Trying Something New: Astrology Through Narrative

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In a way, inspired by Fernanda, I’m going to try something new: I am going to teach astrology through memoir. First, my second year of law school is turning out to be a motherfucker of a year, and like most motherfuckers, it is an infuriating and exhilarating mix of stress, excitement, joy, and feeling inadequate. I am on a journal. I am taking a full course load. I am a law clerk for a nice, small law firm that covers everything and is run by partners who are not in law for the money. I have some side gigs, too. I have some nice personal developments. I am, however, short on time and discipline to indulge my creativity or do any writing, much less comedy, which I miss terribly. I am short on funds as a student, and from growing up poor, I knew that I could make up for that by giving up time, but I don’t have that either. I will not be baking my own bread or making my own soap any time soon.

Second, astrology is experienced by people, and it reflects experience. Of course, not everything that happens in one’s life is a pure expression of any astrological aspect or circumstance, but sometimes, some stories just seem to crystallize what I want to say, and could better convey the lesson than what I would normally write.

So I am going to try to illustrate astrology through memoir, and when I get comfortable, through fiction. While it can be difficult to write about a person in just one dimension, I think it is possible to create a story to illustrate one facet of their overall make up.




Insane Little Ways to Discover a Person’s Sun Sign

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I usually don’t do gimmicky astrology on my site. The truth is that I’ve become more fond of it in my old age because I like the little ways that astrology applies. Yes, you can buy gifts by a person’s Venus sign, or make a person a superb dinner based on their Moon sign. Call me a Sagittarius, but I think that there is no point in studying anything if you must take it seriously all the time…much to my law professors’ collective chagrin.


This is pretty much what I did in 1L.


But if you think about it, most astrologers are first introduced to the art through newspaper horoscopes and lighthearted articles. I think perhaps the best thing astrologers can do is to write well no matter what they write, because in the end, I’m really tired of looking at my Facebook feed and seeing pictures that list Capricorn as a hot and sensuous lover.

Casting Charts for Weddings

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I went to a wedding last night for a relative who isn’t legally a relative because I’m not legally married to her father. In a sense, I have a stepdaughter and now a stepson I don’t actually know very well. Someday, I may be a young step-grandmother. I actually like that idea a lot.

There is something magickal about weddings, despite my misgivings about the political nature of the whole thing. The ritual attempts to crystallize the magick that we can’t see, the bringing together of two karmically connected souls.

If you get married, you have karma. If you go through the ritual and the commitment, you have karma, no matter what happens in the end. I don’t think I have done a single synastry reading where there was no karma.

There is something frightening about a wedding though. I don’t have children of my own, so I don’t know what it feels like to have that fear of the unknown for something I have created, but if every man and every woman is a star, and if each star is meant to move in a path without interference, and if we cannot know the future, then we cannot really know what will be for our children, what they will create, and what is ultimately good for them. All paths, unique as they are, ultimately lead to the same place, the true will, without interfering with the true will of another, leads to that path. Thus, we can only hope that they find happiness, the indicator that they are on a true path, one we cannot create for them and one we cannot know beforehand.

It was a lovely ceremony, and it simply felt good. The vibe was wonderful. I like my in-laws, and I like being around them. I like talking to them, which is weird, because I have never otherwise been a family person. So it may be my desire to see all of their stars move in the sky as they will that enhances the sense I get. And maybe it was also because the bride herself was bubbling over with infectious joy. And maybe I needed to see something idealistic to combat the stark realism of my latest Saturn transit to my natal Sun. But I am a claustrophobic, and this wedding was indoors, and when I feel there is something wrong, or off, I cannot handle the energy and try to get outside and away, but I didn’t.

And we never know what the future will bring, but being me, I cast an event chart for the wedding anyway.

Suffice it to say — in contrast — this is not the easiest chart for a wedding.

Astrological Google Searches III

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If I were really good at SEO, I would actually make separate blog posts based on the highest incoming searches to the website. After all, this is my hustle, right? Well, the chase-model of SEO doesn’t really work, and sometimes, some things just don’t merit their own post.

But sometimes all you really want is a quick answer, especially if you’re just another gal in a big city trying to make a name for herself, or you simply have a short attention span. Six months ago, I published quick answers to keywords that brought folks to my site. I do that again today. So, without further adieu, quick answers to popular search items that I haven’t already written about:

Venus in 8th House Synastry: This placement means that the Venus person feels a desire to be intimate with the 8th House person. Not necessarily sexual or even romantic, but that they desire to join with the the other person in some sort of intimacy that is bigger than the two of them by themselves. For example, adolescent female best friendships can often seem like a Venus in 8th House thing because of the level of intimacy and entanglement between two people that their individual egos die and they are reborn into a new unit. If you have ever watched My So-Called Life then you know what I mean. It is not uncommon for a person who is changing to seek out different people to hang out with who reflect this change and the dying of the old self. Hence, in a romantic relationship, the Venus person may be changing, and the 8th house person may be representative of this new phase of life. Since the 8th house also rules rebirth, it is possible that there is karma between the persons involved, and that they may have known each other in a previous life or knew each other well in some other incarnation in this one and have come together because now, they seem to be going the same way which may be a departure from where they both were when they first knew each other.

Moon in 8th House Synastry: Here, the expression of the needs and primal fears of the Moon person are transformed by the relationship with the 8th House person. in a way, this is a Beauty and the Beast aspect, because the 8th House person will both fulfill a need for intimacy and trigger a primal fear in the Moon person. The Moon person is more likely to be the one to nurture and grow the relationship. This is because the Moon person has a psychic insight into the 8th House person who may welcome the Moon like someone they have always known, and it may be so because they knew each other in a previous incarnation. Yes: 8th house tends to deal with unfinished business that needs to get done in this life (the 12th house is the stuff you manage to always sweep under the rug or die trying).

Outer planets in partner’s 2nd House: I personally do not put a lot of stock in outer planets in synastry since they are generational planets and are more impersonal. In the year you were born, and roughly in that ballpark, everyone in your peer group would have outer planets in that someone’s 2nd house or whatever house, so the 2nd house person will derive a sense of personal security or personal lack of possessions or security in their material world when it comes to the entire generation. If the partners are in the same generation, nothing special happens in synastry as far as outer planets go, even if appear in the preceding or following house. It just means the group of slighter older or slighter younger people have X effect on them.

BUT: there is an exception. But it’s not that dramatic and I didn’t really have to bold it. The exception in when the partners are of different generations. Age-gap relationships tend to be heavily karmic, and often, the people involved have known each other over the course of many lifetimes and keep coming back to each other, even though the cycles of death and rebirth have made them become born in this lifetime in different years. But even still, this really only affects semi-outer planets like Saturn. What difference it will make for the 2nd house person is that they will react to members of the entire generation of outer planets in the same way, and that will inevitably color the age-gap relationship. So, if your outer planets are in your partner’s second house, but his outer planets are in entirely different places, the partner will either feel financially responsible for the the outer planet person’s generation or derive some sort of pleasure out of what material things that generation represents, like their music.

Natal conjunctions to Saturn get better after 30: Not necessarily. If you came out of your Saturn return better and wiser, you know how to work with the positive aspects of conjunctions to Saturn, namely persevering in whatever the other planet represents, delaying gratification, maintaining focus, and learning to be patient when you don’t get whatever that planet conjuncting Saturn represents right away.

No friends astrology: Ah, now this one is interesting! Do you mean that you have no friends who are astrologers, or that you have no friends and want to know why? Well, I if you have no friends then you definitely have no friends who are astrologers. Perhaps this one merit its own post.

Vertex Synastry: Okay, this one merits its own post, too. But overall, if someone’s planet conjuncts or opposes your vertex, there is a fatedness about the meeting, or it at least feeling like you were destined to meet each other, for better or for worse. They may have something to teach you related to the nature of the planet involved. This is often activated in a long-term relationship, mutually, as in one partner’s planet aspects the other’s vertex in both charts, and it can be any planet, though ideally for romance, Mars and Venus should be activated, and it doesn’t matter the gender of the people involved. However, with that being said, I have noticed that when only one person’s Vertex is aspected by conjunction or opposition in synastry, that person is more in love with or needs the other person more, even if it doesn’t appear that way.

Trines to the Vertex are nice, but I don’t count them as factors bringing people together. They don’t motivate. Squares just irritate. Sextiles aren’t strong enough to reinforce attraction.

Predictive Synastry: All synastry is predictive. It can tell you how two people may potential react to other and interact. Once they get to know each other, it ceases to be predictive.

4th quadrant emphasis: In a nutshell, this person doesn’t need anyone and doesn’t give a fuck because it has important shit to do.  Well, its not really entirely like that, but it is the Eastern Hemisphere that is focused on the self, and it is in the Southern Hemisphere which is focused on things that come to the attention of the world at large. A person with a 4th quadrant emphasis tends to want to make big things, even if they aren’t appreciated (12th house emphasis) and don’t want to rely on anyone else to make it happen. They’re not worried about pleasing people. What pleases people and what they actually need may not be the same thing, and these people understand it. For example, we need waste water management, but no, it doesn’t please people to think about or deal with poo water. These people may be less inclined to get married or to be a supportive partner, though they could use supportive people in their lives.

I’ll add some more soon.






Cowardice in the Chart: Mars in Aspect to Saturn or Chiron

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**** TRIGGER WARNING: Normally, I wouldn’t write this. Hell, I’m usually too busy right now to update this blog on a regular basis. However, this particular post seems to have caused some serious chafing for some people, like SERIOUS chafing. Ironically, they all use fake email addresses. Anyway: I’m an astrologer, not a wet nurse. The biggest unkindness I could do is to write about a hard aspect and tell those who have it that it’s okay, to just spend their lives ignoring the nagging desire. We’re living in Brave New World, and those who will be forged and fortified by the crucible and the anvil need to get under the hammer sooner rather than later.  But I may have to take this down as work and school are giving me less time to monitor the trolls.

A lot of girls and young women seem to really take this personally, their comments res ipsa loquitur, but I just get rid of them. I’ve been told that as a practitioner, I don’t have a right (?) to post this observation because it might bother someone (?), or that not quoting another published practitioner who observed the same thing before I did (also, ?) somehow makes my observations illegitimate. There is a time and place for citing authority, but what authority would I cite when it’s my own idea and my own words and my own observations? I’m a third year law student and I edit an academic journal, and I tell you now that that’s not how it works. Some of things they say are grotesque; they conflate having stress and anxiety with cowardice, or say that trauma victims are cowards and therefore, I’m picking on trauma victims, or some other insanity.

Interestingly, everyone who loses their shit over this article just assumes I personally have no experience with this aspect, or don’t have it in my chart, or they simply haven’t bothered to read the rest of this blog and find out that I’m not living a life of a superhero, free of struggles. But I erase a lot of the emotional outbursts in the comments because I think as women, we can all do better than be stereotypes, especially since the outbursts conflate cowardice with mental illness and emotional sensitivity.***


But vanilla is still tasty, right?

And let me qualify the title by explaining that I do not believe in an uncontrollable destiny, or that people have fate and no free will. But, astrologically speaking, the world isn’t full of would-be rock stars whom everyone is too stupid to recognize. Not every person is born with an insatiable hunger, raw talent, and the luck or circumstances to become wildly successful. Not everyone is wild stallion meant to forge a new path. Not every person who has potential will fulfill it. The world is full of people who are average, no matter how their social media looks, no matter what they were told in grade school.  Not everyone is driven to greatness. Most will not go for the brass ring. Fewer still will keep going after they have reached up and failed to grasp it.Cosmically, this is fine. There is no need to have anxiety over how much we lack fame and fortune. Greatness and recognition are two different things, though we often confuse the two. In fact, the people who will have the most impact on the world, for better or for worse, are not celebrities. No one ever heard of the Koch brothers until 2008, even though they have been fueling American conservatives with money for decades. Most people didn’t know who Elon Musk was until Tesla Motors hit the news; he co-founded Paypal. Most people don’t know the name of one scientist who has helped to sequence the human genome. On the other hand, we have celebutantes who are famous for doing fuck-all.

But not everyone will sequence the human genome, or find the cure for cancer. Some of us will do a kind thing that really helps someone turn their life around, or is instrumental in saving the life of others. Perhaps it is part of someone’s purpose to be born and die so their organs can be donated and allow someone else to live. We are all on earth to do many things, and many of those things fulfill us, and the only two things that get in our way is ourselves and other people.

It can be difficult to tell from a natal chart whether or not a person is living up to their potential. Even if you look at a lifetime of progressions and transits, it can be hard to tell if a person seized the day. Planets on the Aries Points, planets conjunct the Midheaven and in the 10th house may mean someone more easily ends up in the public eye for whatever that planet represents, whether they like it or not. Fame is not actualization, and it is not living up to one’s soul potential. However, there are a few indicators or whether or not a person has both the motivation and the courage to realize as an individual as well as the perseverance to keep moving toward their individual fulfillment.

Hallelujah, Mercury is Retrograde!

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This is my Mercury Retrograde song, and quite apt for the time being:

Mercury retrograde isn‘t that bad; at least I don‘t think so. Actually, I like it. It is a really good time for me in many ways, because I have Mercury retrograde in my natal chart. This is a time in which I find the world a bit easier to navigate, since things aren‘t as linear as we would like them to be, since this is a time when direct, honest communication without all the filter and the frills is needed and appreciated.

Now, Mercury retrograde can especially bring difficulty in our world, which relies heavily on so many chains of communication to keep afloat. Our world is built upon a series of dominoes of communication, such that one knock means that the next falls over. However, this isn‘t three weeks of fearing the future ala Y2K. Planes will not simply fall out of the sky. Yes, emails will get lost and plans suddenly changed, and even though this retrograde is a seemingly inopportune time to apply to summer internships (because you know that applications and emails will simply be lost on some accounts, appointments will be cancelled and rescheduled, etc), I will anyway, and I will expect that I will have to follow up.

One of the opportunities Mercury retrograde presents is an opportunity to cut through the bullshit, and if you have a natural inclination toward that type of communication style, this transit is a time to seize it.

Okay, but what if you don‘t have Mercury retrograde in your natal chart? You can still navigate this transit and thrive. For instance, we are heading into a new moon in Capricorn and Mercury is retrograde, and the new moon will be in Capricorn…and the Sun in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Mars is squaring Mercury, which is now stationary. Fuck you sideways? As astrologers, we don‘t have to be simply observers; to understand the cycles of life on Earth as interpreted through the movement of the heavenly bodies is a skill we can apply to our daily lives. If we know how to tailor our communication styles to working with our clients, we know how to do this elsewhere in the world.

We know not to start new projects, but to plan during a waning moon. We know that a new moon in Capricorn is a time of getting out in the world, producing things, go out into the harsh world and make it happen, to harden the heart enough to gain focus on what needs to be done. To gather the clans. This is a time in which you gather your cabinet and the people who can help you get ahead.

What is Mercury retrograde is good for?


Saturn Square Neptune: An allegory


One of the ways to look at the recent transit of Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces is through illustration.

Imagine a young person has dreams to move up in the world (Saturn) but is not socially privileged enough (Saturn in Sagittarius) to be in the worldly spheres in which going to a university and taking advantage of the privilege of social status helps. One of the things that is very difficult about being poor and disadvantaged is that support network, if there is one, doesn’t either know how to properly encourage the young person, or fears losing them to the world (Saturn in Sagittarius). This is one of the reasons a lot of young people don’t really have social mobility in America. They lack the culture and the support networks. Working class values don’t apply to the white collar world; it is not true that simple hard work for long enough brings success (Saturn). There must also be the glamour of success (Neptune), because desperation is a stench everyone can smell and no one likes. There is learning to play the game that poor people just don’t get a chance to try. There is a shared culture that the poor is shut out of; even if you make it through self-reliance (Saturn), you haven’t learn how and when to lean on the middle- and upper-classes for help, because you have never had that opportunity. You were probably taught NOT to lean on other people, to not bother your teachers or bosses.

One of the ironies of the middle- and upper-class is that these people aren’t really anymore sophisticated than the poor — and perhaps are even less so in some regards, because they haven’t had to learn to entertain themselves or appreciate all their cultural capital — but they have no need to feel self-conscious about it. There is a sense that they’re okay, and will be okay, no matter what they do or don’t do.

And always haunting you is your past; if you think that you aren’t worthy, will other people also think that you’re not worthy, too?

Poverty and lack of resources tends toward fatalism (Neptune in Pisces). There is helplessness. You better do whatever the boss says and eat his shit, or else you don’t have a job. This is how the world works; it is patently unfair, and there is nothing you can do about it (Neptune in Pisces). Shut up, do your job, go home. No one cares what you think, and you can’t change anything (Saturn in Sagittarius). You get a job to cover your bills. People treat you like shit. Too bad. You work hard for peanuts and you will not advance. This is your lot in life. Sure, there are opportunities, but not for you. Drink your booze and escape reality through entertainment (Neptune in Pisces).

It may be that one is raised in this type of environment in which do-what-I-say-and-don’t-question-me-because-I’m-the-boss is the rule of the home. Using your reasoning and critical thinking may have been punishable or seen as unwanted. Having an intellectual curiosity is a sure way to get yourself punished and ostracized. One may never get a chance to learn to effectively argue or debate when it is not allowed. One learns to follow orders. One learns to hide.

But what if you have a dream?

If you take that opportunity, you have a lot of work to do. You don’t have the luxury of having someone else pay your way through school. You may not be able to go study abroad or do fancy things that can help you get a better job. You have to earn your keep. You can’t afford to indulge in the culturally-enriching things richer students can. You can’t afford to spend money on tutors or supplemental materials. All you have is what is free, and that is time.

There is a loneliness there (Saturn) and a sense of being in the midst of something you can’t control (Neptune). You can’t go to the bars and spend your entire paycheck. You don’t have time for it, because you know that it is through your efforts in school that you will get a good job, not your connections, of which you have none. But herein lies the problem. You don’t have time to network. You don’t have time for mingling and schmoozing, and you can’t afford to go to the places that allow you do that. You have neither the time or the money. So, you work. It becomes that much harder to figure out an in to the world that you don’t have time to navigate.

You always have the option of running away (Neptune) and licking your wounds and saying that the world is unfair. Alternatively, you can stick with the dream and be the first person in your family to rise up and be a professional, even if you never rise to the level of success that you hope because you don’t have the same opportunities as kids who are already in a world of privilege. You may have to work a whole lot harder for less. You may, on the other hand, be able to provide your children with the social in’s that your current classmates take for granted.

And there is a silver lining. Since you have never had someone who can really help you in the face of hardship, when hardship arises, you weather the storm and do your best. You know that you won’t simply die if you get a bad grade. You also know how to work, and how to take care of yourself while working. You have learned to make your own way, and you have learned to walk the path alone. You have learned that being alone has it’s benefits and it’s drawbacks, but all along, you have stuck with the dream.

And eventually, that dream becomes a reality, because you have made your own way. You have cultivated your own talents. You are empathetic to people in need; and you have known hunger and hardship. You aren’t drawing on one or two experiences that others may write about in their college admissions applications. You’re relying on a lifetime of pushing a boulder uphill.

And what did that get you? A very, very strong back. You had to make your own way. You dreamed it (Neptune), you patiently worked through it (Saturn) and now the vision you wanted to produce (Saturn in Sagittarius) is aligned with the dream you had (Neptune in Pisces) in which you really convinced yourself that achieving the dream was possible.

Ah, but what if you crapped out? At least you don’t have loans to pay back, or long hours to work. But you can always imagine what might have been (Neptune) in regret (Saturn) if you had just chosen to stick with it. Hardship overcome is a memory.

Everything but the Moon, Venus, and Mars and the love houses: Synastry Tips II

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This is an extension of a previous post, Part I.


Look for the Vertex. The Vertex is a mathematical point that tends to have a fated quality. Where and when you will meet important people will often be shown by the vertex. They tend to be inspirational, in that they help you become the you that you should be. Conversely, they can teach you a hard karmic lesson, but in the end, that is usually what you need. The vertex shows up in the 5, 6, 7, and 8th houses. Think back to the times when you meet the most important people in your life. Is it through romance and play (5th house)? What about work, school, or service (6th house)? How about when you have already made another commitment, or were concentrating on someone else (7th house)? How about if you meet them during times of personal transformation or engaging in business (8th house)? The people we fall in love with are no different.

Now, to clarify the vertex in the 7th house…

…can be found in my ebook, Everything But the Moon, Mars, and Venus: Crucial Astrology for Spot-On Synastry, available at

Discover the Rest!


Astrological Tidbits II

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The 8th house describes the nature of your immune system. Everyone’s immune system is different! The sign on the cusp, the planets in them and the nature of the traditional ruler (and the modern ruler) tell you about the nature of your immune system, especially any quirks. If you have a sign with a traditional and a modern ruler, like Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces, you may have a more nuanced immune system.

To that end, the 8th house dealing with healing. The 6th house deals with hygiene and medicine, but the process of healing is an 8th house thing.

Modern rulerships or traditional rulerships? Traditional rulerships are best for anything that is more personal, like a medical chart or horary, whereas anything that deals with the world at large can have modern rulerships. However, for a natal chart, try taking both into account and blending the interpretations.

Gender bending fabulousness? Check for relationships between Uranus and Venus and Mars.

People with a lot of trines in their chart seem to go through life effortlessly. Unfortunately, they also tend to lack ambition, since they have always gotten what they wanted and people seem to just give it to them.

People with a lot of separate conjunctions in their chart, though rare, tend to not shine without a lot of effort, because each planet is always tied to the expression of another planet. This is someone who has probably not had to work hard in their youth and as an adult, tends to second-guess themselves. On the other hand, if they become confident as adults, they can be masters of synchronicity.

The Number One Secret to Any Successful Vocational Chart Analysis

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Let us talk again of vocational astrology. I have discussed this before, offering some hopefully different advice. However, it may very well be that one is counseling a person who already knows what they should do, or have the aptitude for something with a variety of applications. There are many majors one could take in college, and many specializations. Take business for example. There is management, marketing, analytics, accounting, finance, fundraising, human resources, advertising…the list goes on. Sure, someone may be a good businessperson, but what kind? And, if they wish to start their own company, what kind? A person may have an aptitude for the visual arts, but what kind?

This is where dispositors come in. The dispositor is the planet ruling the sign that another planet is in. For example, if Mercury is in Pisces, the dispositor is Neptune. Where is that Neptune? It is in Capricorn in the 3rd house. Oh wow. This person may have an aptitude to write about dreamy, or connections seemingly coming out of the aether, in a concrete way to inform others. I bet this person would be inspired by reading books like Freakonomics or the secret to unlocking personal creativity. This person may be quiet good at writing structured things like poetry or even opera, if they have the musical aptitude.

The traditional signs of the vocation are the ruling sign on the midheaven, planets in the 10th house, their dispositors, as well as planets in the 6th house (work and labor) and the 2nd house (personal possessions/money/earned income). The sun will also have something to say.

Venus on the midheaven means someone who is a professional who deals with beauty or harmony. Take this as you will and explore the entire chart, because Venus doesnt automatically mean things like chocolate, lingerie, or fine art. It also means diplomacy, creation of pleasing structures (like architecture, which is a lot of engineering).

So, this person may be a diplomat or an artist, and you hit the nail on the head: this person wants to be an artist. So, what kind of artist?

The next step is to step away from the traditional career indicators and figure out what is most important to this person.

You must figure out what satisfies their soul. And, just like this song, what satisfies their soul is whatever they have a completely personal love affair with. A person may live it and express it all the time, even if the job they have now doesnt reflect that. Or, it may be a clandestine love affair that they indulge in when no one is around to judge them.

It may very well be that the person is also in a career sort of related to what they should be doing. It is not uncommon for people with a native Venus in Taurus to also be working in banking or personal finance or wealth management. They could also be working in agriculture, or dealing with real estate. This is fine if there are other indicators in the chart that suggest that they are happy doing this. However, if there are other indicators that the person would rather be an artist – including a heartfelt confession that this is what they want – then you want to help them figure out what to do.

We know what they love from the condition of Venus. But what makes them move, what makes them take interest in the world outside of their basic needs?

It is a mistake to jump right into a vocational reading without analyzing the chart as a whole. I repeat: do not attempt to delineate a career for someone without knowing who they are and knowing them enough to know their soul language.  Never fret: this comes with practice, intuition, and a little bit of pixie dust. The reason for this is because we come to know a lot of what we should do for a living based on the feedback we get from other people. And the feedback we get from other people tend to come from the expression of the Ascendant and the Midheaven and how we take in information this way. However, we may not always get a chance to really express our Sun or Moon, or really find places where we are accepted for who we are. We often live double lives: there is the one that is acceptable and proper, and there is the one inside that is like a never-ending fire. As we age, we hopefully get closer to merging these so that the fire warms not just us, but the people around us. That is our vocation, our soul purpose.

No one is a job. Everyone is a soul.

The Sun wants to live a certain life. Say this person has the Sun in Aries in the 1st house. Eek! This is definite look-at-me-Mommy-watch-me-dive placement. This person will be about self-promotion and selling themselves. Whatever this person does, they must bodily inhabit it.

Now, look at the moon. The moon for this person is in the 7th house. Oh…relationships. The one-on-one stuff. This person is best either in a duo or working with a partner. But, they still want to be number one. And yes, there is a possible opposition here. This person needs to stand out but work in concert. While they have an ego need to go their own way, they have a deep emotional need to connect. A person like this, with this opposition, needs to move far from home to be appreciated. They may be a loner until they begin anew. This may very well mean personal reinvention. They may struggle to be close to others their entire life, but they also have an instinct for giving people what they need to be content.

Now, look at the rest of the chart. Who is this person? What are they good at? What are they not so good at? What do they like to do for fun? What do they like to eat? Do they like school? Do they like to travel? Are they conservative or liberal? Do they have any physical limitations or blessings?

So say we know this person. Say we figure out that on top of this opposition, this person is really good at figuring out how to utilize people, likes to travel, is terrible with money, and tends to cover up their shyness with bravado. Now, let us think of some artists this person could be. 

This could be someone who likes dance, acting, stand-up comedy, the art of clowning (which IS an art. I almost went to clown college. Seriously. Now, Im in law school, which is not too far off the mark. Maybe I should have gone to clown college instead. Maybe Ill ask Santa for classes this Christmas). They may like to work with people, and this could mean a partner or audience participation. They may actually be completely happy as a street mime.

Would you be shocked to hear yourself tell someone to be a clown or a street mime? Okay, well then, what else could this person do?

The secret to figuring out the what kind of (blank) a person wants to be or should be, or already is but waiting for a chance is to figure out who they are.