This is a magical axis where reaching into the abyss (12th house) and succumbing to cosmic forces is contrained and manipulated in the material world through ritual (6th house). For those so inclined, having a strong 6th/12th house axis tend toward ritual magick of some sort, whether actual ritual, kitchen witchery, making charms, etc.

The 2nd house can indicate how one values ones body, aesthetically. It is personal adornment (jewelry) and manner of clothing, to some extent. A person who tends to put a lot of emphasis on their looks by using personal products tends to have a strong 2nd house emphasis, or works out a lot to achieve a certain look.

It is not easy to do a natal analysis for a younger person. Part of the reason is because they havent lived long enough to have fully experienced their chart, and partially because they may be quicker to deny their dark side or the traits that dont readily manifest through their persona. Usually, they are not coming to you for guidance so much an explanation. Tread lightly, but honestly.

Mercury retrograde can indicate a person who is very, very good at one form of communication but has difficulties with another. For example, they may write very well, but be very poor public speakers and may stammer or stutter. They may speak very well but have difficulty writing, and may even be dyslexic. Check the houses ruled by Gemini and Mercury to get an idea of their strengths and weaknesses. Gemini tends to be better at talking and Virgo better at writing.