It’s Gone?: The Hermit Awakens

bar exam

Alone in the wilderness with books. This is basically studying for the bar exam. Pix by darksouls1

For anyone who may be paying attention to my oft-neglected blog, I’ve taken down much of the content. While I enjoyed writing about a specific topic, I find myself straining more and more to find a way to fit my ideas into a topic, or to find the energy to write topical posts, since I do that to pay the bills.

Well, not anymore. Not now: I graduated from law school, and I’m studying for the bar exam at home. I could attempt to journal about my experiences mostly alone in my home, but that’s not interesting. What I really wanted to do was tell stories, finding a way to weave stories into topics, but really, I just have stories.

So, when I need a break, I will tell my stories.