I am Pisces Rising: Narrative 2

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soap-bubble-824558_1920Today I had a grilled cheese and jam sandwich for lunch and I sat down at a table outside the Daley Center. An older gentleman sat at my table. I have never met him before, but he seemed so kind and gentle; I probably invited him to sit down with my stare. That happens a lot.

This is why I like arriving to work early when I can, and why I like having no where to be at particular moments. The magic of being alive.

And I mean that he was genuinely kind and gentle, because that is the vibe he gave.

He had acromegaly and periodontal disease, but also the gentlest blue eyes. Some people are so beautiful in their being that it is a shame they must be encased in bodies.

He made chitchat, but I was about to head off to work. I felt bad walking away, but I genuinely had to go. I can tell when someone is good. Or when they are not. Or when they are hurting. It used to be that I wouldn’t trust myself, because other people only seem to see people with their eyes and hear them with their ears.

People like that just float to me, it seems. As do children, as do dogs and cats. People just either expect me to be gentle, or they think I’m a ghost. Or maybe they think I am a dog or a cat, or a child, or least something like a pet.

And sometimes, people are confused when they get to know me. No one knows my true motivation. Not even me.


T-Squares and the Missing Sign: The Astrological Witching Rod

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*DO NOT GET HUNG UP ON PLANETARY ASPECTS.* They’re not the thing most indicative of the nature of the person. The late David Roell of Astroamerica.com (may he rest in peace) was a traditional astrologer I can immediately think of as being the one to drive this idea home the most. The importance of aspects between planets is not top priority. Planets, their placement in the houses, then relationship to each other, then placement in the signs, is the order of priority. Not all aspects are created equal either. The T-square is one, however, that does make it to the top of the list of planetary aspects that should receive attention, because the tension will alter the way that the planets function and how the native uses them.
The general consensus is that the T-square, composed of two planets in opposition that are both squaring another planet, is a planetary aspect pattern in which the two opposing planets allow the tension between them to funnel onto the planet squaring them. The planets are (usually) within the same mode. Thus, the solution is to “fill in” missing sign in the same mode. This is usually done for the native with a Grand Cross, who has two oppositions in his or her chart, with the planets in one opposition making squares to the planets in the other opposition. If you connect the planets with lines, a square will appear.
The T-square connected is a small triangle, half of a square. This aspect pattern is fairly common, and seen in the charts of many successful people, so it is written. Well, okay, that makes sense: people who have this sort of tension have a need to release the energy of the planet most under pressure, so they would be driven to succeed. However, I’m hesitant to say that the T-square is indicative of a person who will be successful. Driven, perhaps, to something, somewhere, that may or may not translate to worldly success. This drive may not manifest into something in the physical world that the rest of us can appreciate. To say that the T-square is correlated with success is sort of like making the mistake of saying that planets or angles connected to the Aries Points are indicative of fame. The T-square is an itch to scratch, and if we need a socially appropriate outlet, or if we happen to have been born in a station in the world that allows us an outlet that can bring home the bacon, then well, okay, success.

Astrology Starts in the Imagination, Part I: Visualizing the Planets in the Signs and House

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It is easy to determine what the planet Mars signifies. Imagine a wild man in a loin cloth, rushing through the jungle at full speed, an unstoppable juggernaut ignoring the cuts and scrapes on his feet as he lets loose in a burst of energy. Or, imagine a warrior, brandishing his sword, ready for battle. This may in fact be how we imagine Mars in Aries, where it is the natural ruler of the sign. But, how do we imagine Mars in Libra, where it is in detriment and doesn’t express itself purely?

One of astrology’s learning curves is to synthesize the information we read from planets in signs and houses. We can learn the keywords for each planet, sign, and house. We can learn to put them together into simple key word descriptions. For example, the Sun in Cancer in the 3rd house can mean something like the ego is protective of siblings and communication, the nurturing personality is focused on communication. Okay, great. But the chart is a visual thing, a wheel with symbols and angles. It is only natural to want to visualize the planets in the houses and signs. If you are familiar with rulerships, exaltations, detriments, and falls, you know that not every planet is comfortable in every sign and every house. The expression is altered or filtered through the sign and house placement, as well as by the placement of the planetary ruler of that planet.
To visualize the planets in the houses and signs makes them more personal, more fun. They come alive, and we can see how they interact with each other.

Random Quick and Dirty Astrology Tips

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Here is a list of quick and dirty astrology tips for reading charts:

Libra rising folks can be snakes in the grass. This is especially so if they have Scorpio planets in the 12th house, because they deny that energy that can be destructive. They tend to put on the kind, gentle, congenial face everyone likes, denying their dark side, but may attack people in covert ways and then act like the victim, because they really, really work hard at selling themselves as nice people.

Sagittarians are known for putting their foot in their mouths. They very much understand social convention; they just ignore it as just another idea. To Sagittarius, Whatever can be seen or perceived is fair game for conversation. The flip side is that they often perceive themselves that way, too, and will discuss things others may find private or taboo.