Trying Something New: Astrology Through Narrative

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In a way, inspired by Fernanda, I’m going to try something new: I am going to teach astrology through memoir. First, my second year of law school is turning out to be a motherfucker of a year, and like most motherfuckers, it is an infuriating and exhilarating mix of stress, excitement, joy, and feeling inadequate. I am on a journal. I am taking a full course load. I am a law clerk for a nice, small law firm that covers everything and is run by partners who are not in law for the money. I have some side gigs, too. I have some nice personal developments. I am, however, short on time and discipline to indulge my creativity or do any writing, much less comedy, which I miss terribly. I am short on funds as a student, and from growing up poor, I knew that I could make up for that by giving up time, but I don’t have that either. I will not be baking my own bread or making my own soap any time soon.

Second, astrology is experienced by people, and it reflects experience. Of course, not everything that happens in one’s life is a pure expression of any astrological aspect or circumstance, but sometimes, some stories just seem to crystallize what I want to say, and could better convey the lesson than what I would normally write.

So I am going to try to illustrate astrology through memoir, and when I get comfortable, through fiction. While it can be difficult to write about a person in just one dimension, I think it is possible to create a story to illustrate one facet of their overall make up.




Eight Reasons Why You Should Get Over Finding Your Soul Mate

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The South Node is transiting my ascendant. When this transit occurs, one of the things that happens is that people from your past or whom you already know seek you out, and they can often be of great help, since this transit can be a struggle to move forward and not rely on old habits and ways of being.

You may also meet people from your past whom you haven’t actually met yet.

I think I met another soul mate recently. Wonder and awkward, as these things are. Actually, as a working astrologer, I notice that clients who come to me out of the blue have some sort of karmic connection to me, whether we knew each other in a past life, or were fated to become acquainted in this one. If someone asks me if they will ever meet their soul mate, I refrain from saying that they just did, though I know that this isn’t what they mean.

Well, you could do worse.

So, chances are, if you are here, and if you want astrology services, we are soul mates.

The problem with soul mates, fundamentally, is that they’re still people, and so are you. And you won’t get to fuck every soul mate you have. That is physically impossible — because there is no time, and even still, there are some you simply don’t want to be intimate with like that, like with say, siblings. You may not even want to be around soul mates because finished business should be left finished.

The problem with soul mates, for many, is that we tend to confuse meeting our soul mates with romance, because the feelings are similar enough, and we may be scared to meet soul mates because we don’t want to create a romantic connection. Thus, we think of people we are karmically connected to as romantic partners from the distant past. Many rely on a worn out idea that a soul mate is a dream lover whom we incarnate to find over and over again, fall in love with in a blaze of glory until we die and do the same damned thing again, because we always think that attraction must mean sexual attraction, or that all attraction ultimately express itself or culminate in sexual attraction.

Get over it. Hollywood lied to you.

If You’re 36 to 42, Don’t Give Up Now! You’re Too Stupid to Fail.

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The loss of a dream can be the birth of a new one.

I know that I have posted on this before here and here, but I want to add something hopeful to the mix.

If you’re about 36 to 42, you may be feeling a bit of despair right now, especially if you are still working toward unfulfilled dreams. Setbacks and obstacles may be in your way, or you may simply be thinking about how much time it has taken to get here and how much more time it will take to get where you want to be.

Or maybe you feel that you have nothing to hope for right now.

It’s okay. Right now, Saturn is transiting your natal Neptune, and one of issues that arises is denial of dreams. You may feel that life is going nowhere. You may also feel that whatever you strive to do simply dissolves, that your hard work seems to peter into nothing. You may question your competence. You may also be overcome with worry about things that are either inflated concerns or things that may not actually happen.

Now, this may actually be a time where the universe tells you to let go of an unfeasible dream. At this point in your life, you are now too old to become famous as a singer in a boy band, so if you have this dream, it is probably a good time to give it up. It may also be a good time for you to give up fantasies of being rich and famous if there is no reason for you to be rich or famous.

But Saturn and Neptune make strange alchemy, and despair is a realist’s position. It could be that you keep on, and perhaps make your dreams a reality because right now,  you are too stupid to fail. No, you’re not stupid, even if you actually feel stupid right now. This feeling tends to plague those born with a natal hard aspect between Saturn and Neptune. Okay, so you won’t be rich or famous simply by being you. Instead, focus on being successful at things you can actually do and produce. That’s what Saturn tells you to do. Neptune can inoculate it with a little imagination, because even a hard aspect is still an awakening of a natal planet.

Do you know anyone who is successful and doesn’t seem to deserve it? Have you ever worked for a Michael Scott, a boss who shouldn’t be boss? Can you think of anyone who is rich and famous but who doesn’t really have any talent? Yes, we can. Often, what they have that you don’t have is 1) grit, and 2) the stupidity to not realize that they’re incompetent or lacking.

Those who are incompetent tend to not realize that they’re incompetent, so they keep chugging along. Often, they’re genuinely surprised when they don’t do something well. It has been studied, and is known as the Dunning-Kruger effect. You can use this to your advantage.

Now, I don’t mean that you should half-ass things (as can happen when Neptune transits your natal Saturn), but that you should forget that you could fail at something. It is a given that whatever you do, you could fail. This is often scary enough to keep people from trying, but it is a reality that cannot be wished away, and right now, Saturn won’t let you do it.

If you forget that you can fail, you can fake your way into grit. This way, each failure is just a setback, a stepping stone, an option to try something different. Is that not fundamentally stupid? Yep. Can it work? Absolutely.

You are part of the generation of big dreams, with Neptune in Sagittarius, and Sagittarius is the sign of sheer dumb luck. Two hurdles to success is to convince yourself and to convince others. If you can convince others, you win. If you can convince yourself, you also win.

This transit can also be a moment that is telling you that in order to get what you want, you have to work. Work applied to inspiration cultivates talent into a skill that can be applied.

And know that if it is time to let go of a dream, it may be because it is time to make room for a new one. Saturn is a karmic planet, and when he comes around and rains on your parade, it is is because he’s trying to tell you that the parade is moving in the wrong direction.



Everything but the Moon, Venus, and Mars and the love houses: Synastry Tips II

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This is an extension of a previous post, Part I.


Look for the Vertex. The Vertex is a mathematical point that tends to have a fated quality. Where and when you will meet important people will often be shown by the vertex. They tend to be inspirational, in that they help you become the you that you should be. Conversely, they can teach you a hard karmic lesson, but in the end, that is usually what you need. The vertex shows up in the 5, 6, 7, and 8th houses. Think back to the times when you meet the most important people in your life. Is it through romance and play (5th house)? What about work, school, or service (6th house)? How about when you have already made another commitment, or were concentrating on someone else (7th house)? How about if you meet them during times of personal transformation or engaging in business (8th house)? The people we fall in love with are no different.

Now, to clarify the vertex in the 7th house…

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Here’s Why You’re Trying Way too Hard: Singleton Planets in the Birth Chart

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Today and tomorrow, I have to power through all of my assignments because we are celebrating my boyfriends birthday on Sunday, and I have to not have to hand in outlines or writing assignments that day. But I have been wanting to make a proper post for a while. Law school is probably going well; I cant tell hubris from performance quite yet, and I have learned that I have a ten-minute window to gtfo out of class on Thursday and on a train before they get so crowded I have to wait them out. Now, I shake with excitement on Thursdays because I can head home and do the rest of my work in my pajamas and not have to set an alarm for the next day and I can listen to Robbie Robertson on my iPod classic and pretend that Im not a grown up yet.

Im a man with a clear destination. Im a man with a broad imagination.

One of the best things about being in school is that I know that the work doesnt carry the same gravity as paid work; that I am learning and that I have a lot of time to learn. I am happy though that I am going as an adult now, and I am learning that maturity is a relative thing. I have a classmate who just turned 27 and is lamenting her old age already. I have recently come back to gratitude in having long telomeres and a general refusal to get older.

*There is a secret to not growing old, or at least, aging very slowly. Perhaps I will share this at some point, but I will give you a hint: there is a definite mind-body connection there.*

But when hyper focused on something that one feels they have to compensate for all the time, there is usually an astrological indicator. One of those is having a single planet in an element.

Yes, you are going crazy, but see where things go: The Saturn Square Neptune Transit

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Last night, we had a section dinner in which we sat at tables with some of our classmates, a person from the law school, and an alumni. Our school chaplain sat with us, and I thought Thank the GOD I dont believe in.‘ If I have to deal with any more lawyer stuff, my head will explode. I want to be reminded that there is actually a world out there that we hope to serve after all of this mind-twisting. Being my brash, irreverent self, and having grown up around clergy to assume they’re human, and being a non-traditional student in which I was once on the same level as most of my superiors are now, I’m not adjusting to being a student well. 

I thought this was a perfect time then to discuss an upcoming transit that will affect me and many of you.

Neptune is squaring Saturn right now, and will really hit the fan in a couple of months, and mind-twisting sort of sums it up. I feel bad for those going through their Saturn returns now. When Saturn and Neptune square, there is a conflict between what is concrete, what grows slowly in the real world, and must be accounted for, and the world of dreams, of the spirit, of images and thoughts. On one hand, it is dreaming real, so long as one uses the Saturnian energy to stick it out, hold onto the dream, and do the work to make it real. On the other hand, it can dissolve our desire and sense of duty and cause us to lose heart when we think were slipping. This is like being late for work and having to walk on ice. You either have to risk being late by walking carefully, or you have to run the risk of falling on your face by keeping the pace. You still run the risk of slipping and falling even if you walk carefully. Will you sit on the sidewalk if you slip and fall and cry for the rest of the day over your back luck, or will you get up and keep going?

Happy Birthday: The Solar Return Tells You What to Expect

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Solar returns are forecasts for the upcoming year. They can be read largely like a natal return chart, but are transient and focused more on events that may shape you rather than who you are in essence. Make sense? I hope so.

Because the solar return chart is a chart of transits, there is a good chance that what you are experiencing now will carry over into the next year. I have had transiting Neptune opposing my natal Mars/North Node and recently, opposing Jupiter. This is going to remain for a few years, and will certainly show up in some manner in my solar return chart.

To cast a solar return chart, you can either use your astrology software to create a chart automatically, or you can use an ephemeris to determine when the sun will be at the exact degree and minute that it was when you were born. This creates an entirely new chart. For the sake of not having to painstakingly create a chart whole cloth, by hand (which does have its merits), make one on the computer.

This is Why You Have No Friends

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Look to the signs on the 5th house, the 7th house, and the 11th house, in that order, to figure out how you make friends. Then, look at the rulers of those houses and see what is going on with them. Usually, by the time one is an adult, they are already aware of how easily they make friends, what kinds of friends they attract and/or prefer, and under what conditions they make friends. However, some people just aren’t geared toward having a busy social life and may benefit from a deeper understanding (especially if the rulers of any of those houses is intercepted or in the 12th house).

Like many things astrological, where a person is insecure is complex. One of the first places to look at is the sun. If you consider Dane Rhudyar’s mystical work, and that the sun is bright but also casts a shadow on the other side, where you are insecure is a combination of the sign and house of the sun and also the sign and house opposite the sun.

T-Squares and the Missing Sign: The Astrological Witching Rod

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*DO NOT GET HUNG UP ON PLANETARY ASPECTS.* They’re not the thing most indicative of the nature of the person. The late David Roell of (may he rest in peace) was a traditional astrologer I can immediately think of as being the one to drive this idea home the most. The importance of aspects between planets is not top priority. Planets, their placement in the houses, then relationship to each other, then placement in the signs, is the order of priority. Not all aspects are created equal either. The T-square is one, however, that does make it to the top of the list of planetary aspects that should receive attention, because the tension will alter the way that the planets function and how the native uses them.
The general consensus is that the T-square, composed of two planets in opposition that are both squaring another planet, is a planetary aspect pattern in which the two opposing planets allow the tension between them to funnel onto the planet squaring them. The planets are (usually) within the same mode. Thus, the solution is to “fill in” missing sign in the same mode. This is usually done for the native with a Grand Cross, who has two oppositions in his or her chart, with the planets in one opposition making squares to the planets in the other opposition. If you connect the planets with lines, a square will appear.
The T-square connected is a small triangle, half of a square. This aspect pattern is fairly common, and seen in the charts of many successful people, so it is written. Well, okay, that makes sense: people who have this sort of tension have a need to release the energy of the planet most under pressure, so they would be driven to succeed. However, I’m hesitant to say that the T-square is indicative of a person who will be successful. Driven, perhaps, to something, somewhere, that may or may not translate to worldly success. This drive may not manifest into something in the physical world that the rest of us can appreciate. To say that the T-square is correlated with success is sort of like making the mistake of saying that planets or angles connected to the Aries Points are indicative of fame. The T-square is an itch to scratch, and if we need a socially appropriate outlet, or if we happen to have been born in a station in the world that allows us an outlet that can bring home the bacon, then well, okay, success.

Astrology Tidbits I

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6th/12th house axis: This is a magical axis where reaching into the abyss (12th house) and succumbing to cosmic forces is contrained and manipulated in the material world through ritual (6th house). For those so inclined, having a strong 6th/12th house axis tend toward ritual magick of some sort, whether actual ritual, kitchen witchery, making charms, etc.

The 2nd house can indicate how one values ones body, aesthetically. It is personal adornment (jewelry) and manner of clothing, to some extent. A person who tends to put a lot of emphasis on their looks by using personal products tends to have a strong 2nd house emphasis, or works out a lot to achieve a certain look.

It is not easy to do a natal analysis for a younger person. Part of the reason is because they havent lived long enough to have fully experienced their chart, and partially because they may be quicker to deny their dark side or the traits that dont readily manifest through their persona. Usually, they are not coming to you for guidance so much an explanation. Tread lightly, but honestly.

Mercury retrograde can indicate a person who is very, very good at one form of communication but has difficulties with another. For example, they may write very well, but be very poor public speakers and may stammer or stutter. They may speak very well but have difficulty writing, and may even be dyslexic. Check the houses ruled by Gemini and Mercury to get an idea of their strengths and weaknesses. Gemini tends to be better at talking and Virgo better at writing.